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Christopher James interview The Birth Fraud - Part Two

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In college at just 17 and graduating at 19 with a degree in recording and sound engineering, Chris worked in the music industry for 5 years professionally before going into construction as a laborer and then a general contractor for 20+ years. He then went into commercial lending and wound up working with all levels of law enforcement due to the fraud he was witnessing. Enforcement agencies came to Chris for assistance on one of the biggest cases in Ontario government history, then leading into his father’s devastating pension case which rocked his family.

During this eclectic and arduous journey, Chris acquired his knowledge of the System’s insidious and far-reaching anti-life machinations, finally landing on Common law and the truth about the unlawful conversion and identity theft happening to all of us virtually from the moment we are born. As part of his remedy, Chris created A Warrior Calls and collaborates on Earth United with Jesse Cassanova to bring all freedom fighters together to enact a lawful remedy to the global fraud.

You'll Learn

  • Jurisdiction: The difference between the land and the sea
  • What “acting in the capacity of” really means
  • What “The Bar” is
  • How we can restore public court houses
  • How money and debt is created
  • What got JFK killed
  • Why you cannot serve two Masters
  • The importance of specific words and their meaning

…and much, much more.

This is a continuation of one of the most fundamental and crucial exposés imaginable – and the time is now.

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Episode Links and Resources

  • The Federal Reserve: An Astounding Exposure 1934 — Quotations from several speeches made on the Floor of the House of Representatives by the Honorable Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania.
  • Liberty For Life — On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION, AND TREASON. The petition for Articles of Impeachment was thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee and has YET TO BE ACTED ON.
  • Forefathers Monument – A Warrior Calls — Watch the video about the Forefathers Monument.


Episode 10 Christopher James Birth Fraud Part Two

Brendan D. Murphy: [00:00:00] [00:00:00] Greetings, ladies and gents, you are listening to Truthiverse. I'm your host, Brendan D Murphy. And we are on healthylife.net radio. This week, [00:01:00] I'm bringing Christopher James back to deconstruct the constructive fraud against us, the unlawful conversion. And if you listened to the last episode with him, then I'm sure you learned a lot.

[00:01:37] I just wanted to say actually, the reason I brought Christopher on is because, 12 years ago, I guess you could say I stumbled into this realm, or I actually reached out to someone because I was in a very sticky situation and I hadn't done anything wrong.

[00:01:57] I hadn't done anything unlawful, but I needed some [00:02:00] help and understanding of the situation I was in, with no money at the time. And I had this huge fine, that had been issued to my person. And, at the time, I didn't know what the difference was between a person and a man. So that was the beginning of my journey, about 12 years ago.

[00:02:14] And so I had this crash course in getting educated in this space and the difference between legal and lawful, and what a person is and this kind of stuff. So with my background, that's why I brought Christopher in, because I'm in the fortunate position of being able to recognize when someone knows what they're talking about and when they have the background and the understanding.

[00:02:35] And you know, one of the things I like to do on the show is actually actually to find someone on one particular topic, who knows more about it and has more detailed understanding than I do so that they can come in and elaborate on that and tell you things that I might not be able to tell you.

[00:02:49] So in this instance, Christopher is definitely the man for the job. So what we're going to do is we're going to kick off with Christopher again, and we'll bring him in to talk about something he wanted to touch on in [00:03:00] the previous episode with him, which was a little bit of his background in the system and helping people in their situation.

[00:03:06] So Christopher, when you're ready.

[00:03:08] Christopher James: [00:03:08] Christopher James: Pleasure to be here again, Brendan and hello to everyone again in Australia. As I said, I'm a man that lives across the pond from you over in Canada. And my being here today and Brendan's efforts here today are all about one thing. We need to save our world and we have the solution. We have the only solution right now, and this is what we're bringing forth. And the first part of this is the knowledge part of it. And that people are aware that this truth is coming forth en masse. And then once it gets in the hearts and minds and soul of our fellow man, That is when we were all collectively going to act together and we're going to take care of this corruption very quickly, very powerfully, very integrally, and most importantly, very lawfully. And we're going to do it with love.

[00:03:48] I haven't known Brendan that long. He seems to be a great man. I know one thing, his heart is totally in this for this world, and that's why he does all that he's doing right now. And I guess a part that I didn't touch on

[00:04:00] the last time we were talking, when we got into my background, because it's always important in law and truth, you always have to look at the foundation upon which anything is built.

[00:04:09] As I touched on, I did general contracting for 20 plus years and like a home if the foundation of the home isn't correct, eventually everything that you put on top of it is going to come crashing down. And this is where we're at right now in this world's history. Where we're at with the consciousness of mankind. Mankind is realizing they've been lied to, and that lie has begun right from the very first moment as Brendan and I have drilled down here in our last episode, when we were first born.

[00:04:35] So it's very important that people know the man that they're talking about. After the issue happened with the pension case and my father, that's what really drilled me down to find out what the hell is going on. How do you hold these people accountable that might be a police officer, a judge. We never see any of these people held accountable. It's because the system that

[00:05:00] they're running is geared towards it. So I spent probably about 10 years helping people through the courts. As I started to learn, I just had to do that.

[00:05:07] And I got my nose bloodied many times, and I helped a lot of people. And a lot of people that was 50, 50. And some times the courts just ran over me. But near the end, in the last two, three years, I was able to stop court cases from even proceeding into a courthouse. I had cases that were, you know, moving forward ahead where people had, you know, in traffic courts, $3,000 in fines, because they were driving around with their own custom plates. They didn't drive with insurance and they didn't hand them a license. They got the book thrown at them, so to speak and all of a sudden they were supposed to be going into court and all of a sudden it all disappeared.

[00:05:37] So I started realizing the power of what I was saying. And as I say to everybody - if I didn't say in the last show is that - all of us have been lied to Brendan. All of us.

[00:05:45] So when I speak to any man or woman, especially if they're wearing the black robe or if they're acting as a lawyer, or if they're acting as a police officer, all right. And if they are trespassing against me, I look at them as the good Bible says, "They know not what they do." Right. They are ignorant.

[00:06:00] [00:06:00] As we are all ignorant. I was ignorant all my life up until about really 15 years ago, once the light started to come on. People in my neighborhood used to laugh at me. They used to call me the gopher, you know, the groundhog, they used to ask me, "Is winter coming early this year, Chris?"

[00:06:14] You know you always have the gopher come out and see if he sees his Groundhog, if he sees his shadow? Well, it was because the neighborhood never saw me because I was in here, locked away doing all this enormous research, vetting, everything, drilling down on everything to get to the bottom of it, like a dog with a bone.

[00:06:29] So I just want people that that is also what this truth that's being presented before you here this evening is about. It's because it's also based on my experiences, as I said, which led to knowledge. It's not based on me just researching this stuff. And I have an understanding of it.

[00:06:42] It's actually applying the knowledge in real time and right now in our world, we have a very, very real threat that's barreling down on everyone and everyone's looking for the solution to stop all this. And I'm telling my fellow men and women with all my heart, it doesn't exist on a piece of paper.

[00:06:58] Okay. There's no piece of paper in this [00:07:00] world that can control you. And yet, we are seeing all these pieces of paper that are forcing us and terrorising us. Fear of, you know, fines or shutting down our businesses or lock downs and that. All of this is all being done, like I said, based on a lie, and that's why this truth is so important.

[00:07:15] Cause it is the only thing that is going to take down all of this corruption right to the top. It goes right to the central bankers. So where we left off last week, Brendan, I think we we'e starting to get into, you know, the remedy side of things and people were starting understand the difference between legal and lawful.

[00:07:29] You know, it's very simple, legal applies to incorporated lawful applies to unincorporated. Every time you act in a capacity, you have duties and obligations. You have no rights. Only a man or woman has rights as we talked about before. So see, these are very powerful nuggets when you understand it. Right?

[00:07:44] So how it works in this, what we started to get into here is that as the teaser that I left off with, it's not a teaser, but it's a truth is this journey. And I went on that, I guess I didn't allude to, I should have is that I began to create this website and it was my intention to bring this light forward through the court systems here in Canada [00:08:00] with surrounding the courthouse with hundreds of thousands of people in Canada that were armed with this very knowledge that we're talking about here today. And that also included frontline first line responders, police, firemen, you know, nurses, everybody shoulder to shoulder accessing our public courthouse. This is what I was working on to do.

[00:08:15] And then the coronavirus came along and it changed my gears a bit. I kind of went off the radar, about five months ago, and then I started to come back out again. And that happened because I met a man named Jesse Casanova. I didn't meet him, but I saw him do a video online, a 17 minute video on the Common Law.

[00:08:32] Problem was, a lot of the stuff he was talking about was wrong. He didn't know that, but he did a great job. I saw a very talented man there and I didn't know much about him. So again, this is the intervention of God, right? I've learned to let go and let God, I'm not a religious person. I'm a very spiritual person.

[00:08:46] I realize there's a creator, I realize that we're all connected in this world. And I realize the power of love. More importantly, of knowledge. Once you combine those two to act against this evil it's unstoppable. And the only thing that separates me from my fellow man, is this knowledge that I've acquired. [00:09:00] And the enemy in our world right now, is ignorance. That's the biggest enemy.

[00:09:05] And it's only because the people have not been shown, so that's why these discussions are so important right now because we're bringing forth this truth to everybody.

[00:09:12] So is there any place you would want to kind of jump in Brendan, with where we're going with this? I want to make sure as we move this, that the people understand.

[00:09:38] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:09:38] Brendan D. Murphy: Anything that kind of helps people grasp the difference between "acting in the capacity as" versus being a man or a woman.

[00:09:44] You know, people have had some very interesting experiences in courtrooms when they have known the difference, as you would have had interesting experiences. I mean, anything that illustrates that in action. Something that's happened to you, something that you've seen or even just heard that you know, is [00:10:00] credible, that helps people grasp, okay, well, you can walk into a courtroom as the fiction, as the person, or you can walk into a courtroom as a man. Some of that stuff is gold. You know, it really helps people, grasp it.

[00:10:11] Christopher James: [00:10:11] Christopher James: Yeah, that that's absolutely right. And I want people to understand something here is that we can't put the cart before the horse. Okay. So all these communications that I'm having right now around the world, I've got six different countries that I'm working with bringing these truths forward and working with people that have been on the forefront of common law, or at least aware and knowing that there's something really wrong in the justice system, in our public courthouses, but they haven't quite been able to figure it out.

[00:10:35] A lot of people have been relying on the acts, the statutes they've been going back, you hear the document, Magna Carta. I say to everyone, this. It's very simple. Unless your name appears on a piece of paper and unless you have full cognizance of what that document represents, it has no standing. It doesn't bind you to anything.

[00:10:51] Okay. You have to remember that. Pieces of paper do not bind a man or woman to them. Like we come into this world paperless, right? There's no paper attached to us. And yet, [00:11:00] as we get older, all this paper's being put to us, controlling us, ordering us, doing this all us running. You have to simply understand how you step out of that. And then how you hold these people accountable.

[00:11:09] And the reason that our public courthouses have been corrupted is because we, the people, first and foremost are ignorant and we have not understood how to access our public courthouse correctly. Our public courthouses are empty, Brendan, worldwide right now. People are not accessing them in the capacity of a man or woman.

[00:11:25] As soon as you go in there, you're being given legal forms and people don't know the differences we talked about earlier between legal and lawful. Now that you understand that, the second thing you need to understand when you go to that public courthouse, you never use their paperwork. Okay. Ever.

[00:11:39] The minute that you use their legal paperwork, it's called the Rules of Civil Procedure. That's what the Bar, that's what the lawyers all move under. This is all simple to understand. Are you bound to these rules of civil procedure? First let's talk about - the words are paramount. What does the word civil mean? It means Roman. Okay, so take that word out of there. The

[00:12:00] rules of Roman procedure, right. Roman law. That's what the statutes codes, rules, regulations all around this world is all based on right. All roads lead to Rome. So it's civil law and those laws are created by members, usually it's the man acting as attorney general for that country. They are responsible for ensuring that our public courthouses are accessible to everybody and that they are functioning properly so that every man and woman can seek the administration of justice. That's a right that we have.

[00:12:26] So you simply say, "Who is the man or woman at any public courthouse in this world that has the right to deny me access to it?" Now, what did we talk about the last show? The minute that you're acting in a capacity, like say as a court clerk or you're working in these courthouses as a bailiff or as a judge, you've got duties and obligations.

[00:12:42] They don't have rights. So go back to the question, "Who is the man or woman in that public courthouse that has the right to deny me access to it?" All of you should know the answer to that now. Nobody. No man, or woman's going to come forward and claim they have the right to deny you access. That's the first killer truth that hurts this, you know, crutch that's going on with this legal [00:13:00] society.

[00:13:00] And then secondly, you say, well, "Who's the man or woman that can administrate property without right in this public courthouse?" And they're going to say, nobody. That's like me coming over to your house, Brendan. And I start swinging your guitar around, or I take your car out for a ride or maybe your girlfriend's there and I have, you know, a cuddle or something with her. At the end of the day, I'm doing things with your property without right. You understand that? Right? And that's how powerful that is. Your flesh and blood is your property. Okay.

[00:13:26] Nobody can administrate over me unless what? I've entered into a contract with another man or woman where there's been full disclosure, that we understand what our duties are to each other. And if we go outside of those duties, well they're going to be held liable because of the contract. But if a contract doesn't exist, for example, do you have a contract with the service corporation? You know, the government of your country that you're in, provincial state, or even a municipal level, the local municipality? No, you don't have any contract with them.

[00:13:52] And yet they're taking all these enormous, you know, liberties with our rights and that. They're running a muck right now saying, well, we can pass these [00:14:00] bylaws. You can't smoke. You can't bend over here. You can't not put a mask on, whatever. Right? These people have no jurisdiction, that means control, going back to the last show, to do what they're doing.

[00:14:09] So it's a very serious time right now because ultimately this truth that Brendan and I are talking about here tonight, this is the solution. It's the only solution to take down this massive fraud that's going on right now in the real time in this world, we have to first know who we are. Once you know who you are, then we're going to show you the truth surrounding the COVID lie.

[00:14:28] We've got all the evidence for it. And then once you see that, then everyone understands our solution is what? We gather. We, the people, have a right to gather, not protest. We're gathering around a public courthouse. Why? Because our creation remember the hierarchy. Our creator created man and woman. And then man, and woman year old gods we're equal. We're born equal under the law and we come into this world. And then we created government. And government was solely created to protect the property of man. Period. And the minute that our creation gets out of whack, it's no different if you create something at your home, [00:15:00] you know, there Brendan, that is your creation and you have complete control and ownership of it.

[00:15:04] And the only way that you're going to get into trouble is if your property causes wrong and harm to another man or woman. Trespasses against them. Otherwise, nobody can administrate your property without right, right? It's like, if you wrote a song, nobody can take your song and do what they want with it, collect money off it, tax you for it, do all these things. They can't, it's your creation. You have, you know, that's what I mean, like the CRA in Canada, the Canadian Revenue Agency, you just simply have to write one single sentence to any man or woman that operates in this taxation industry, that's the head of the service corporation, and you simply say to them, you say, in our case, it's Bob. You say, "Greetings Bob. I was going through my records here today and I cannot seem to find the obligation" - obligation means contract - "upon which Bob or any agent or officer acting under his control for the CRA" - ready for this - "claims that a debt be due and true."

[00:15:53] Because they're always coming after some fee that you owe, there's someone saying that there's a debt that's owed. Listen to what I said there. [00:16:00] Who's the man or woman that's coming forward to claim that there's a debt be due and true? I've covered. Is it the CRA? Is it you Bob? Or is there any agents or officers under your control? Which one of those people's coming forward claiming that I have a debt that's due and true.

[00:16:12] Well, nobody does, right? No, one's going to come forward because there's no contract that exists. And all of this is being, again, carried out under the auspice of constructive fraud that's occurred from when we were born, right?

[00:16:23] They're using that legal fiction that they created to put on you saying, Hey, that legal fiction, like a franchise, Hey, you owe us monthly payments or yearly payments on your franchise profits. This is how we support, this is how our corporate structure has worked, everybody understands that, right?

[00:16:40] All the McDonald's corporationshave to abide by the rules, the law really, of what the head corporation says. Well, that's how it works in our world right now because of the unlawful conversion, you are looked at as a franchise, as a corporation, because...

[00:16:53] We don't write our name in all capital letters. I don't know about you, Brendan, but I wasn't taught that. And a long time ago, when you look into this, there's a great man there in [00:17:00] Australia, just Indian deception, if you look him up on YouTube. And this man has drilled down on us, what's known as the syntax. It's the writing, the styling of the words.

[00:17:08] And a long time ago, people knew that when they saw anything written in all capital letters, that wasn't a man or a woman, that was a corporation. These are big truths.

[00:17:19] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:17:19] Brendan D. Murphy: This is huge. And, it's very germane because what we're witnessing now is this rollout of this humongous global fraud, where we've got these so-called authorities, trying to brainwash us into the idea that whatever rules and regulations or statutes they create right now, we must follow it. We must abide by it. We know they're pushing towards a mandatory vaccination program, mandatory CO-VAXX, all this coronavirus garbage that's going to happen, this fascism, that's going to be happening under the cover story of a pandemic, which doesn't exist; none of it applies to living men and women. And that's what we need to get through to people is that it's only [00:18:00] these fictions. They can only legislate for, the other fictions.

[00:18:03] And I want to actually come back to the lost at sea thing. And I don't know if you want to touch on, there was something from 1666 called the Cestui Que Vie Act, which seems to play into this, feed into this.

[00:18:14] This is part of the history behind how we ended up in this weird space, lost at sea. I think it was something like seven years, if you don't reclaim your property after seven years, it's declared, you're declared dead effectively. So we're all kind of dead and lost at sea. I mean, you want to go into that a little bit and pull it apart.

[00:18:31] Christopher James: [00:18:31] Christopher James: Sure, I love pulling that stuff apart. So it's nice to see Brendan, you've gone down the rabbit hole and you've learned this knowledge, but this knowledge that you've learned is nothing more than corporate policy. Right.

[00:18:42] Exactly. It doesn't mean Jack diddly squat. The Cestui Que Vie Trust that you're talking about, 1666, when they brought that out, again, this is all the system to compromise the consciousness of man. Is your name on that document? Remember what I said to you earlier, if people are putting pieces of paper in front of you with words [00:19:00] on it, unless your name's on it, unless you were there when it was written or you have full cognizance and you've agreed to it with your wet signature, that piece of paper doesn't mean a damn thing to you. Get it in your heads.

[00:19:09] So that's how you tear that apart, because, number one, you never want to be, and be recognized other than a man or a woman or as one of the people. You are not a citizen, and that's why they give you citizen what? Ship.

[00:19:26] Because the citizenship, the ship, operates out on the sea. So you can go down these rabbit holes. You can learn about all this. It's like the river, for example. When you're born, like what keeps the river, the flow of the current going? Currency, the banks. Right? And then when you're born, your birth, when you come into dock, the doctor, right, he creates a manifest showing that that's what's happening in the hospital. A new product is being brought into their world, so to speak. And then they create paperwork that works all out in the sea.

[00:19:56] So that's why everyone needs to come back, and when you correct the [00:20:00] record...that's what I have to say this in two minutes is that we don't have time for everybody to be going and correcting the record because of this coronavirus fraud that's barreling down on us. We need to amass and understand only, the trespass when we're born, and this action that's coming at the public courthouses. That is what's going to turn everything around, Brendan. Once people understand the simple truth, we've got the vehicle now to gather en masse. And we are actually going to bring this solution forward simply for the world to see it's going to be a beautiful day if we can get there. And if they don't cause a war or pull the plug on the financial markets. But even if they do that, Brendan, I say to all the listeners at home, you got to stay focused. You got to stay focused on this truth on this light that we're bringing forward right now, because that is our solution.

[00:20:43] They can stop me when I'm there with maybe 10 or 20 people at a courthouse in the current system now. They're not going to be able to stop hundreds of thousands of people around the courthouse that are awake, that are aware and armed with knowledge. And that's what we have to do right now. We have to arm ourself with knowledge so that we can ride out and take down this [00:21:00] evil that's been going on in this world corrupting the consciousness of man.

[00:24:21] [00:24:00] [00:23:00] [00:22:00] The most important takeaway that I want people to understand is that none of that stuff applies to us, a man or woman, right? Remember it's words on a piece of paper. It doesn't matter if it happened yesterday or if it happened 2000 years ago that they're pulling some document out of their arse saying, "Oh, well this goes back to this date that created this..."

[00:24:37] No, this was all fraud that was being created by people that wanted to control mankind for a very long time in this world.

[00:24:43] Actually, there's a beautiful, beautiful video that I ask everybody to go and watch on my website. It's the Four Fathers video it's under the Common Law tab. This is an absolutely incredible journey and a very simple factual one. It's showing people how in the United States where the [00:25:00] common law came from, where law came from, the power of the rights and everything that man and woman had, these things were taught to children back then. They weren't taught all this other nonsense and indoctrination that's going on in our schools today. They were actually taught true law. They were taught the importance of respecting your fellow man and woman, right. And acting in love. And that also to stand up that if someone is attacking you or trespassing upon you, that you have that right to hold that man or woman accountable, and I'll tell you that documentary, it really touched me. And I've had so many people from around the world email me saying they cried when they watched it.

[00:25:32] And there's Americans that are writing me saying we had no idea this monument actually even exists in our country and the storyline behind it, all the representations and all the characters that've been sculpted, and how it's been created as you work your way around this incredible, incredible truth that's there in a physical form it's telling you.

[00:25:52] And the people that actually, you know, disseminate what is being said on this monument, the statue, what the symbols and all that mean, when you see it, it [00:26:00] resonates with you. You go, "Oh my God. That's right."

[00:26:02] And that's why we've got so far away in this world from truth, right? We need to get back to the truth and it all began when we first came into this world. That's all we have to look at because you can not know who you are until you understand who you are not. And once you understand who you're not, and what was done to you when we were born at birth, I'll tell you Brendan, that's the game changer for this world. Because then we're able to take that foundational truth and remember I told you, like a foundation of a house, everything will fall down, that's over above it?

[00:26:29] Well, in our case, all these incredible core foundational blocks, be it financial, be it political, be it medical, be it health, whatever we've got that are out there. These, we know these are core foundations that we have existing within our world, in our countries that keep the peace between everybody. Well, it's going to be very simple for all those great men and women that work in these roles now, once they get this truth consciously, they are collectively within their internal... Remember they work in a service corporation. So they better do it, or they're going to be held liable by their fellow man. That's how it works. Right.

[00:26:58] They can't come and do things against the fellow [00:27:00] man and they're gonna know now that what's ever being written internally by legislators, or they call it policy, codes, rules, statutes, or acts. Like the Highway Traffic Act that you just go into court, you say, "Is that the Highway Traffic Act you're referring to here? Well, isn't that written by the service corporation of, I would say, Ontario, here in Canada?" The judge is going to say absolutely.

[00:27:16] Well. I'm not an officer, or an agent of that corporation. Who's the man or woman that wrote that? Because my name doesn't appear in it. And obviously everyone's under some presumption that I'm bound by this Highway Traffic Act.

[00:27:27] Right. And you can say, "Is that a legal proceeding we're under?" Seeing everyone knows the difference between legal and lawful now. So once you get these core foundational truths, it allows you to protect yourself properly and speak honorably, in these courthouses.

[00:27:39] So you know where we're at with this right now, as we've talked and we've go back before we are here, because we're under a threat from an enormous trespass that's occurred of us; not only at birth, but now we've got this trespass against the mind of man surrounding this COVID lie.

[00:27:51] People need to understand that my background was in the music and entertainment industry for 20 years. What I was doing at that time, back in the eighties, there was 86 companies, [00:28:00] independent companies in the music industry today there's only five. Right. And these five are all controlled by this. It all goes up when you understand the central banks, they control and everything. So when they have these tentacles that they've had in place now for a very long time to get control of the print, the music, the radio station, the motion picture industry, the television.

[00:28:18] They've got the world right where they want them, the people, because they can put forth this mass disinformation.

[00:28:24] See they condition you by all the television shows with cop shows. When you see a judge standing up there, you've got a prosecutor that's really tough. It's a scary place to ever go, is these courts. But that man or woman wearing the robe while you're under their control, and you've got to do what they say or you're going to get locked up, et cetera.

[00:28:39] Well, here's the facts, people. That man works for a service corporation, right? He is your employee. He is your public servant. And people don't know that. And how he becomes your public servant is when you access it. And you're able to be the actual man or woman standing in front of them. That's what turns them around. That's what puts them in their place because they know that their [00:29:00] creator is before them. Not the created; that birth certificate. Right?

[00:29:04] And unfortunately if this was a couple of years ago, Brendan, you and I know what you and I would be doing. We'd be having these weekly seminars and we would start to break down to help people to write the correct paperwork once they understand who they are. Going into these courthouses and correcting all this wrong and harm against the society we do not belong to called the Bar.

[00:29:22] The bottom line is we're here tonight is because we don't have time for that. We don't have time for people correcting their own ID. We have an enormous threat that's barreling down on us. It's this financial tsunami right now that they've created. Right. All based on fraud, everything that they're doing is based on fraud. Every single thing that's coming out of these people's mouths from the service corporation, whatever they're telling us or ordering us to do, it's the exact opposite of what should be being done.

[00:29:45] And we have the evidence now showing that, so this is going to get really ugly. I'm not here under some kumbaya moment. I'm not ignorant to truly understanding what's going on. Remember, I've got 20 years of enormous research. I've got over 55,000 files I've kept in my vault that

[00:30:00] I call of knowledge, okay.

[00:30:01] And that is what my truth and that is based on. And I may not know everything. I'm not trying to be here saying I'm this Mr. All Know It, but I'll tell everyone right here right now, I'll give notice to the world. I know damn well, what's going on as far as what trespass occurred to us when we were born. And I also have the truth surrounding COVID and I also have the solution moving forward.

[00:30:18] I have the trifecta, all three things, and that's why I'm here this evening. We're here to bring this truth simply. Before you can understand the solution, you have to understand what happened to you when you were born.

[00:30:28] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:30:28] Brendan D. Murphy: Well, that's right, you know, diagnosing the problem is the first step to employing a solution. It's like, you know, Alcoholics Anonymous. First, you've got to admit that you've got a problem. That's what we're saying here. We're going into the problem, we're diagnosing the problem. This is obviously something that you've spent many years doing.

[00:30:45] I'm definitely no stranger to it myself. I've been on my weird little journey for 17 years now. I mean, there's just a great synergy here. And you're right, the time is now. And we have to have a sense of urgency because if you're aware of what's going on, it's obvious that the [00:31:00] powers that want to be have a very high sense of urgency.

[00:31:03] And they're really trying to roll out this fascist garbage as quickly as they can. And the propaganda machine is in massive overdrive. They are lying to us about absolutely everything. I've been astonished actually at the number of people who are supposed to be awake, who have completely bought into the plandemic and think it's real.

[00:31:29] Christopher James: [00:31:29] Christopher James: [00:34:00]

[00:33:00] [00:32:00] There's so much information that I could be throwing at you right now. But at the end of the day, it's all irrelevant. Remember paperwork that's been created outside of your knowledge, it doesn't apply to you.

[00:34:50] So don't try and learn it. Don't try and understand it. The hospital record is just that, it's a record. It doesn't bind you to anything. So we were talking earlier, Brendan made a great point [00:35:00] that, in their system is that if you don't come back after seven years and give them notice that you've returned, you know, basically on the land... Cause remember as soon as you're born, what did I show everyone on the first show that we did?

[00:35:10] When you register something it's dragged out to what? The jurisdiction of the sea. So all of us are operating on the sea right now, like in these vessels, in these rubber dinghies, in their fictional world that they're doing and no one's been recorded.

[00:35:21] You don't register. I didn't talk about that word. You never register anything. Why is when you register something you're turning over jurisdiction and we talked about the word jurisdiction - means control to somebody else. You want to place it on the record. Okay.

[00:35:35] And that's why and how it's supposed to work, is that when we 're born, there should have been a record when we were born on the land, but they don't allow that in the system that's been created a long time ago in order to keep and control everybody ignorantly.

[00:35:46] And in their system, they say, if you don't come back after seven years, like no one tells your mother and father that.

[00:35:50] You're a baby. You don't know this stuff. You're barely speaking at seven years of age. Well, if they figure you haven't come back after seven years and addressed this fraud that they've created, this constructive fraud in the hospital, [00:36:00] well, then you're just lost at sea and they, they carry on.

[00:36:02] But what people don't realize, like for example, in the United States, the minute that a man or woman is born is that, that corporation that's created in their name, it allows the state or the other service corporation, the United States, the larger corporation to borrow a million dollars against that entity right off the base.

[00:36:20] Okay. That's how they set it up in their system. What they also do, this is why they say war is profitable. They put life insurance on every single entity that they create. Right.

[00:36:30] It's sick, what's going on. These are huge things you can learn from Anna Von Reitz. She's got over 3000 PDFs, all that information and knowledge is all there, but at the end of the day, we don't want people to be going down these rabbit holes, looking at all of this because we've got a train barreling down on us right now, of enormous wrong and harm. And this financial tsunami that's about to hit us all, that's the thing that's going to take everybody down if we don't get restoration of our courts. Why? Why is that so important?

[00:36:55] Remember I told you we're going to restore public court houses. We're going to correct the names on [00:37:00] the record of how we've all been, you know, unlawfully, converted into these persons, all our property, all our things that are on title, all that stuff's going to get created and the world's going to be a wonderful place. But also what's going to get restored at that same time, Brendan, at least in Canada, is our Bank of Canada.

[00:37:15] For people that don't know, we were the only country in the world that truly had a public bank that operated from 1934 to 74. And then Justin Trudeau, the man who's acting as Prime Minister today for the service corporation called Canada, it was his father Elliot Trudeau that committed the highest level of treason against the people of this country. He gave our patents, which are what? Our property, the people's property that allows the people to create money, which we were doing from 1934 to 74 interest free.

[00:37:42] Imagine that. That we have a bank that's actually lending money to the provinces, the municipalities, the federal, provincial level, and paid for all our roadways, our hospitals, our schools, it was incredible. And our debt stayed at $18 billion. It never moved. And they say, well, why did that happen, Chris?

[00:37:58] Because every dollar back then that was [00:38:00] created through taxation - even though it was illegal or unlawful. Legally, it was fine, lawfully, it wasn't - money was at least being spent back into development projects into perpetuity, so that debt could never rise. And why would that debt never rise because there's no interest attached to the loan, right??

[00:38:16] It's like, if you and I were the creators of money, Brendan, and say you had four children and I had four children, I'm just using arbitrary numbers here, and both you and I had the right to create money for our families interest free and give it to them. And then I came to you, Brendan. I said, Hey, Brendan, guess what?

[00:38:30] I'll tell you what I'd do it by two ways, hook or crook. I'd say, listen, I'm going to give you all this money if you tell your family members that basically they have to borrow money from me. And then they got to pay interest on it. Ought to be a small interest amount.

[00:38:43] And I trick you into doing that. Or worse yet, I threaten you, you know, I say, "You either do this or I'm going to kill you." That's how the system was ultimately set up around us, right? With the central banks. So if you would do that to your children, that will be a horrific thing. If you allowed me to create money out of thin air, which you had the right [00:39:00] to do. Automatically for your children.

[00:39:02] And yet you're allowing me to lend it to them with interest and now I'm enslaving them to this interest. Because people need to understand, in the monetary world, when money is created, it's a whole area you can learn about too very simply. Every time a dollar is created in this world, there's interest that comes along with that money. In order to pay back the interest, more money's got to be created. Every time more money is created, it's called fractional reserve. There's more interest that's put on it. It's a rigged game. When you understand that if $1 comes in to the system and there's 50 cents they attached to it in interest and that's all that ever exists, how are you ever to pay back the $1.50?

[00:39:38] You can't. Because the 50 cents was never created. It was only shown on paper as interest. Only the dollar was created. And that's ultimately what's happening on a grand scheme today. And the central bankers have used through the birth certificates, through their control of the monetary system, getting control of the banking system.

[00:39:53] You know, it goes back a long time. This is how they've enslaved the world. This is how they control the world. This is why, you know, a top,

[00:40:00] a World Bank, lawyer, Karen Hudes, who works for the World Bank of 20 years, she's on my site in a short clip in one of those foundational videos. And she tells everybody here in it, right from the horse's mouth, right, what's going on.

[00:40:10] She thought this was all bunk too to begin with. Now she knows it's the truth. And that's why it's so important what we're doing here. So I would just leave this section off if I can quickly, there's a song online called the holder in due course. And that's what reverts back to that seven years thing is that when the man or woman comes back and he's actually on the land, he's actually going around saying, "Hey, I'm the holder in due course."

[00:40:29] I'm the man whose name whose property took from birth. And what does that mean in simplistic terms? Is that everything that they've collected through that deceit, through that fraud, through taking your name and identity and using it to profit from. All of that money comes back to you. All of that money that was taken from you in taxation, not only you and your state, but your mother and your father and your grandparents, because they've all had the same system imploded on them.

[00:40:53] And that's when you start to take a step back and look at the big picture, all of this money that's been taken from these central bankers that have been controlling this world for [00:41:00] a long time, the Pope, the Queen, and all of them, all of that we're talking trillions of dollars is going to come back into every country.

[00:41:06] Now, what do you think that's going to do for our countries when that happens, Brendan? It would be, and this isn't some pipe dream. This is what happens if you and I went into court and you took a million dollars from me and I drag you into court say, and I proved that Brendan took a million dollars from me.

[00:41:20] The first thing they're going to do, they're going to make me whole. And then if they find out that Brendan terrorized me for 30 years, well, then the punitive side comes down on top. Now, take it to the global level. What do you think the punitive side first are, are all our countries around the world are going to be made whole.

[00:41:34] They're all going to have these trillions of dollars that were stolen through taxation brought back into the coffers. Then what happens after that? Then there's the punitive. Then the people are going to be rewarded. So that's when you understand the magnitude of, and money today is created on a screen, right?

[00:41:46] There's nothing that's backing it; gold or silver. So we can create and play that game as well. And that's why you have to have control of your bank in your own country. Our bank of Canada will be restored back to we, the people. And I believe that's [00:42:00] also going to be a light to the world for Australia, everyone else, to realize we need to create our own bank that creates money buy and for the people, interest free for big development projects, and where it all merges together with the world is with tariffs. Right? When a dollar might be a little bit more valuable in a different country, it all gets sorted out with tariffs that get placed on international trade.

[00:42:18] That's how it's supposed to work.

[00:42:26] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:42:26] Brendan D. Murphy: There you go. Beautiful ladies and gents. We're [00:43:00] talking [00:44:00] about,

[00:45:00] well, many things that tie into this fraud, this illusion that we are conditioned into from birth or transitioned into in a sense, Christopher, we were talking about just off air JFK's speech of 1963, what got him killed, the executive order and his attempt to put the printing of the money back in the right hands and take it out of the hands of the bankers, which is what earned him the magic bullet. So let's go there.

[00:45:33]Christopher James: [00:45:33] Christopher James: Yeah. As I said, this is how beautiful it is. Once you understand truth, you're able to connect the dots very powerfully. Okay. And believe me, I've had to climb through the mud to get all this truth, but I'm performing, I'm bringing it forth to people, very simple for you to understand.

[00:45:47] You see the same people that trespassed against us. Brendan, when we were born. Okay. That same system is the same people behind the COVID lie today.

[00:45:54] You have to understand they've always been controlling and manipulating and moving this world. So I say to [00:46:00] people, why was JFK assassinated? All, you have to look up his executive order, there's four ones and a zero. Okay. When you read that, it shows you that what John F. Kennedy did is in 1913, the Federal Reserve, again, the central bankers got control of creating the money and issuing it to the American people at interest.

[00:46:17] Right? Again, they created this stuff, all of, all out of thin air. And this is what ran up the debt is Thomas Jefferson is Andrew Jackson. These past Presidents of the United States and Thomas Jefferson said on his deathbed, he said, you know, "I killed the bankers."

[00:46:29] And he did. He actually got them out of the country for a short time, but they all knew as Benjamin Franklin said, as soon as they wrote the Bill of Independence and you might know the old adage, you know, a quote that came out of there, a child or a teenager, something came running up to Benjamin and said to him, you know, what did we do? What did we do? And he says, well, we created a Republic. And he says, providing that you can keep it. Right. And they lost it only a few years later. People didn't know through the, again, this deceit.

[00:46:52] They couldn't be beaten. The American people could not be beaten physically in a war. Right. And this was the Rothschilds, the central banking industry, because that's how [00:47:00] the United States was created.

[00:47:01] You know, everybody from around the world was coming to the United States to live there. Why. Because of all this tyranny back in the day that was happening in Europe. That's why you've got Italy and all these people fled and they landed on these shores and then they became this incredible country that really was supposed to be a light into this world that represented as you, when you see the four founders statue and story behind

that, it's breathtaking.

[00:47:22] So JFK, that's why he was assassinated because you do not take the creation of money away from the moneymakers. Right? You know the saying as well, it's in the Bible, it's in many maxims of law that you cannot serve two masters. Okay. So either we serve our master, who is our creator that comes into this world, which means how we serve him is that we love one another, right?

[00:47:42] Is that we understand what freedom truly is. And I was watching the other night again, I just loved the movie, Mel Gibson in Braveheart, because it is such a huge movie and nothing has changed since then. No long shanks is still exists in this world and it's still in London, right? These people are still there yet they're doing a [00:48:00] different mythology that's consciously not out there showing people being, you know, gutted, and you know, their heads, their arms and everything cut off. They're doing it through other means. They're now doing it through this COVID thing, through terrorizing people through, you know, the whole financial system, the court system, which is nothing more than a monetary system, how they can get you in and out of that public courthouse and take as much money from you from their lawyers so that they all get paid. And everybody's happy. It's not about justice. It's really just us.

[00:48:25] So that 1963 speech is very important because JFK tells you about the military power, political power, financial power, they have everything and these secret societies exist.

[00:48:35] And he's telling everybody he's going to do everything in his power to stop them from engineering. And what he was talking about is actually what's happening right now. This is the final coup d'état that the central bankers are doing on the world, and they've had to use this lie of COVID in order to break down all the businesses to cause order out of chaos.

[00:48:53] Go and look at the United States dollar bill. Look at the triangle on the back of it. Look what it says written around it. [00:49:00] In Latin, it says "order out of chaos" and that's what's happening right now in this world, through the chaos, through fear, they're able to manipulate and guide people to the solution that they wish to bring forward, to look like the saviors to the world.

[00:49:12] When actual fact they're leading everybody to the slaughter, right, financially, from a medical perspective. So that's why this is so serious right now. That's why we need to have these truths brought out into the light. And that's why the trespass that happens against all of us, Brendon is so powerful because it goes right back to what JFK was trying to do. Everybody else in this world is trying to step forward and correct this wrong or harm.

[00:49:32] People don't know that in the United States, it's still on the Supreme Court is still on the filings there in their Supreme Court, I believe. And it was from Louis T Mcphaden. Look it up and he put in a claim addressing what? The unlawful conversion of every man and every American when they brought it out in 1934.

[00:49:48] And we didn't talk about that. In the legal world, they file complaints. In the lawful world, we file claims. A claim trumps a complaint every single [00:50:00] time, because it's a man or woman coming forward, claiming that something is true.

[00:50:03] You're not there complaining whining about something and you have to use all these code rules and statutes and processes in their world in order to get to the truth and seek remedy. No, a claim is a man or woman coming forward. That's why, when you see in legal filings, you see the name of the parties, but there's a vs.

[00:50:17] There's a versus in it. There's no versus in common law I'm coming forward and I'm pointing across the room, say if Brendan's there, and I'm saying "that man", I'm not saying "that Brendan." I'm not saying "that Mr. Douglas", I'm saying "that man over there trespassed against me, this is what he did. He caused me wrong and harm against my property." And then you lay the evidence bare. Right.

[00:50:37] And that's why there's no "versus". People need to understand that law does not follow process. This is what the Bar is relying on. Process follows the law and there's millions of laws in this world right now. So what matters that when you go into that public courthouse, the law that you're bringing in is the law that resides within your heart. It's the law that's unwritten. It's the common law of your common man.

[00:50:57] And they know the difference between right and wrong. They know

[00:51:00] that nobody can breach a contract and they know that nobody can damage property or administrate it without right. So people that just heard what I said there, go back, rewind that, and you listen to that over and over and over again, that short few seconds, because it's right there.

[00:51:12] That's the keys to the kingdom forever. When you understand the power of that word property. And when you say to any of these people that are acting in these highest roles in your government, and you say, am I property? They're going to say, of course you're not my property. That's right.

[00:51:24] And who under your control Bob or Susie or agent or officer within the service corporation is going to come forward and claim that I'm property and who can also administrate property without right? And it's over right there, people. Listen to what I just said, if they can't administrate property without right.

[00:51:41] That means that not a damn thing that comes out of their mouth. Not a damn thing that they put pen to paper applies to you or I.

[00:51:46] That's like me showing up Brendan's house and I've written some fancy ticket saying, Hey, guess what, buddy? I saw you you know, walking out of your house and you weren't carrying a leash or something.

[00:51:53] Well, my corporation claims that that's a charge and here's your fine and blah, blah, blah. Brendan would laugh at me and everybody would understand [00:52:00] that's ridiculous. Well, it's the same thing that's going on with the police today, from traffic tickets to trying to enforce these fines and masking. It's all done through intimidation. Why?

[00:52:09] Again, the police have all been lied to, but this is where they're starting to wake up and we've got to fight back. And how you fight back and you destroy fear is with knowledge. And that's what I'm so grateful for you having here, this evening, this platform to be able to bring to people, to share these simple truths with everyone.

[00:54:21] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:54:21] [00:54:00] [00:53:00] Brendan D. Murphy: Amen to that brother. Well, I mean, we're right at the tail end of the show. I think that's a very impactful place to kind [00:55:00] of wrap up. What's the take home message here to wrap up episode two with you, where's this going? What's the strategy? What can we expect from the system in terms of pushback? Where do you wanna go with it?

[00:55:43] Christopher James: [00:55:43] Christopher James: It's real simple. We have a crisis in consciousness. My fellow man and woman have been lied to from birth. We do not understand who we are or the power that we hold. Why is this message that we're bringing forth to you here right now so important?

[00:55:55] Listen to what I'm about to say, our world hangs in the balance. Moving forward, the [00:56:00] next six months are crucial like you would not believe. This evil that has existed for a long time that implemented the system that we've been explaining, this unlawful conversion at birth, they are controlling everything and have for a very long time. That's why all these governments of the world are being controlled. And if we do not stop this corruption, this lie, this deceit. And that's why this trespass that occurs against us is the most powerful truth right now in the world, because it has affected every man and woman.

[00:56:25] And once we bring this out into the public and into the public courthouse to correct. It's going to expose this domino effect of all this so-called jurisdiction that these governments have had - they don't. And that's when we're going to seek remedy, that's what we're going to stop all this evil and corruption.

[00:56:39] It's going to be an incredible fight right now, between now and the next four months. We need everybody to go to awarriorcalls.com and subscribe and go to earthunited.global to subscribe. Why? Because then you're put into the database and if they take the internet down, we've got a backend infrastructure where you're still gonna receive the seamless communications and truths of our action; to surround en masse in at least six

[00:57:00] countries, five or six countries, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people around the courthouses to bring this truth into the light. And we're going to correct it together collectively on a global scale. It's huge this undertaking and I can't do it alone.

[00:57:13] And I know Brendan can't do it alone. And that's why we need all of you to step up. You need to share these links far and wide. You need to get active and realize we are in serious trouble right now, but we do have the solution to take this corruption down.

[00:57:25] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:57:25] Brendan D. Murphy: Amen, brother well said and well summarized. So with that, I'd like to thank you for joining me yet again on this exposition where we're pulling it apart, we're showing people what's going on.

[00:57:35] Your knowledge here is obviously huge and invaluable and your time and your energy. I'd just like to salute you for your ongoing efforts over years in doing this in fighting the good fight. And obviously I'm with you on that. So, ladies and gents I can only encourage you to do as Chris suggests, subscribe to awarriorcalls.com and also Earth United. Get on the database there and we will no doubt we'll continue this discussion [00:58:00] in the near future as well. Christopher, if you're down for it.

[00:58:03] Christopher James: [00:58:03] Yes, I definitely am in. And to all the Australian people, you're not alone. Okay. The world's coming to support you. All of us. We must bring this light out of the darkness, into the light.

[00:58:12] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:58:12] Amen brother. Well said. Thank you. All right, ladies, gentlemen, we're out of here.

[00:58:16] I'll see you on the next episode of Truthiverse. And thanks again, Christopher James.

[00:58:19] Christopher James: [00:58:19] Christopher James: Thank you.

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