The Grand Illusion

  • The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis Of Science And Spirituality (Ebook)

  • The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis Of Science And Spirituality (Paperback)


The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

The Grand Illusion (TGI) – Book 1 is the first major instalment of my TGI series—and it packs a spiritual wallop.

This book is multi-layered, deep, and far-reaching all at once.

If there is a single book that can prove that consciousness is at the root of all creation, surely this is it.

TGI strips away the “scientific” veneer of credibility of the Church of Materialism and eviscerates its core dogmas.

If you were wandering in the desert of fluff and misinformation and thirsting for a spiritual oasis (with scientific grounding) to wet your parched lips, wander no more.

Witness as TGI heals the schism between science and spirituality and provides an intelligent new direction for our civilisation to move in…

…with humans as mature beings possessing real self-knowledge.

TGI demonstrates that we are far more than the powerless little “meat computers” materialistic atheism assumes—and lays a foundation for a new scientifically-based “spiritual” paradigm for the 21st century and beyond.


  • the surprising links between occultism and modern science
  • what it looks like when mind “paranormally” interacts with our tangible world
  • the occultists who saw the “strings” of quantum string theory before physicists did…
  • the hidden truth about “time” (it’s not merely an illusion)
  • why the brain is a receiver of consciousness, not the generator
  • what makes our universe totally interconnected and holographic…

…and much, much more.

Get ready to meet the mysterious “fifth force” unknown to most of science—a virtually unshieldable “carrier wave” of consciousness that travels beyond the speed of light.

Get ready to go “next level” on multiple counts.

It’s time to bury the rotting corpse of materialistic theology—and see with new eyes.

Are you ready to meet the rest of yourself?

  • The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis Of Science And Spirituality (Paperback)

  • The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis Of Science And Spirituality (Ebook)


What They’re Saying

“A masterpiece…The Grand Illusion is mind-blowing.”

S. Luckman

Brendan’s incredibly thorough review of the literature as well as his ability to clearly articulate and integrate a wide range of esoteric and scientific concepts is like nothing I have ever seen or read before. He is brilliant to say the least…I HIGHLY recommend this book for all scientists…and anyone who knows there is a way to connect our entire historical knowledge base to an integrated whole…but feels overwhelmed in attempting to put the puzzle together. Brendan has done it for us.

Lisa SchwarzComprehensive Resource Model developer

A masterpiece. If The Grand Illusion were merely paradigm destroying, which it certainly is for rearguard scientific ‘Funda-materialists,’ it would be a satisfying read. Fortunately, for those of us dedicated to establishing a new civilization of consciousness, Brendan Murphy’s fascinating, inspiring and seminal work also opens the door to a world of new creative possibilities…The Grand Illusion is mind-blowing.

Sol LuckmanAuthor of Potentiate Your DNA

“…functioning at a genius level.”

A. Glassman

“…the best writer I’ve come across.”

S. Shay

“…the Chomsky of the spiritual movement.”

A. Larmour