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Patrick Quanten interview Covid, Medical Freedom, and Energy Medicine

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I originate from Belgium and practiced medicine on a small British island in the channel between the UK and France, called Alderney. A small place where you couldn’t hide the truth for very long and where I got confronted with some medical truths, like it isn’t working. Looking for ways to help people along I ended up studying most ‘alternative’ practices and soon find out they had many of the same shortcomings. Finally I realized that life cannot be explained by physical interactions and then I started seeing that medicine was not incorporating scientific knowledge such as everything is energy.

From then on I spend my days showing people how health and disease works as energetic interactions and, most importantly, that the individual can determine not to get ill and to heal himself. Your health is in your hands and there are always things you can do to improve your life.

You'll Learn

  • Why Patrick sees medical collectivism and groupthink as dangerous and toxic
  • What Patrick learnt from being with the local community that he didn’t learn at med school
  • Why self-understanding and your psyche is so key to personal health
  • Why Patrick believes “infectious viruses” don’t matter (even if you believe they exist)
  • Fascinating insight into mosquito bites and personal health
  • Why Patrick’s patients didn’t get better when given the “right” mainstream medical treatment
  • Why your own personal psychological response to life and the environment is key to health
  • How and why childhood conditions like measles and chicken pox SERVE us
  • How these conditions REALLY spread and why they are nothing to fear
  • …and why vaccinating against these harmless conditions is SO destructive
  • Why embracing individualism is so important right now
  • The crucial importance of the power of suggestion – and our beliefs

…and MUCH, much more.

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with Patrick at length. This conversation just got better and better as it went!

Please subscribe, drop a review, and share this information widely.

Thanks in advance for supporting the nascent emergence of deep human self-awareness – and the peace and freedom this will bring.

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Patrick Quanten and Brendan D Murphy - truthiverse.com

[00:00:00] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:01:00] Hello and welcome to this episode of Truthiverse. I'm your host, Brendan D murphy. And this week on Healthy Life Radio we are joined by Dr. Patrick Quanten, who is a very interesting man. And without further ado, I'm going to let him give us his background and his schtick.

[00:01:34] So with that, Patrick, thank you so much for taking the time to have a chat with me.

[00:01:37] Patrick Quanten: It's a pleasure to talk to you. My background, just keeping it very short: I have been a GP, a medical general practitioner for 18 years. At some at that point I gave it up, literally gave it up. I returned my license because I no longer wanted to be [00:02:00] part of that group.

[00:02:01] And I also was aware of the power that the medical authorities have got over doctors and any of their personnel. And so I didn't want them to be able to come down on me as a doctor, because within those closed doors you get punished, and there is no room for any other thoughts.

[00:02:28] Anyways, so I stepped out of that because over the years I've been struggling with some questions about health, and why people weren't getting any better when we were giving them the right treatment. And so in the books it said it should get better, the specialists said that it should get better, and the person doesn't get better. Because, well, it's his own fault, whether he's a psychopath or he doesn't take his medicine [00:03:00] properly or whatever.

[00:03:02] So looking for some more truths, I came across a whole different world, and it started off with all the alternative therapies I started thinking that they were the Holy grail And that phase passed too I then started to think that it was more a personal thing and that is basically where I ended up and where I am right at this moment I'm trying to tell people that health is your own It's a very individual thing It's something that you need to work on there were no basic rules Anything goes because it is your personal reaction To the environment and that is why you can even drop an atomic bomb on a city and there will be people that survive this to me was a crazy idea that means that there is a resilience in life [00:04:00] that serves us all But of course we're not all evenly strong We don't all have the same capabilities in the same sections of life in the same energies of life and so it's important to make your life an individual and a unique opportunity to learn something you need to work with the skills that you've got And your neighbor is a totally different person and he's okay to smoke and have his whiskey at night or whatever And he doesn't get ill from that while you do so very individual And that is what I started to focus on I Basically said to myself and later on to people the medical profession is focusing on disease They want to know everything [00:05:00] about diseases And so they cut them up and they dissect them and they analyzed them I'm no longer interested in diseases I'm interested in health I'm interested in the guy who survived his cancer Why was that I'm looking to understand health a lot better And then I soon found out that if you want to do that then you have to understand life a lot better than what we're told And then you end up with what's the structure of the universe How is life made How does matter come into being And so my life changed quite dramatically Once I left the safe area that says only medics here

[00:05:52] Brendan D. Murphy: Sure Okay So do you have a name for your kind of approach or your model for dealing with health and [00:06:00] disease

[00:06:00] Patrick Quanten: Qhen people ask me what I do I tell them that I fiddle with health

[00:06:06] Brendan D. Murphy: Okay You're a fiddler

[00:06:10] Patrick Quanten: Yeah I'm a Fiddler I just play around a bit and I'm mainly trying to steer people away from false information the fake news but the fake news is not what they call the fake news The fake news is what they put out And so I'm trying to make people see why certain things are not working for them and they can then make up their own minds what to do in fact in order to stay balanced to stay healthy it's not that difficult but the basic requirement is that you understand yourself a lot better and if something goes wrong then--which people name as mistakes--when something goes wrong you observe that and you learn from that And that means that you then know yourself a little bit better again And that means that you have more control over your health and the balance in your life

[00:06:18] Brendan D. Murphy: Sure Absolutely And so would you say then that maybe when you look at say certain symptoms of disease you see them as adaptive responses or creative intelligent responses to environmental stimuli

[00:06:31] Patrick Quanten: they're definitely responses there [00:07:00] is no doubt about that when people don't know me very well and they come in and I ask [00:08:00] them to tell the story they invariably start off with telling me the diagnosis that they've had as if I know what diabetes means I don't know I don't know what it means for you So I have to correct them and say no stop that It doesn't mean anything to me Just tell me what you feel what you experience so how they feel their lives And sometimes even by putting it into those kind of words ordinary language they can hear themselves say What is not right in their life So it's the symptoms as described by the person and the person needs to listen to it because it's their language not mine And then we take the physical signs and try to put that together It's not about using symptoms and splitting them up in various directions and various diseases It's about joining them together And trying to create a picture one picture of that particular life And from there [00:09:00] they can then start the journey of learning how their life has been shaped how it came about what the main forces were in that life And then they can see the reaction that they've had maybe as baby as small children as young adults and so on to that changing environment or to that environment that was fixed and that they couldn't get out of

[00:09:30] Brendan D. Murphy: All right Great So this is making a lot of sense to me And especially in terms of some of the other stuff I've been digging into As far as the environmental thread is concerned then we could continue that thread or we could steer it towards the thing we've been dealing with this whole year this pandemic this scamdemic thing I think one of the things that you've talked about In an interesting way is the role of mind and the mindset of people in terms of their outcomes and what happens to their health or doesn't happen to them for almost the whole year [00:10:00] so far we've been subjected to endless fear porn endless manipulation of the mind and constantly trying to get people into a state of perpetual fear and paranoia and neurosis that they're being invaded from outside by these invisible tiny things they can't see maybe you could talk to that a little bit as well because you have some interesting things to say along those lines

[00:10:17] Patrick Quanten: yes I think once you start seeing that the environment is extremely important to an individual it's so therefore to the group as well but here we make the same mistake and that is that we think that we all need a particular environment to be healthier And that is not the case just as we don't need a particular diet Go and tell an eskimo that he needs to become a vegetarian it's a crazy notion you don't do that Every individual needs a particular environment and [00:11:00] okay we need sunshine we need fresh air we need some space to live in But then the definition of how much sunshine what kind of sunshine from the North the South wherever what kind of air is that sea air is that mountain air those are different kinds of airs That depends on the individual and the individual should have the choice to match the outer environment to the inner environment Now in the outer environment there are all kinds of dangers You know you could die killed by the environment Of course you could that goes for any tree as well as for any animal That's what we are We are animals We have been created by nature Then because the visible the tangible [00:12:00] dangers of nature are not enough for governments for authorities to create enough power over the people Why Because people know these dangers They live with them They can see them They can taste them They grow up in them So they've been educated in those dangerous And then the trick happens and The major trick comes from the medical profession The first trick was to say that these illnesses are caused by little animals that we couldn't see but that were there and they invaded the body destroyed the body and you poor victim could do nothing The only thing you could do is Not to avoid them [00:13:00] Now there's a good one How do I avoid something I can't see So in real terms bacteria and fungi were the main things And then it happened that researchers actually found these little animals They were feasible They were there They were visible under a microscope So now the story that was put out before we'd seen these animals was proven There they are these are the little creatures that make you ill Now stamp on them kill them And we're going to do that for you And when we kill them all there'll be no more of these diseases ha It went the other way The more they killed them the stronger they became the story However stayed And that is be [00:14:00] afraid of invisible dangers that enter your body and destroy yourself Now they found these little creatures and gradually we found that maybe they're not all bad Okay You can find them in a diseased tissue but Hey you can find them in healthy tissue Hey you can find them outside You can find them in rivers You can find them out anywhere And then researchers started to say Hey these little creatures actually are creating life They're not destroying it They're creating life Then the medical profession went Whoa no There are other invisible creatures that invade your body That [00:15:00] attack you and make you ill They're called viruses and they do exactly the same but on a smaller scale the bacteria invade your body This virus is so small You can't see it It's so small and it invades the cell of your body each of those cells And then those cells create a lot more of these little creatures and then you die So the story continued and the search for these animals continue electro-microscope brought pictures and with all those pictures They said There they are That's the bugger That's the virus but what people don't understand Is that electro-microscopic [00:16:00] pictures pictures of say a moon or a Mars landscape--it's a world that we haven't seen we haven't visually made contact with And so if I say that this little gray blob here that is a virus I'm the first one to look at it So I call it whatever I like So they call little gray blobs on those pictures viruses They're still pictures right these things don't move So we don't even know whether it can move or not Actually researchers do know these things Don't move They get shoved about And now we're so far in research and in science that we know that these things are not moving into this cell [00:17:00] these blobs they have been pushed out of the cell by cells that are already ill the medical profession don't accept that answer They don't accept that research They don't accept that science They're want to--they need to--stay with the picture the story of invasion because that is where their power lies They are the only ones that know about these creatures So they are the only ones that can destroy them for us Right now You can't destroy them And I said the cells were already diseased and they were pushing these little blobs out Now that ties in with other scientific knowledge And that is everything is [00:18:00] energy matter is created out of energy It's condensed energy It's fixed energy And that means that the matter that we see all living creatures included are at the center of their energy field where by compression it manifests So therefore those bacteria they are and they are visible and they live just at the spot where they have been created And that is what scientists have said and have proven over the last 200 years They've proven that bacteria inside a diseased tissue or disease organ actually originate from there So with the living creatures we've been able [00:19:00] to demonstrate that they indeed come out of that disease tissue Now if I continue that story and I make the link to the viruses then it must be obvious that the viruses whatever that little blob is that I've named a virus originates on that spot Now the spot here is inside the cell just as good bacteria was inside the tissue So inside the cell something goes wrong and that something has to be energetic There's plenty of flow in life and then this [00:21:00] [00:20:00] is [00:22:00] just one of them So the matter is [00:23:00] condensed energy at the center of its energy field So anything that shapes the matter or that makes the matter function comes from energy It exists in energy first So it exists in frequencies and vibrations first And then some of those vibrations gets fixed Into a particular matter that can be an oxygen atom or it can be any living creature So inorganic and organic matter all matter sits at the center of its own energy field and any changes to that matter start in the field first So it's The non-visible [00:24:00] stuff the non-material stuff that creates the material stuff and that alters it it When there're changes within the material stuff they come from your own energy field And this is the crucial bit in the health and healthcare that we need to move into in my opinion And that is when you're a living creature in the center of your field the environment is on the outside of your material bed the two energy fields the energy field of your outside world and the energy field of your own world they meet up they take up the same space just those various radio stations All enter my house at the same time And they're all there They take up the same [00:25:00] space So now what will alter my energy field are impulses that are there in the field of the environment But here is the thing I'm a living creature and I decide mostly unconsciously of course but I decide what information of that nature I take in And when I do that my inner world my inner space response to that Then that means that my life and what happens inside my body If you like the material bit of who I am--that will be an expression of [00:26:00] the interaction between my inner world and my outer environment That means that the individual reacts to an environment So now I can put a hundred people in the same kind of extreme environment and some may die Some may suffer a lot some suffer a little and some don't suffer And you don't have to make it too complicated take 10 people and put them in a freezer compartment that's all That's their environment You take them into the cold some may freeze to death Some may get very cold and lose some fingers and toes [00:27:00] Others will find it a bit chilly And another guy walks around in a t-shirt and shorts pants and he's fine which shows us that the inner environment of those people are different The outer environment we've created the same but their reaction to it is different So some may die Some may become ill very badly Some may recover quite quickly and some may never get ill And that goes for all environments that you put people into all of them So if we then make the link to the crisis that has been created by our environment by our governments and the governments being pressurized by medical profession--if we make that link then it doesn't [00:28:00] matter a whether the virus exists b where the virus is c what the virus wants to do if you want to believe in that it doesn't matter Not any of those things matter what matters is how I respond to my environment And here's the thing If I'm afraid of something then I will be on the lookout all the time Now if that was the fact that on the news they said there was a lion in town and he was hungry Then I could be on the lookout for that So therefore if I look down the street and there's no lion I'm pretty relaxed I look at other people around me they're pretty relaxed too he's not here He may be in a different [00:29:00] place in town but if I have to be on the lookout for something that I can't see smell hear none of my senses can make contact with then I live in constant fear And what does that mean It means that I use an awful lot of energy to protect myself But it's wasted energy because I don't know where the enemy is And in order to visualize that our governments have given us tools to do that one is up here The other one is a measuring stick how far away you've got to be from people There have to be screens in between people don't touch each other and so on and so forth Those are physical expressions of a continual fear of something that [00:30:00] isn't there that we can't see that doesn't do anything to us unless we create inside ourselves the environment of not being in balance not breathing properly not living properly not having open spaces not being able to do what I need to do The government tells me I'm only allowed to make essential trips any time I leave my house it's because it's an essential trip because I want to need to go somewhere Shops of non essential goods Need to close I'm sorry but when I have a water leak and I need a new tap that's an essential thing for me at that moment in time so [00:31:00] it's individual it's the individual reaction and response to life But if we make that a group fear then we have them all together all penned in and we can't escape anymore

[00:31:20] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:34:00] [00:33:00] [00:32:00] I think that's a really important discussion to have because we're seeing the emergence of a very toxic kind of collectivism And this has many layers of social engineering and brainwashing that's been going on for decades behind it which most people are completely unaware of But I'd love to hear your thoughts on that side of the coin

[00:34:41] Patrick Quanten: Yeah you're absolutely right the only thing that I think is important for people to start to realize is that system comes from the medical profession It's the medical profession who have [00:35:00] perfected this system We believe That we are treated as an individual by the medical profession When we become ill they say they're going to investigate you as a person and so on and so forth It's total nonsense And it has changed even more so into that nonsense since I left but the nonsense is that They're looking for a diagnosis A diagnosis is nothing more than a name plate stuck on your forehead And once you've got that you are treated like everybody else They follow protocol It's a prescribed to the doctor It's a prescribed way of behavior This is what is wrong with that person Therefore he needs this medication that [00:36:00] medication and if he gets a complications with that or side effects then you need to do this that and the other and so on it's literally a protocol for the whole group You're not an individual I should've known it when I was training even In the hospital there was a trainee And those specialists that were running the hospital when he came to visit they didn't know even the names of the patients or the ages of the patients All they knew that was in Room 107 was the liver And in 108 was the ingrowing toenail That was all they knew I should have known but You're young and you want something and yeah but eventually that's what it is So [00:37:00] you're not treated as an individual being treated as an individual means that you are allowed an opinion You are allowed to say what works for you what doesn't work for you If you say Doctor these pills make me ill then in my opinion the most logical thing to do would be to say Oh sorry don't take them anymore No the protocol says give them something to get rid of their sickness The doctors are now no longer individuals They're not allowed to think for themselves They're a group And that group implements a set of rules on to the rest of the population Another group keeping control and manipulating people Into believing what you believe So [00:38:00] it's repeating the story all the time repeating the story all the time for the last almost hundred years they've been telling people that if they've got cancer they can cure it for them They don't we all experience that they don't but they keep telling the story And we keep following So it is crucial that this changes whether we're talking about health or we talk about life It's crucial that this changes now what needs to change We need to go back to the individual That doesn't mean to say that we need to completely ignore the group No there needs to be a balance but we're out of balance now because the only thing that matters is the group [00:39:00] I need to wear a face mask in order to protect the group and to be respectful to my fellow citizens This is ludicrous If health is individual then If I'm not hitting anybody over the head with a hammer I'm not doing any harm to them So I'll leave the group alone in this particular story It's interesting because medical profession has Always talked about herd immunity The group is immune against these invisible creatures and in a way it's a story of when we first meet them then they're [00:40:00] dangerous they make me ill they're gonna make everybody ill once we've met them and we shook hands and we had dinner together then we get to know them better and then they're not so bad really So therefore I don't respond in the same way and we can live together So then they become good bacteria Yeah So that was basically the story of herd immunity and research says No you don't even have to have a physical contact with those bacteria in order to become immune We pass on immunity like trees pass on immunity against certain infections and so on So then the group becomes immune The group becomes protected They do this all by themselves the individuals are [00:41:00] no longer afraid of these invisible animals and because they're not afraid it doesn't do anything to them They just walk past them So now interestingly enough herd immunity has become a big problem because it's not happening with all the testing that they're doing First of all it's very difficult to prove immunity but okay Let them have that And they can prove their immunity but it turns out that they can only prove immunity in 3 to 5 of the whole population even in the population that they know have been ill So they have had physical contact Their body [00:42:00] has to recover from it And doesn't show immunity No not in your tests but these people have immunity And now last week I read an article n a newspaper saying Researchers have now found that more and more people are getting a second infection of this particular virus They're getting ill again And I'm thinking yes because the story before that was I get to meet this guy we go out for a few drinks we have a meal together We get to know each other and now he's not so bad I don't have to be afraid anymore What have they done this time For the First time in history they keep us afraid Keep everybody afraid Whether you're immune by their standards or not Whether you've had it [00:43:00] before or not It doesn't matter if your energy field is still vibrating in fear it will shake the physical matter at its center It will shake it out of balance out of its normal behavior It goes [00:44:00] ill

[00:44:39] Brendan D. Murphy: I think [00:45:00] that was brilliantly explained I wanted to [00:46:00] ask Patrick about the idea of mosquito-borne diseases and viruses him picking that apart was quite interesting So Patrick take it away

[00:46:20] Patrick Quanten: Okay Now more and more in modern times we hear stories from the medical profession Of diseases that have been caused by animals leeches mosquitoes bats birds whatever so again what is interesting is that they're not talking about bacteria or fungi that we take on from these animals These are always viruses that we take on Now [00:47:00] we take on something from the environment That is how it's been put now very often in the stories there's no physical link Oh I was bitten by a bat yesterday in my own practice I noticed that people had Lyme disease and had never been outside never met a leech didn't know what it looked like whatever So to me those stories didn't ring true at all Now take the story of getting bitten by I mosquito or spider or whatever Now there were only two reasons why that should happen One is you scared that animal it got very afraid and the bee stung you or whatever The other reason is the animal was [00:48:00] looking for you because you're food now here again when my parents went out for a walk in the woods Why was it that every time my mother came home with mosquito bites and my dad who walked right next to her never got one It made me think that it wasn't the mosquito who was at fault and was attacking it made me start to think that it was something inside My mother The blood of my mother was different And so it's the food they're after which means if a mosquito--let's take that example if a mosquito comes and bites you and it's not because you disturbed but it was looking for you and then its mates are coming and they're biting you as well--it means there is food [00:49:00] inside You Now when you're in balance they don't bother you Which means you're out of balance which means you're already ill Maybe not to the point that you get a lot of symptoms but you are moving in that direction And those animals they come and feed off that And by doing so they leave a Tiny little bit a homeopathic injection of poison--what is poison to us--inside my body So my body then responds to that by starting to clear out And that's the disease that's the expression of the disease So what do we see here Environment inner world interaction between the two and the reaction from my inner world [00:50:00] to my environment the environment is showing me where I'm going wrong And I respond to that spontaneously in a natural way Now that same mechanism Happens spontaneously with children We have a lot of normal infectious diseases children's diseases and a lot of these infections relate to certain ages So you get them around certain ages and certain circumstances And then you see that most of the children will get that disease Not all of them or at least not all the expression of that disease Certain ages that means changes within the body That means these children are growing up from babies [00:51:00] They become toddlers and then they become children And so it's an evolution stage that the child goes through It reaches a certain point and the material structure as it was made And as it has been functioning up to then is no longer adequate We need to Refurbish or we need to change the shape of the kitchen or we need to expand the bathroom So we're gonna reshape that inner structure because the child is ready for that the energetic world the energetic field has changed so much that now in the first place we get destruction of part of the cellular compounds and therefore these cells will die That is rubbish That needs to be [00:52:00] cleared out It's a particular rubbish because it's a particular renewal Or refurbishing of that particular tissue So it's particular waste that comes out that has been excreted in a certain way And on the outside we then see skin eruptions We see fever we see redness we see vomiting whatever it is Things or signs that says we're clearing out It's a natural process There's nothing wrong with it hardly any of those children end up with serious problems the serious problems that we see have started after they started vaccinating I can still remember it I was sitting in my chair watching the BBC news one [00:53:00] evening and I literally fell off my chair because there was a man in a white coat a specialist doctor on the news who told me that measles was a killing disease I've never heard of that In the whole of my career in my medical studies I'd never heard of that Measles was a killing disease What All of a sudden the people needed to notice because we needed to vaccinate The problems started after the vaccinations In normal children infectious diseases don't come from outside They come from inside and they come at certain times certain periods of your life because you're ready to make the step into the next phase of your life and that is a natural thing Primitive people [00:54:00] are much more aware of these things and they actually have ceremonies for that Now the only ceremony that I can remember in that respect is that, when in a village in Europe, a child had measles, then the mothers would organize what they would call a measle party. And they would bring the children of the same age group, four to six year olds, bring them together, and hopefully mine will get it too then, because we're ready for it.

[00:54:34] Now that looks as if we're passing on a virus. No, we're putting children in an environment--we're bringing them together. First of all, there's no fear. None of these mothers are afraid that child might get measles. No, they want them to get measles, because it would show that the child is growing up. We bring the children together within an [00:55:00] environment. What is that environment? One of these children has got spots and has got a bit of a fever, and now we let them play together. And what is the message of that environment? It's: "Guys, it's okay to get measles. It's okay to grow up." And what do we see? Quite a number of the children in that, at that party will become ill, will get the measles. So what? Now they're stronger. They've grown up. We take - the medical profession - all that away from people, [it] puts it on them. Give them the power to decide when you should be ready, and by vaccinating, they're actually making sure you're never ready to face the outside world. You remain a very weak person.

[00:55:59] Brendan D. [00:56:00] Murphy: And unfortunately, that is exactly what we see the vaccine programs have done over the years.

[00:56:06] Patrick, that was beautifully put. It's been fascinating.

[00:56:06] Firstly, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and share your wisdom.

[00:56:07] What is it that you would give people to take away? What's your sort of parting message or sentiments, if you have one at all? And then please tell people where to follow you and check out more of your work.

[00:56:12] Patrick Quanten: This is the revolution that we're actually living in right now: [00:57:00] become your own individual. Don't be afraid to be your individual, have your own thoughts. Don't worry about whether they're right or wrong. What is important is that they are [00:58:00] your thoughts, your feelings, your [00:59:00] experiences, your needs. Because we need to look after the individual much more than we have done in the last 50 years. So the needs of the individual need to come up, to rebalance [01:00:00] the need of the individual versus the need of the group. So be yourself.

[01:00:07] Now, the other thing is, you can talk all you like, just as I do. It doesn't make any difference. No, it's what you do that makes a difference. It's the actions that we take that makes a difference, because that changes our environment. It makes it quite clear to other people, but to the rest of our environment as well, what we want, what we stand for, and what we need. That is important. Therefore, I'm not important. I'm not important to any of you. You need to look at yourself. You need to get to know yourself better. So observe yourself very well. All I can do is write some articles, spout my own truth, and if that [01:01:00] is a bit of a help or a bit of a guidance to you, then that's fine.

[01:01:04] I have two websites that I publish on. One is actually the traditional website, in the sense that I've been starting putting out articles on there, and I've been filling it up. And that is activehealthcare.co.uk.

[01:01:22] And then a few years ago, I started another website, and we're focusing specifically on self-empowerment. What is it that an individual can do to grab back their own power? The idea of the website is that anybody who has got something to say on that, or has got suggestions to make to other people there, we can publish that on that website. The website is pqliar.net. And [01:02:00] PQ is the first letters of my name, Patrick Quanten, and "liar". You can also read it as "peculiar.net".

[01:02:11] Brendan D. Murphy: Very clever. I like that. Patrick, I'm going to have to wrap it up there. Unfortunately we'll have to stop. We're out of time completely. Thank you so much. Again, ladies and gentlemen Patrick Quanten has been our special guest this week on Truthiverse. Thanks so much for [01:03:00] joining us.

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How to leave a rating or review in Apple Podcasts (on an iOS device)

  1. Open the Podcasts app
  2. Choose “Search” from the bottom row of icons and enter  (i.e., “Truthiverse”) into the search field
  3. At the top of the page, select the show under Shows (not under Episodes)
  4. Scroll down past the first few episodes until you see Ratings & Reviews
  5. Click “Write a Review” underneath the displayed reviews from other listeners. You’ll then have the option to rate Truthiverse from 1-5 stars, and write a review if you choose (you can rate without writing if you’d prefer)

How to leave a rating or review in iTunes (on a computer from a web browser)

  • Visit our Apple Podcasts page in your web browser
  • Click “Listen on Apple Podcasts” to the right of our logo; then accept the pop-up asking if you want to launch iTunes

  • In iTunes, click “Ratings & Reviews” under the main title

  • To rate Truthiverse, select a number of stars between 1 and 5 next to the words “Click to rate” under the Customer Ratings headline
  • To write a review, click “Write a Review” under the Customer Reviews heading