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A talented psychic once told me: “You’re going to help a LOT of people to help themselves.” Guess what? I intend to make her right. How? Well, let’s do the “About Me” thing.

I have an “abnormal” obsession for seeking the truth about who and what humans are, what reality is, and how the world REALLY works.


The roots of freedom itself are truth and, as the cliché goes, the truth will indeed set you free……

For over 15 years now, I have relentlessly sought after (and spoken) TRUTH—and I’ve watched countless fellow humans engage in many forms of bizarre mental contortions to avoid ever finding it (and thus avoid real freedom).

I’ve seen the primary ways most humans deceive themselves—and how widespread this plague really is.

News flash: We need experience, evidence, observation, and measurement to get the most complete view of things “as they are.” That’s why, while I am deeply spiritually aware, I also value the scientific method (but not politically motivated junk science).

Bottom line: The map is not the territory. And monocular views of reality make for two-dimensional caricatures.

I don’t give a shit what someone believes. I care about what might actually be true…

Beliefs are chains that hold us in the depths of unconsciousness.

I drove my parents crazy asking “but why?” (especially when they wanted me to do something I didn’t want to).

My mum used to say I should be a lawyer because I liked to argue and pick her point of view apart, testing its validity (and her credibility).

Let’s face it though:

My non-conformist streak, combined with my obsession for truth-seeking (and revulsion towards authority), would have burned any potential legal career to the ground (not that I was planning on one anyway).

I accept it: I’m a strange constellation of attributes, tastes, and talents—impossible to pigeonhole.

A few basic background facts about me are in order at this point (since this is the “about” page).

I’m Australian born and currently based near Byron Bay. I had a pretty standard middle class upbringing and went to an expensive high school. It’s there that I remember being (or becoming) intensely self-conscious, reflective, and equally socially awkward.

From my teen years I had an introspective philosophical streak which now manifests in a tendency towards integrative “meta-thought”—and lots of pondering, reading, and researching.

Fun fact: One of my dominant archetypes is the “critic,” meaning I really can’t help but offer (scathing) critiques on matters of great importance to the human family.

I cannot STAND bullshit artists and egomaniacs.

Sometimes this even means being a voice of dissent within the alternative “community” itself.

“Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!” – Rage Against the Machine

WARNING: I’m a committed non-conformist!

My mission is to decrease the unconsciousness, ignorance, greed, and corruption that create so much unnecessary suffering and darkness in the world.

Sometimes that means pissing off unconscious or crooked humans (which I excel at!)—by telling the truth.

Watching humans calculatingly hurt each other sickens me to my core.

As do mass stupidity and ignorance.

We need to wake up (yesterday).

I guess that explains why I have invested well over 10,000 hours of time into studying, researching, and investigating consciousness, the nature of reality, and many related subjects.

At the tail end of 2012, aged 29, I published the first yield of those 10,000+ hours—The Grand Illusion – Book 1: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality.

Epic though that book is, it’s only the beginning.

Consciously evolving into freedom is something I take seriously, so my journey has only deepened since then.

You comin’?

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