Getting Started


Here's where I give you a bit of a "lay of the land" and make sure that you're the right kind of human for my material (we don't want you having a truth overload meltdown after all).

Who Am I? Who Are YOU?

Let’s get into it. First up, here are a few reasons that you may not be ready for what lies within…

Reason 1 to NOT Be Here

IF the first thing you do when a new or contrarian idea presents itself to you is……
……head over to your favourite Establishment web page and search for the first “debunking” article that pops up, you’re in the wrong place.
(Seriously, how the f*** did you end up here?!)
A closed mind is a dead mind. This site is a zombie-free zone.    😉
Confirmation bias cripples intelligence even more effectively than ingesting fluoride daily, and I’ve seen it mangle people’s minds for far too long now.
Dogma is for religious folk. I’m not here to pry your religion from your rigid, un-flexing zombie fingers. I’m taking a stand for “rational cognitive fluidity,” which, I might add, MUST be grounded in a serious commitment to personal development and spirituality. Insecure and disempowered people tend to be more easily intimidated and triggered by dissent and the unfamiliar.
Don’t be that guy/gal.

Reason 2 NOT to Be Here

If you need an ideology to cling to, I’m just not your guy.
I view ideology mostly as an emotional security blanket.
Until recently I’d been vegetarian for nearly a decade, and borderline vegan for about 3 years, but I’m NOT here to sell you into an ideology around food (I mention this as an example).
I’m willing to listen and adapt to the evidence and experience on all sides—and I grasp that everyone is different and experiencing different challenges in life.
Do you know my challenges? No? I don’t know yours either.
As “adults” we’re meant to set our own boundaries—and shouldn’t be afraid to push past them into the unknown occasionally.

Reason 3 NOT to Be Here

You love (and default to) authority—because investigation hurts your brain.
You’re lazy and don’t care enough to actually bother thinking things through.
I’m a pathological investigator and critical thinker. People who are overly trusting of Establishment structures tend to find that very……disquieting.
Listen, I’m not here to feed your confirmation bias just to make you comfortable.
This just isn’t going to work out.
It’s not me, it’s definitely you.
Go. Now.
No, really.
It astonishes me how many people still exude such unwavering (blind) faith in Western governments that so relentlessly lie to them.
But I’m not a talking head from the Establishment, so obviously I have zero credibility. You’ve outsourced your brain to the Corporatocracy and government and let them do your thinking for you.
I’m sure they have your best interests at heart, and have no reason to ever mislead you or manipulate your perception of reality.
Give my best to the Ministry of Love, friend.
PS: 1984 wasn’t intended as a guide for living (shock!)… 😉

Reason 4 NOT to Be Here

You think burning books and/or people is an appropriate response to perspectives that differ to your own.
If you can’t handle being psychologically uncomfortable from time to time then you’re going to find my work really stressful.
Save us both the time and hassle and go hang out with the socially-engineered, fluoride-guzzling, morning-show-watching folk.
They HATE having their fundamental assumptions being questioned (and freedom of speech too, incidentally), so you’ll get along like a house on fire.

The Good Stuff

This is where I open the portal to a deeper (not merely “higher”) consciousness for you – the no-bullshit, roots-in-the-soil kind that I’m known for.

If you’re an airy-fairy fluffmonger then prepare to land your New Cage-o-plane and come back to yourself.

Here are some tools and information to assist in your quest for evolution, healing, and enhanced understanding.


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