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Episode #16 of Truthiverse Podcast - David

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David “Avocado” Wolfe is hardly a man regarded as a shrinking violet, but this is a level of fire we’ve never seen before from the man who made the Nutri-Bullet famous in polite infomercials. Though known as a passionate health and longevity educator for many years now, Avocado is currently consumed by an indignant rage at the System that is so aggressively stomping our last freedoms into oblivion. The man is on fire. Join me for a “rage against the machine” with arguably the health industry’s most colourful figurehead – and a true humanitarian warrior. He’s fed up with the bullshit and tyranny emanating from the WHO, UN, Gates Foundation and other globalist/fascist think tanks killing freedom – and he’s taking the fight to them. Look out!

You'll Learn

  • Why Avocado is raging against the machine like never before
  • Which Canadian and US institutions Wolfe intends to dismantle
  • Ways you can help the freedom movement you may not have thought of
  • Why Avocado left California and is also moving his business out
  • Avo’s thoughts on the banksters
  • Avo’s amusing views on Creepy Joe Biden
  • The truth about homelessness in California

…and much, much more.

This has to be one of the most fiery, entertaining, and inspired interviews I’ve EVER done.

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Thanks in advance for supporting truth and freedom.

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Episode 16: The Globalist Takedown is On - with David Avocado Wolfe

[00:00:00] Brendan D. Murphy: Hello [00:01:00] and welcome to this episode of Trutiverse. I'm your host, Brendan D Murphy. And this week we are joined by the Avocado himself, David "Avocado" Wolfe. We are going to get into all sorts of goodness here, Dave, David, sorry, I don't know if you like Dave, I'm gonna stick with David.

[00:01:36] David Avocado Wolfe: I usually go by Avocado.

[00:01:38] Brendan D. Murphy: Avocado, I could work with that. Avo, welcome to the show, mate. Let's get stuck into it. How are things in your world and where are you coming in from?

[00:01:46] David Avocado Wolfe: Fantastic. I'm in Northern Ontario. So I'm north of Toronto up here, and I'm heading down to Toronto to do a Freedom Rally this weekend. So that's going to be interesting, by the time to airs it'll already have been over I'm sure, but that's what I'm gearing up to [00:02:00] do is to, for many years, decades, even I did many public talks.

[00:02:04] So now I'm just shifting gears to new content and the content being the material related to the techno communist takeover of the world and the new fascism and the new tyranny.

[00:02:17] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. all wonderfully uplifting stuff, which we unfortunately have to acknowledge at this point in time.

[00:02:24] It's right in our faces. And I think people who are not acknowledging what's going on here are really fueling the problem. I mean, without the masses just going along with it, it's just not possible.

[00:02:36] David Avocado Wolfe: You know, in Australia, there's just less of a, of that urge towards freedom. There's just a little bit more people just completely asleep at the wheel watching television and believing actually what's on the news and what's on TV. In North America, there's a much more ferocious freedom movement and I'm setting myself up to be right in the middle of that.

[00:02:58] We're sick of it. We're sick of the [00:03:00] technocracy. We're sick of the surveillance state. We're sick of being sold out through the United Nations. I call it the United Abomi-Nations. We're sick of fake politicians. We're sick of it. All of it. And we're going to overturn it all. We're sick of the curtailing of our medical freedoms.

[00:03:12] Now it's just medical tyranny straight up. So when we overturn it all, we overturn it all coming undone. We're sick of it.

[00:03:19] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah.

[00:03:20] David Avocado Wolfe: And so we will turn over Health Canada, the FDA, all of those things are going to get wiped clean because if it's our blood that's to be spilled, then we will have it the way we want it.

[00:03:29] And we're going to get rid of all of their crap, all of the hundred years, the income tax crap, that Federal Reserve bank, the usury. All of it. It's all going to go.

[00:03:39] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah, amen to that. And I think it's great that you're now you're just unleashing. It seems like you've hit the, what I've dubbed the Pete Evans threshold and you just don't give a shit.

[00:03:50] I am not allowed to swear on this show, but you don't care. You're just unleashing and you're a guy who's given over 3000 talks about health all around the world.

[00:03:54] David Avocado Wolfe: Yes, I'm a public speaker. I'm an orator.

[00:04:00] Wait until I start getting in front of the public on this one. It's going to sway some masses.

[00:04:05] I'm going up head to head against these cowardly crime ministers and cowardly members of parliament and cowardly Congress people, and cowardly senators, and just. we're in a den of cowards who have bowed down to the new world order, which we're gonna, we're gonna, we're actually foiling their plans.

[00:04:25] If you want something to come out of this talk that we're having right here to anybody listening, foil their plans, get in the way of their plans, hack their websites down. Every day, foil their plans. You don't think there's something you can do. There's many things you can do. Become a hacker. Get in there, hack their websites down.

[00:04:41] We're going to get them in every way. I want their life to be a living hell, cause that's what they want for us. So we're going to turn it on them. I want them knowing that every single day they get up and there's problems for their tyranny. Massive problems. And it's coming apart at the seams.

[00:04:56] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. I love that, man. There are so many places we can [00:05:00] go with this. I mean, tell me what it's like there ? You're starting to move, you're about to move your offices or your headquarters over from one state to another altogether different States. So you're based in the West and you're going to...

[00:05:14] David Avocado Wolfe: Yes.

[00:05:15] Brendan D. Murphy: To Texas, am I right?.

[00:05:16] David Avocado Wolfe: That's right. Yeah, California. I grew up in California. I've been there since 1977. I've seen the entire history of that state, the corruption, the Luciferian cabal, and Hollyweird, the government completely total one party corruption to the democratic party, which is basically communism and socialism.

[00:05:34] It's basically let me steal everything you have, so I can, you could be as miserable as we are. That's their policy and it's been their policy for years. That's why I moved out of the state 15 years ago in terms of like where I'm actually living, my actual home.

[00:05:47] And so I'm going to move. Now, my business is part time in California, so that's getting moved out finally and forever. And my family home is getting sold off. We're getting the hell out of there. It's an abomination what they've done. These [00:06:00] people are absolute crooks and we want them taken alive. I'll just say that.

[00:06:06] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, and made to pay for their sins. Yup. Yeah, but don't stop. I want our listeners. I mean, probably everyone who listens to this has at least heard your name, but they may not know your background or your schtick. I mean, you've spent many years talking about health and educating on things like nutrition, what to eat, what not to eat, superfoods, all these longevity hacks and things. Like, you've got a massive amount of knowledge, stored knowledge from many decades of study. I mean, you're a guy who lives and breathes health and vitality, right? That's been your jam forever.

[00:06:41] And now, we're hearing a bit of a different kind of an Avo. This is not the Avo we see on the NutriBullet commercials.

[00:06:47] David Avocado Wolfe: Yeah. No. I mean, that was, those were wonderful days and I enjoyed those parts of my life. And those were great moments. But the matter now is tyranny. The matter now is pressing.

[00:06:57] I, when I was a little kid, my [00:07:00] neighbor, she was the matriarch of her family. They ran 20 grocery stores, very wealthy family, very successful. They were Hungarian immigrants. And every day I'd come home from school, I'd go over to their house instead of my house. And she would ask me, okay, what'd they teach you today?

[00:07:14] And I would say, "Oh, today we learned about FDR". Or the social security number and she goes, let me tell you about FDR. Let me tell you what the social security number means and what they're trying to do. And God honest truth. She was dead on the money. She was on the money. So I've been aware of all.

[00:07:30] That's why I became a raw foodist. That's why I went completely all the way with the health stuff, because I know we're being lied to. I've always known that my whole life. I've known that the whole system we're in is a complete lie, but now they're trying to mandate that everybody live that lie. Yeah. Now they're trying to make sure that everybody gets dragged into their equal share of misery.

[00:07:49] That's what Winston Churchill said, he said, "Socialism is the equal distribution of misery." And we're sick of it. I'm sick of socialism. I'm sick of communism. We want it overturned. [00:08:00] And when, I mean, overturned, it's we can't live in that way. We'll fight to the death. We're not having it. No way.

[00:08:05] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yup. and. It's interesting to me that in America for decades now, and ever since I've been aware of what's going on, which is say the last 17 years, we've watched this, the Eagle, the bird with the two wings, the left wing and the right wing. And we've, in the conspiracy theory world - in other words, people who actually investigate things - we've acknowledged that there are two wings belonging to the same bird, and this bird is a multinational or globalist entity, right? So we've never seen a great deal of distinction between the two parties. You can't support one over the other because they're both essentially serving the same master, but...

[00:08:42] In the time of Trump's bizarre presidency and his election, since then, he's the only guy since JFK got the magic bullet, who's made things interesting and hang on a minute. Maybe the pedos and child traffickers aren't completely in control anymore for a change.

[00:09:00] [00:09:00] David Avocado Wolfe: Well said, that's what happened. He somehow just by the grace of God, he got in there and foiled their plans and where it was going with their crimes sprees; the Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden crime sprees, which never end, which we've been dealing with over here in North America forever. And the same with goes in Canada with the Trudeau crime sprees, where there's we charity, where he's just ripping off people for millions, even billions of dollars. It's just, it's horrendous what these creeps are up to. And it's being enabled by the New World Order or the United Abominations, otherwise known as United Nations. And that's all being run by usury by banksters.

[00:09:38] So they're really behind it. And then they're using their pharmaceutical power and their other powers, their oil powers and these other chess pieces they got. But we know that the real culprit is usury. We know that the real culprit is these banksters. And we know that's who we're going after this time.

[00:09:52] This is not going to be a World War II where you have these pawns at each other over here. No. We go right [00:10:00] for where the actual source of the problem is. And we eviscerate that source, which is international banking. And we're going to be stopping the international bankers once and for all. We're going to overturn the 1913 Federal Reserve Act in America.

[00:10:15] We're going to get rid of the income tax. We're going to reclaim our country. And even if it means that it goes to a civil war, then so be it. We're sick of living like this. Everybody is. The socialism is so corrosive. The taxation, the theft that goes on. We're not going to live like it anymore.

[00:10:31] So we're joining arms with our crew down there in Texas and all over Ontario and all over Canada and the United States. We're joining in arms with like-brothers and sisters, and we're going to, we're going to stand up or we're gonna stop it. And we're going to speak the truth. We're going to get to the truth, a truth they can't stop with their control of media anymore.

[00:10:50] Now they're trying to control Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and YouTube. Okay. No problem. We got BitChute, we got DTube, we got Band, we got Telegram, we got Parler, we got [00:11:00] Gab. We got all kinds of other things. We're just driving the bus around them.

[00:11:03] They're in a lot of trouble and they're going to be brought to justice.

[00:11:06] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I will be getting this interview fact checked later on of course, but ...

[00:11:11] David Avocado Wolfe: Excellent.

[00:11:11] Brendan D. Murphy: We'll probably have to redact about 99% of it. It's really an interesting place. They're very reactive at this point in time aren't they? They see the freedom response, the freedom movement, and then they try to quickly scurry to, introduce fact checking into Facebook and, there's this patchwork - plugging the holes with the fingers kind of thing - going on to try to stem the tide. And it's comical in a way, but quite sinister at the same time.

[00:11:40] David Avocado Wolfe: Well said, I mean, I'm floating between dealing with the technocracy and they're sinister wiles, and they're insane control freak behavior, and almost laughing to the point of being rolling around on the floor, unable to stop.

[00:11:58] Because it is real. It is funny [00:12:00] and like the way that people like. are wearing the mask and think that's some kind of a thing that they're virtuous and that it's going to stop something. And just the whole sham of it all where the, the cryptocracy is looking at them, just laughing. They're laughing at everybody, "Look what we just made them do!"

[00:12:15] I know the cryptocracy we're onto you, buddy. We're onto them. We're going to get them. We know what they've been doing all these years. We know how they work through Freemasonry. We know their whole kit and we're coming at them with everything we got. Why not? I've lived a great life for 50 years.

[00:12:30] These next 50. I want them to, I want them right there. They're going to, they're going to pay the price. We're bringing everything at them.

[00:12:38] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Amen. I love it, man. I've never seen you fired up to this extent, actually.

[00:12:42] David Avocado Wolfe: I'm the most fired up ever. I get up every morning, I'm tearing into it all day long nonstop.

[00:12:48] I think people see that on my telegram feed. People are like, dude, you do that by yourself? It's like, yeah, totally, absolutely. And all my other social media all by myself. Why? Because I have more energy than they do. They will not [00:13:00] out energize me. We will beat them because we have more energy than them. So we're going to burn, we're going to burn them to the ground like that.

[00:13:06] Just basically press them down. They got technocracy no problem. We'll hack their crap. We'll get the best Russian hackers in the world over there in Russia. So haha. You can't touch us. They're over there. What are you going to do about it?

[00:13:18] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. I love it. I love it man. It's Revolution 2020. I mean, shit it's been brewing for a long time, right?

[00:13:25] Like this... I wanted to ask you. You've lived in, you've had life in California in the West coast. What was it like when you first set up there versus, what, how's it degenerated now? Cause we've seen different administrations, right? We've seen it degenerate through the left wing and the right wing, conservative, liberal, whatever.

[00:13:45] I mean, what's the difference between the two pictures?

[00:13:49] David Avocado Wolfe: It's the same arms of the same Frankenstein monster. The left and the right. Really what we have is we have, on the one hand there that's supposedly [00:14:00] capitalism. It's really not it's Cartelism. And then you've got your Republican, whatever that means, right wing people who are like, they don't care about anything except the money. So they're going to keep their cartels in place. And that's the right wing.

[00:14:10] The left wing isn't "Oh, free love. And we love you." And we love you. No, it's actually socialism, communism. You wear that mask or we're going to come after you. We're going to ruin your life. We're going to steal your money. We're gonna steal everything. You have. We're gonna destroy your culture. That's really what that is. So there isn't a left and right wing. They're both arms of some beast, some Frankenstein monster. And this is what we've seen play out in California politics since the seventies, since I grew up there.

[00:14:35] The thing is, is that America desire for freedom. It's in the people, it's coming from the place itself. And so it's taken a long time to start putting the programming on and holding everyone down to the point where all of a sudden it's like, Uh-oh, we're in serious trouble here.

[00:14:54] I've thought that about the police, for example, look, I am not one of those people who's like the police are the greatest things ever. They're

[00:15:00] not the police have harrassed me, lied to me, screwed up my life many times. So, I agree with, even people that you would think I'd be in opposition with. No, I'm not. I'm like screw the police. Fuck the police. I grew up in L.A. Fuck the police. I hate the police.

[00:15:12] They got to straighten their ass out and actually stop lying, actually have some moral integrity and stop this crap that they've been doing all along. But on the other side, we've got this supposed society, that's gone completely into tyranny. Like, I haven't parked my car in San Francisco in years.

[00:15:35] You'll get broken into and have everything stolen like that and they won't stop it and they won't even care. The police, you don't can't report anything to the police. They don't care. They're not gonna do a thing about it. It's been like that for years.

[00:15:44] Brendan D. Murphy: Wow.

[00:15:45] David Avocado Wolfe: So you have this kind of like left wing, all that love everybody piece and eat all the organic food and all this other stuff.

[00:15:52] Meanwhile, you can't park your car in San Francisco anywhere. It will be broken into a hundred percent.

[00:15:58] Brendan D. Murphy: Wow.

[00:15:58] David Avocado Wolfe: I won't leave the site of [00:16:00] my car in San Francisco.

[00:16:01] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Okay. I mean, I have another guy who's in, based in LA and he's been posting pictures lately of these like slums on the street, on the sidewalk, where people, the homeless people have just had to set up camp there because they've got no other option. And this is it seems to be getting worse according to what he's been putting out there. I mean, do you see much of that kind of thing?

[00:16:24] David Avocado Wolfe: It's horrendous. it's gotten so bad over the last five years that anybody with any sense would go, why is this governor talking about getting a flu shot when he's got a hundred thousand homeless people on the streets of LA? When he's got whole tent cities in downtown San Francisco filled with drug addicts with needles on the ground, feces on the ground, poop, everything on the ground? It's just full on.

[00:16:48] And not a word. Meanwhile, they go, Oh, look at the fires. Climate change. No, it's arson buddy. It's arson. Arson apparently is the new climate change. I mean, that's how out of it these people are. And then people go along [00:17:00] with it. It's just blows my mind.

[00:17:01] But there are millions of people in California that ain't going along with it. They're not going along with it. No way. They're not going to live that way. And so that rebellion is coming and it's going to be, it's going to be when it erupts, it will be ferocious because of how much pent-up BS we've been dealing with from the communism and the socialism.

[00:17:23] Basically you work your ass off. So some drug addict can basically poop in your front yard with needles hanging out of their arm. And then you can't do anything about it cause the cops won't do a damn thing to help.

[00:17:32] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:17:33] David Avocado Wolfe: And God forbid, if you ever tried to grow a garden in your yard and that the state's going to come down at you, like it's supposed to be a lawn. What the hell are you doing? I'll chop it all down. I mean, it's just horrendous.

[00:17:43] Brendan D. Murphy: I don't even know what to say about that kind of stuff. I mean, the American psyche is a very interesting beast. I've been having some interesting email exchanges with a friend of mine who's in the UK and been paying a lot of attention to the U S and been worried about it for a long time. Cause with Trump's election, it was [00:18:00] like, is this the match to the powder keg kind of thing, is it going to blow up now? And we seem to have been tottering on the brink of civil war for a while now. I mean, this is the concern, right? Do you fear, are you worried about this uprising spilling over and becoming uncontrolled and that kind of thing?

[00:18:17] David Avocado Wolfe: I'm not worried about it. I'm stoked about it. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it. Everybody is, we're all sick of it. We're sick of the politics of Nancy Pelosi, and you know how she's got, she's eating cake while there's homeless people on the street in front of her house and people are pooping everywhere and they can't clean it up.

[00:18:36] That you can just walk into anybody's store in LA or San Francisco and steal $950 worth of merchandise. And as long as you don't go over that number, the police won't press charges against you.

[00:18:46] Wow. I didn't know that.

[00:18:47] Yeah, it's crazy. It's just, it's beyond crazy. It's cuckoo. It's totally cuckoo. And here we've got a state that could be growing so much wonderful food and organic food for everybody, for the entire world even.

[00:18:59] But what do we [00:19:00] get? We get chemtrailed to death, contrailed to death, weather modified to death. So that now in 2020, we have the worst four and a half million acres of fire ever in the state's history, just coincidentally in 2020. But no, it's all climate change and arson didn't have nothing to do with it. It's just climate change and get your flu shot.

[00:19:18] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. Shut up and get your flu shot because if you don't care about other people. If you're not wearing your mask, you don't care about the health and safety of other people. You're insensitive.

[00:19:28] David Avocado Wolfe: This is why it's so urgent and why I will not keep my mouth shut. As soon as they start injecting people with their bill Gates, heavy metals, viruses, lyme spirochetes, microchips, and the other crap that's going to be in there. Every one of those people will actually be an asymptomatic or even a symptomatic carrier, and they will be exposing everyone around them for weeks after they get injected with that crap.

[00:19:55] Yeah, just to put it in perspective of what's coming ahead of us here. So we've got to fight [00:20:00] this. This is like rape, right? If you're not willing to fight, to save kids or fight to stop rape, then you're not willing to do anything. And you're out of the way. We clear you out of the way. You go to jail, go get the hell out of here.

[00:20:10] We're actually fighting for something that's legit, like protecting women and children and protecting our sacred temple from their injections.

[00:20:18] Brendan D. Murphy: And I like that analogy. I mean, it's graphic and like the rape thing. I mean, if you were to transfer that over, this is the same thing that we're dealing with.

[00:20:26] It's like people are walking past this rape on the streets and they're going, "Oh no, I've got my mask on. I've got my mask on. I'm doing my bit. I'm keeping you safe. I'm protecting you because I'm wearing my mask." That's the level of cognitive function of some Americans at this point in time, unfortunately.

[00:20:43] David Avocado Wolfe: Most! In certain places. If you're in LA, everybody's wearing masks and gloves walking around like it's the end of the world. I mean, this is all germ theory warfare is what this is. Germ theory warfare. They've gotten people so wrapped up in the Rockefeller medical system, which is literally, I don't know how you could get worse [00:21:00] results, but you probably could, but it's at least the number three cause of death in the Western world, doctors, hospitals, and pills, and big pharmaceutical and their injections, which is probably number two or even number one cause of death in reality. I mean, officially it's number three, but in reality, it's number one. And still people are just completely asleep at the wheel.

[00:21:20] So you know what, when they're getting, this is where I'm at with it. You want to argue with me, get injected, wear your mask. Get injected. Do exactly what your masters tell you. In fact, obey. Yeah, that's what I was telling people today. I just got in a little spat on Twitter, just for fun, just cause I wanted to just vent on just morons. And it was just like, so they started arguing with me, they're like, you're not wearing a mask?

[00:21:38] I'm like, no. That's for you. You wear the mask and you social distance and you quarantine and you destroy your job and destroy your life and get injected with Bill Gates' chemicals. That's for you. Good job. Obey.

[00:21:58] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:22:00] Let's [00:23:00] not pretend to be all love and light. When really we have very strong emotional impulses that are definitely not love and light at times.

[00:23:39] Let's just call it, let's call it a bloody digging tool. As my old English teacher would say. You were talking about winding up some, geeing up some of the quote "morons" on social media and talking about this sort of self selection. It's like these people are self selecting themselves out of the gene pool in a way.

[00:23:59] Yeah. [00:24:00] Okay. They'reDavid Avocado Wolfe: going to be injected with those chemicals, and all the microchips. You know, on the one hand you've got Ba'al and Manlinda Gates over here.going, "We don't have any microchips in our little vaccines. My husband's never said that". On the other side, the same day, you've got the FDA about to green light, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation injectable microchip.

[00:24:22] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Wow.

[00:24:23] David Avocado Wolfe: So they're not even good liars, right? They're just all a bunch of liars, just absolute thieves. In fact, Ba'al Gates, B A apostrophe, A L, and his wife, Man-Linda, they are actually completely at fault for crimes against humanity. I mean, Paul Allen called Ba'al Gates a ruthless schemer?

[00:24:43] That's the guy who knew him best. Called him a ruthless schemer. And so this guy's going, "We only return to normal when we vaccinate 7.8 billion people". No. Sorry buddy. No, we're not going to be going back to normal. [00:25:00] We're going to march the military and capture you alive. We're going to catch you alive there, buddy is what we're going to be doing.

[00:25:06] Brendan D. Murphy: Are you getting rumblings around, like what's the Intel around, the level of awareness or an involvement of the military. Do you have much on that?

[00:25:13] David Avocado Wolfe: Yeah, I know people in the U S military that are completely aware of what's going on and want Trump in there. Absolutely. For the, at least the next two years to shut down this child trafficking and sex trafficking. That's coming directly out of the Pentagon.

[00:25:27] So there's factions in the U S military and in the Pentagon, even that are really right on our side. Absolutely. A hundred percent. So if we, and if that goes and splits into a civil war, those factions will be right there with us. And we're going to fight all the way for what we want, which is medical freedom and actual, real freedom without an income tax, without the central banks of Europe, like, they're going, we're beating them. Forever.

[00:25:50] And we're going to write it into a new amendment into the Constitution that there will never be allowed central banking ever again on this soil.

[00:25:58] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [00:26:00] it's been a long time coming. Let's talk about that. I mean, the whole debt-based central banking, the usury thing, like, ever since the Fed was initiated in 1913, America has been on a downward economic spiral and it's not a coincidence.

[00:26:13] I really want to get this through to people about how utterly toxic this banking model actually is. I mean, this is the source of so many of our social ills, right?

[00:26:25] David Avocado Wolfe: Within Dante's Inferno, he shows the usorer getting sodomized in hell. Which is exactly where it leads. That's where it is. That's what it is. Usury or charging interest on money enthrones a hidden power and it's a parasitic power. And that parasitic power will eventually parasitize the entire body politic paralyzing it. Sucking it dry and then pushing it into a communism socialism, which will eventually cause that demonic entity, the parasite, the evil, whatever word we want to call for it to be

[00:27:00] actually denied its own food because that's the problem with every parasite. Eventually they consume the host.

[00:27:06] And so eventually it will be exposed and we'll have to pay for the crimes. And that's coming, that time's coming. My goal is to just teach everybody what I was taught by my great teachers, not only in health, but in all manners of civilization and society. And one of these is we must end usury and it's an imperative.

[00:27:25] If we can't do that, we can never save the world. There can never be any real, legitimate society ever again. Yeah, the usorer is the parasite, enthrones a hidden power and steals your money in many ways, debt, inflation, hidden taxes and on and on and on.

[00:27:42] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. And this whole bubble of debt it's like the money is printed and then they invent the debt on top of it. But the debt, that money is not printed. It doesn't exist, it never exists. So by definition, you get this exponentially expanding debt that can never be repaid [00:28:00] and we're held accountable for it. The people are somehow held responsible for that when it was the bankers who installed that system.

[00:28:06] David Avocado Wolfe: So yeah, there is no debt, actually. The whole idea of there being a debt is absurdity. Basically the way it works is let's say I wanted to create money. Okay. I've got this tribe over here. There's another tribe over there. Let's build a bridge, we can exchange stuff and that bridge can be created from our own minds, from wood in the forest and everything else.

[00:28:25] And then we just arbitrarily select seashells or wampum or cacao beans or gold or whatever. And we go. these five seashells are worth that bridge. This is how an economy starts.

[00:28:38] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah.

[00:28:38] David Avocado Wolfe: The economy is created by the value that's created the infrastructure, the roads, the buildings, the bridges, the boats. And then once that boat is created, then we just can create the money out of nothing that corresponds to that value that's created. That's what a real money system is.

[00:28:55] That was overturned by usury in European history, in the last pretty much, the last [00:29:00] 500 years been completely overthrown, which in certain ways leads to a runaway invention consciousness because it develops entrepreneurial-ism.

[00:29:10] But on the negative side, it creates a debt system, which eventually enslaves everybody in it.

[00:29:14] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. I think a lot of us are feeling the pinch of it now, especially with the shutdown, the lockdown and all this stuff. Did you see the plandemic coming before it was launched? Where were you at when it came onto your radar?

[00:29:33] David Avocado Wolfe: I, my feeling has always been that. And the reason why I do what I do is because we're battling medical scientism. I've been battling medical scientism, my entire adult life, which is this phony faith-based religion that is essentially the Rockefeller medical system, which is drugs, cut, burn, poison therapy and injections.

[00:29:54] That's the Rockefeller system. So I've been battling them all along. Now. I have said for many years that everybody and I [00:30:00] mean, everybody is fooled by medical scientism. They don't know any different. It's like, look, it's herbal medicine all the way. The herbal medicine right here behind me, my medicinal mushrooms from the forest, look at these guys, right? This is medicine for me for days.

[00:30:14] There's no way I'm getting a sick cough, cold, flu, fever. We figured that out the common cold was cured a long time ago. So was COVID-19. So was all their other bullshit. It's not the germ. It's the terrain.

[00:30:25] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah.

[00:30:25] David Avocado Wolfe: And so I worked to figure out how to get my terrain sorted out and to set up a correct medicinal system, which is ultimately an herbal medical system, which I like the Daoist model personally, but I also like the Vedic model, and I like the Amazonian shamanism model, and I fuse them all together.

[00:30:39] Many systems, even ancient European systems. And that's the real medicine that saves you. When you get sick, you detoxify, you cleanse your bowels, you tissue cleanse, you remove the toxic thought forms. You remove the emotional toxicity and that's what heals you.

[00:30:54] This cut burn poison, give a pill for every ill, and the injection theory is absolute insanity.

[00:30:59] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah.

[00:30:59] David Avocado Wolfe: And [00:31:00] so this is all good for me actually, because now everybody gets to see what I've been battling my whole life. We have to go to Tijuana to get certain treatments. Why do we have to go to Mexico to get certain treatments?

[00:31:13] I want those treatments in our backyard. What is this medical tyranny all about? It's not to protect you as we're finding out. And that's good. I want people to find out, Oh, it wasn't about protecting you. It's about using and abusing you and eventually eliminating you. And enough people are aware of that.

[00:31:30] They're starting to snap out like boom, they're snapping out of the program.

[00:32:01] [00:32:00] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. We're going to talk about

[00:33:00] the age of the lawmakers. I believe.

[00:33:34] David Avocado Wolfe: The lawmakers, you know, the great law givers, Moses, the Abrahamic religions, and what they brought us, the steely of hammer rabbi. You remember these?

[00:33:52] And then look at what it is today. Books after books of this law, that law, this subsection of that little subsection, this little dot iii, [00:34:00] and you missed page 952, subsection three a, and all this crap. Now is the age of the law removers. Now, all of us, anybody listening to this right now run for your local city council, remove laws, get rid of jobs, destroy the government jobs, get rid of them. Fire people get rid of them.

[00:34:19] We don't have enough money. We're in debt on debt. We got to get rid of it all. So now is the age where we come in and we are the law removers. We come in to every government institution, remove laws, vote against every new law they want to put in.

[00:34:30] Oh, they want to put in their COVID-19 laws? We remove them and we peel them away. Oh, your Patriot Act? Sorry. We're removing it. Bye! It's going away. We're gonna repeal everything. I want every law repealed. We're getting it stripped away. That is the new age for the next hundred years, 200 years, 500 years. Everybody who gets in office, just get in there to be a spoiler, get in there to remove laws, get in there to stop them from putting in new laws.

[00:34:54] We don't need any more laws. We need to remove [00:35:00] laws forever and strip them out of the books. Gone. No more government positions, no more new government positions. No more page 1,186, subsection aaa. Nope. We're getting rid of that. We're getting down to one page and if you can't understand it on one page, it's no good.

[00:35:18] And we're going to... we're shredding it. We're burning it. We're throwing it into the ash bin of history.

[00:35:23] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah, man. I love that. There's 2 million or over 2 million statute laws in Australia alone. No one knows all of those stupid things. And I think the beautiful thing is that while the medical tyranny is, has been creeping in, people have been looking to solutions more and more, and we're learning that none of the statute laws that are created by these fictitious government entities actually apply to living men and women.

[00:35:49] And that's a really great way of stripping away bullshit. Ah, sorry. I'm not supposed to sweat. They're stripping away these ridiculous rules and codes that don't actually apply to [00:36:00] living men and women. So I have to thank COVID, CONVID, in a way, because it's brought people into this world of, "Oh, this garbage that government's doing, doesn't actually really apply to me unless I consent to it. Yeah. Why would I consent to this rubbish?"

[00:36:15] David Avocado Wolfe: Yeah, exactly. And you're getting onto something which is really good. Cause we're starting to crack down on jurisdiction, which is, they don't have jurisdiction over you.

[00:36:24] The corporation of Australia doesn't have a jurisdiction over you. So you file a doing business as "your name in all capital letters". Do that. You should do that right away, actually. That's what I'm going to be doing. Actually, I might even start it next week. You file a DBA doing business as your name in all capital letters, which is the straw man that they gave you under maritime law.

[00:36:43] Cause you're, as far as they're concerned, you're lost at sea. That's why you were birthed, right? Your birth certificate, you were birthed into the water, and you're lost at sea. But now you're going to give them notice that you're alive on land. Once you file as your name in all capital letters doing business as, then you start [00:37:00] gaining jurisdiction over that strawman, not them.

[00:37:03] You're saying, Oh no, you don't run this strawman, I do. Not you. I run it now. Once you get your name back in all capital letters, then you can start messing with their system, their corporation system. It's not a legal government. It's a corporate government. That's how Victoria is, that's how they sold out to China.

[00:37:24] Right? And that's what's going on down there. It's a corporation. Victoria isn't part of Australia. New South Wales isn't part of Australia. It's part of the corporation of Australia, but it's its own corporation too.

[00:37:36] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. All registered with the securities exchange in the U S, yeah, it's all on file. These fictitious legal entities that men and women created, right? So that's the thing we need to get through to people is the creation hierarchy, the jurisdictional hierarchy is: the man creates the entity. So the man is master over the entity. It's not the other way around, but these treasonous [00:38:00] governments have inverted the natural order, right? So they've deluded us into thinking that they're in charge of us, but it's actually the opposite.

[00:38:06] David Avocado Wolfe: We're going to have very soon because I've got friends who are on this all the time. We're going to have a very easy to follow system on how to claim yourself alive on land, get out of their maritime law.

[00:38:19] And then if they call you into a court, you go, "That's not me. I don't know who that is. You have no jurisdiction over me. I'm a living man." And there's nothing they can do. The very first thing in law. I'm a law student. I went to law school for four years. I have a law degree, I have a Juris doctorate in law.

[00:38:32] The very first thing they have to do is get jurisdiction over you. If they can't get jurisdiction over you, they can't get you. Nobody can sue you. Nothing can happen. The legal process does not begin unless they get jurisdiction over you. And the only way that they're going to get that is if you consent to it.

[00:38:47] So you show up and you go, "I'm a living man, not that person in all capital letters and you do not have jurisdiction over myself as the living man. There's nothing you can do about it. In fact, I have jurisdiction over you.

[00:39:00] You're my judge."

[00:39:00] Brendan D. Murphy: Exactly. Exactly.

[00:39:02] David Avocado Wolfe: You flip it on them.

[00:39:03] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. And that was the conversation I had with Christopher James about reclaiming the public courthouses. These are supposed to be facilities for us to use at our will. But again, it's been hijacked by the corporations and they're using it to harvest us. And it's great that there's this huge momentum now around the awareness building and then doing something about it. It feels like you've got something cooking away over there, which is really good to hear. I'd love to know more about what your people are doing there.

[00:39:33] David Avocado Wolfe: What we're doing is we're just chunking it down to the simplest possible steps. So what we're doing is you get a DBA as your first step. You're doing business as your name in all capital letters, the way it's on your birth certificate in a way it's on all your official corporate documents.

[00:39:47] Now you own that. You're doing business as that. The next step is you start getting them to notarize all of that paperwork. So that they can't later go back and go, actually, no, [00:40:00] wait, hold on. That was supposed to be us. Wait, what? You got your own, you got your name in all capital letters?

[00:40:04] Again, you go, yeah, and you notarized it. Then they're in trouble. In fact, once you get to that stage, a judge will start going... they'll start smiling because they know. Now, you think that this is real high up in the judge world. It isn't usually the first year in judge schools, when they teach you what jurisdiction is really all about and how to be a private citizen and a public citizen.

[00:40:27] If you want to keep your name in all capital letters out there as your public citizen. Okay. You're doing business as that. That's fine, but you're now a private citizen. And so then that's step two is you set yourself up as a private citizen, which is more than I can get into here.

[00:40:42] It's just paperwork, and it's not that big a deal. And those two steps is how you start to move your way out of the public persona into the private. Now when you're in the private, you'll find out there's a whole world out there of people who are private citizens. Citizen's not the [00:41:00] right word cause the citizen's defined as an enemy combatant, but a private person, a living person. And then for example, if you're in an airport, you don't have to wait in their line. You're put right to the front of the line with other private citizens or private living people instead of being birthed into maritime law and now you're alive on land.

[00:41:22] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Getting back onto the land, out of the jurisdiction, out of the high seas, where the pirates are after us.

[00:41:29] Right.

[00:43:28] [00:43:00] [00:42:00] We've been all over the place, jurisdiction, Convid, the technocracy. We're going to talk now about creepy Joe Biden and what he's really all about. And I hope the Democrat fans out there are listening because you guys really need to wake up. Tell us what you know, Avo.

[00:43:40] David Avocado Wolfe: Okay. So number one is he's a cheater. So he's always been last in his class or at the bottom of his class. And basically was coaxed along with big money in his family. I'm sure. And just, Joseph Biden Senior pushed him along and somehow he made it through law school and he's just basically always been a professional, [00:44:00] slick politician.

[00:44:02] He will cheat every chance he gets. He will try any dirty trick he can get away with, to pull off his shenanigans and to enrich himself and his family and to screw over everybody else. He is a complete sociopath. Psychopath. And you see that when he's sniffing kids, I don't know about you, but anybody, people who really support him, have to deny that's going on because those videos are out there.

[00:44:29] There's videos of him sniffing kids and all this weird stuff he's doing with kids. That looks very suspicious to me, very suspicious. And the way he talks about the kids rubbing up against his leg and his little hairs tingling up and all this other weird, bizarre stuff right there with a child trafficking epidemic. That's the real epidemic.

[00:44:49] Not this Convid garbage, but the real epidemic of stupidity and child sex trafficking. You talk about some major epidemics there. There's two of them right there. And meanwhile, we're just [00:45:00] going to say, "Oh, this guy, he's just, he is weird with kids. We know, but it's all okay."

[00:45:03] And then the way he has to be like handled because he's heading into the dementia. I've talked to doctors who have dealt with dementia patients every day for years. And they're telling me he's got maybe two, two and a half years before it becomes... like he's being held together with drugs. And they know the names of those drugs, by the way, the doctors I consult with. They know exactly what drugs he's on and if they're not amphetamines by the way, which I thought was interesting. You had some other things. I thought it was like Adderall or something else.

[00:45:32] Anyway. So he's definitely on drugs. That's why he wouldn't do the drug test in that first debate with Trump. He was definitely wearing a system, we saw him wired up. He probably had the Google contact lenses where they print the words right in your contact lenses.

[00:45:45] That's why his eyes were so black. You saw the thing in his wrist right there, which is part of that Google contact lens system.

[00:45:51] Brendan D. Murphy: Wow.

[00:45:51] David Avocado Wolfe: So he's cheating, of course. He can't help but cheat. And then the whole thing is a confidence game. He can't get anybody to the events. Now I [00:46:00] grew up in America. The entire country is run by Democrats and they've got it locked in, so that the voting almost never matters unless it's a landslide one way or the other, like it was for Trump in 2016. Trump won actually in reality, won that probably 75, 25.

[00:46:17] It was only closed because of the cheating that goes on and how much Democrats have got it rigged. They've got it rigged in California. They've got a rigged in New York state. Today, I was in touch with a gal in New York state and she's like, it's so rigged, it's communism. I can't get these people.

[00:46:31] They run unopposed. Every election, no one can face them. And this is going on in all the big democratic states. And so Trump is smart because he knows he just has to go after those key states, those swing states. A state like Pennsylvania a state like Florida. He's got to win those key states, Arizona, Wisconsin, Iowa.

[00:46:50] He's got to win those key states because it's by the electoral college in America. Not the amount of votes you get that is thank God for those founding [00:47:00] fathers, because if it was the amount of votes, that's so easy to fake and we're seeing with this absentee ballot nonsense, 50,000 problem ballots here are a hundred thousand there.

[00:47:08] It's just a complete gong show because the Democrats cheat because they're dirty and they're amoral and they have no ethics. They have no system of rules. It's just Machiavellian. Oh, we'll give you anything you want. We love black people. I love black people. They don't, they want to kill black people.

[00:47:28] They don't love Latinos. They want to destroy their lives is what they want to do. And they do. And they get away with it for year after year, after year.

[00:47:36] And so in comes Trump and he's like, I'm going to turn this whole thing upside down. And we're actually going to start winning instead of just constantly losing with treason and after tre son. And look what has uncovered, the seal team six deal where they were basically set up in Iraq, they killed the wrong Osama bin Laden.

[00:47:53] Then Iran, they started blackmailing him saying, you better pay us off. We're going to tell the world you got the wrong guy. [00:48:00] And then they ended up having to kill off a bunch of the seal team, six guys, by putting them up there as sitting ducks and blowing that up. And Biden gave the call on that one, by the way.

[00:48:08] Biden and Hillary and Obama gave the call on that. They sacrificed our best and brightest. And that's seal team six. That's what's coming out right now. On top of that, you got Biden in with the nepotism, with his son. Who's a total druggie and a total just piece of garbage who's involved with sex trafficking.

[00:48:28] There may be on that hard drive. We don't know, but I've heard today that there may be him having sex with a child on that hard drive. Who knows? We'll see. I mean, by the time this airs the election may be over, but, they may be saving that for a night before three nights before the election, just to show what a piece of absolute corruptAF garbage Biden, his wife, their kids, the whole thing. His brother James Biden owns the Island next to Jeffrey Epstein.

[00:48:58] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah, I heard that. It's [00:49:00] incredible.

[00:49:00] David Avocado Wolfe: Yup. So that's another thing going on with all that. And so, if in fact, Hunter Biden has a kid in one of those videos, and then we got to ask where that kid come from. And the kid obviously came through Epstein Island.

[00:49:11] Cause they're all in with the Epsteins and they're all in it with all that sex trafficking. And they're so damn easy to blackmail. Cause Joe Biden is so ridiculously stupid. He's so dumb. So the Chinese have been blackmailing him and his son, because they've got the hard drives. Of course.

[00:49:30] all our guys are looking at these hard drives now going, "Oh, the Chinese have had this for months. They've had this for years." They know exactly. They have all the data on these guys, so they can, they're easy to control. They're like toys Whatever the Chinese want, the Bidens' they're like, Oh yeah, we'll give that to you. Yeah. Yeah. Can you pay us 30 million? That's okay. Yeah. Yeah. But we'll give you whatever you want.

[00:49:50] The idiocy, the idiocrasy of the Biden, Clinton, Obama, Bush.

[00:49:56] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah.

[00:49:57] David Avocado Wolfe: The idiocrasy and the [00:50:00] treason is absolute and it's coming to an end. It is coming to an end. And so we need actually Trump with a landslide victory, because they're going to cheat. They're going to cheat it to the tune of 20 million ballots, maybe 30 million ballots.

[00:50:14] Biden can't get a person to his rally, not a single person. It's empty. There is no fight. Trump's got hundreds of thousands. He can't get one. There's no fight. It's a ruse. It's a confidence game to try to make you believe it's close. It isn't close. The cheating makes it close.

[00:50:33] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I saw a great photo of him getting off a plane and turning to wave and there was no one there. He was waving at empty... a field, it's just brilliant.

[00:50:43] David Avocado Wolfe: It's so bad and it's right out of the Hillary Clinton playbook of 2016. No one's showing up to those rallies. There's no one there. It's all fake. The whole thing is a ruse. No one's voting for Biden. It's a hundred [00:51:00] percent fake. They've got their core, little democratic constituents. Maybe that's 20% of the population that vote Democrat, no matter what, across the board, maybe it's 25% of the population and the rest is stealing and cheating.

[00:51:10] Brendan D. Murphy: Yep. Yep. Yep. Yeah. I mean, they have to manufacture the fake support so that when they rig the election and it's close people are like, "Oh, he had all that support."

[00:51:21] David Avocado Wolfe: Yup. You got, you hit their playbook exactly. They have to make it. They have to give the illusion. Actually, this guy's a demented old man, probably a pedophile, has a history of crazy levels of corruption, is really a dumb, dumb, is easy to extort.

[00:51:37] He's not, he's a nothing. He's an absolute front man piece of garbage and he deserves what he's going to get. He deserves what he's gonna get. And I hope he goes to the gallows because what they got him on with US seal team six is treason. And treason is public execution in America. And I want to see it.

[00:51:56] I want to see it. I'm sick of this milk toast. "Oh, we [00:52:00] don't want to screw up this system and we don't want to talk about China that way. They might get mad at us."

[00:52:06] Who are these people I've never seen such cowardice in my life.

[00:52:54] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. and I'd like to see, we need to make an example of someone. I don't care who it is, whether it's Biden or Hillary or one of these treasonous pieces [00:53:00] of work so that, you know, it sets a precedent and example, in terms of starting to turn this

thing around, I mean, it's so overdue, [00:54:00] brother.

[00:55:06] [00:55:00] David. this whole circus, where's it all going. I mean, just wrap it up for us. What do you need to get off your chest? What do you want people to hear?

[00:55:15] Look, David Avocado Wolfe: I went through almost every issue there is on the table and I disagree with Trump on almost every issue, but I disagree with Biden on every single issue. And Trump is an outsider and they hate him for that because he's exposing their crime spree.

[00:55:28] He's actually a thorn in their side that could destroy them. That could destroy all of them. And that's why he must be put back, reelected. He's gotta be put back in there so we can stop the sex trafficking and child trafficking that the Clinton, the Obamas and the Bidens are all involved in it. Just recently this Hunter Biden thing, all of a sudden, there's the connections right there to sex trafficking and child trafficking, through those pornographers or whatever in Russia, whatever that piece of that story was.

[00:55:57] This father figure that Trump is, is [00:56:00] exactly what the cowardly kind of sociopath socialist communist Marxist group can't deal with. They can't deal with a strong male figure cause they didn't have a father in the home, so they don't know what to do with it.

[00:56:13] They can't handle it, but they're going to have to take it. They're going to have to take it instead of cowering. And just more and more absurdities of the Biden extortion racket, where they're getting extorted by the Chinese, but the Chinese are like, "just give you $30 million anyway. I will give you this, you know, if you don't do what we say, and then we're going to ruin you."

[00:56:32] That's what we've been dealing with. And the treachery and treason against seal team six and what they've done to the U S military and veterans is just insane. It is insane. And Trump is there and he's like, "We're not doing it." Now again, I don't agree with every call he makes, but I'd rather have his call than anybody else's call for sure.

[00:56:51] I'd way rather have him in there than anybody else.

[00:56:53] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah.

[00:56:54] David Avocado Wolfe: And so we support him and I don't care if these left wing socialist communists... they're wearing a [00:57:00] mask. They're getting injected soon. They're done. They're kaput. They were too dumb to figure it out. So they're going to be recycled and that's what's going to happen to them. They will not survive the vaccine that's coming.

[00:57:12] Brendan D. Murphy: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:57:12] I call it the quack-ccine.

[00:57:15] I like that. And I like that. I mean, that's a great note to wrap up on. I'd love to let you just keep going, David, but, maybe it'd be great to chat post-election when you can unleash on how things are going in the post-election terrain and tell us what the David Wolfe take on things is at that point in time.

[00:57:36] But in the meantime, man, let's give people a link. What's the link to give to people, to send them to keep up with you ?

[00:57:43] David Avocado Wolfe: I really love Telegram. I've been on Telegram for years and Telegram messenger is in the top 10 apps in the world. And you can find me at David Avocado Wolfe on Telegram messenger, or you can find it at t.me/davidavocadowolfe.

[00:57:57] And that will take you right there to my page and join my telegram

[00:58:00] newsfeed. That's why I know what I'm talking about. I've been posting on it for every single day for the whole year. I mean, I've been at that site daily all day long for a year. So there's no corruption story that's escaped my eyes.

[00:58:15] There's no part of this COVID, hanging by a string absurdity that has not been reviewed by me. I've seen it all. I've been through every article, so just hang in there with me and you'll get right up to speed if you are on my Telegram page.

[00:58:30] Brendan D. Murphy: Boom. There you go. Ladies and gents, I can vouch for that. He's relentless on that thing. So with that said, David Avocado Wolfe, mate I've thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you. And, yeah, you take care and keep doing what you're doing, man. I love it. So we'll chat again soon. Thanks for joining us on Truthiverse. Awesome, man.

[00:58:45] Have the best day ever.

[00:58:48] You too. Thank you. [00:59:00]

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