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Dr. Robert O. Young interview The True Cause of Covid-19 Revealed

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Over the past two and a half decades, Robert O. Young has been widely recognised as one of the top research and clinical scientists in the World. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. Having a specialty in cellular nutrition, biochemistry and microbiology, Dr. Young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of “disease,” subsequently developing “The New Biology™” to help people balance their life.

In 1994, Dr. Young discovered the biological transformation of red blood cells into bacteria and bacteria to red blood cells. He has since documented several such transformations.

You'll Learn

  • Why hydroxychloroquine REALLY works on coronavirus patients
  • What Robert saw emerge from a red blood cell in 1994
  • Why the mainstream medical paradigm is SO outdated
  • What happens to blood cells under stress
  • Why pH is the key to vibrant health (and illness)
  • What really causes the “covid-19” symptomology
  • How to heal almost any condition simply and easily

…and much, much more.

This has to be one of the most important conversations I’ve ever had and I’m sure you’ll agree when you see it.

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EPISODE 6: Robert Young ALL Video Edited

[00:00:00] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to the Truthiverse podcast. I am Brendan D Murphy, your host, and we are on HealthyLife.net radio. This week. I'm joined by Dr. Robert Young, one of the most, I guess, persecuted medical practitioners in history. Probably. Let me, without further ado, let me welcome you on Dr. Robert. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me.

[00:00:21]Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:00:21] Yeah, well, being persecuted or prosecuted seems to run in our family and through generations. So, it's something I guess generational has happened is my great, great grandfather who settled most of the Western part of the United States, Brigham Young to the first person who was, literally hung for practicing herbology and witchcraft, Alice Young was the first, person convicted and prosecuted for witchcraft in not the state of Massachusetts, but the state of [00:01:00] Connecticut. So, it kinda runs in the family, but it definitely wasn't a prosecution. It was a persecution and to develop headlines to discredit much of the work that I've been engaged in for the last 40 years.

[00:01:19] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:01:19] Yeah. And you you've been in this realm of for 40 years, you're on the forefront of a number of, I guess, a number of key areas. You're a pioneer in understanding the importance of pH in regards to health, for example. What is your sort of general background for people who don't already know you?

[00:01:37] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:01:37] Well, I have education and background as an expert in human biology, and physiology in anatomy. One of my doctorates is in biochemistry. Also, I studied Naturopathy. And, also studied, hematology, but most of my work has [00:02:00] been in hematology, in blood work and really on the forefront of studying the effects of what we eat, what we drink, what we think, what we feel, what we believe, both the multidimensional aspects of life, both the physicality, the emotionality, the mental aspect, even the spiritual aspects and how it affects the most important organ of the human body. And that's the blood where life begins.

[00:02:29] Mohammad, who said, don't you understand, proposed the question that you were created out of one drop of blood? And that all life begins and ends with the health of this flowing, living, organ, the blood. Even, Antoine Bechamp, who wrote the book, Les Microzymas who, over a hundred plus years ago said that the living indestructible matter, the third anatomical element is this small being, [00:03:00] an intelligent being, which he named the microzyma, which is not subject to destruction. It cannot be created nor be destroyed. And yet it's what every living thing is made from. Every plant, every human, every animal is made up of the same material. And what makes us uniquely different. Is that, that soul, that spirit, that inhabits that tabernacle of clay that makes us uniquely different.

[00:03:28] We have biochemistry, which is one of my doctorates. I studied in my dissertation was on pathological blood coagulation. And at the time it was just asking a question, why is the blood coagulating inside the blood vessels? And yet that same question is pertinent today. Why are people going into pathological blood coagulation and literally choking for oxygen and dying?

[00:03:57] And then somehow that's related to [00:04:00] some phantom, invisible, non detected, you know, virus, that is causing the so-called pandemic. When in reality, it really goes back to the context on the health of the internal fluids of the body. And so there's really two theories here.

[00:04:17] There's the germ theory, the germs invade the body that causes disease. And the other theory is the terrain - that germs are borne out of a polluted environment. And so when we see bacteria and yeast, it's not that they're not there, but it's a representation of cellular breakdown, not the cause of it, but the fact that it's in a polluted environment.

[00:04:39] We've all seen the effects of air pollution. I mean, you just have to look at Wuhan, you know, Google it, put "air pollution in Wuhan" and look at that city. I mean, and if you're breathing that, do you understand you're breathing in cyanide? That these people are being poisoned with cyanide, which [00:05:00] is nitrogen oxide? These are pollutants that are being generated from fracking and other factories that are generating tremendous amount of pollution. And then you, on top of that, you have people on top of people. And to somehow, you know, justify some of this, we have to tell a story that has no scientific basis or create some drama around a virus, which has not been scientifically identified by Koch's postulates.

[00:05:34] I mean, it'd be one thing if you had isolated the virus, or the bacteria, or the yeast, or the mould, and then once you've isolated it, you cultured it and created the same conditions that were found in the first specimen, the first human, the first animal, except that's never even been done with HIV.

[00:05:54] So there's no correlation between AIDS and it's contributing factors. [00:06:00] People die from immune deficiencies, but what's causing them? So what do we do? Do we support a theory that's based upon a feeling, based upon a belief? Is science now become a religion that we worship and pray to?

[00:06:21] And that we have the virologist gods out there, you know, that every year are espousing some phantom virus for the latest cause rather than looking at, with Zika was the last one. And it wasn't like the world knew this, but it was simple caused by a pesticide, an insecticide, an herbicide, called glyphosate.

[00:06:53] Zika is chemical poisoning. It's not a virus. In fact, I don't know if you know this or not, but the [00:07:00] Latin word for virus means poison. People are being chemically poisoned by air pollution. They're being poisoned by radiation. You know, we cannot ignore the fact now that electromagnetic frequencies and pulsating frequencies at 60 gigahertz punches holes into the membranes of the cells, destroys the hemoglobin, which then leads to hypoxia, that leads to pathological blood coagulatithat leads to the alarming situation of megakaryocytes, which produce platelets. And we see clotting factors throughout every organ and organ system. And blood has to go in single file into the lungs to pick up its oxygen. [00:08:00] It's just the way it is.

[00:08:02]You may not know this, but blood has to go into the pulmonary capillary single file. They can't go in groups. The opening is smaller than the blood cell itself. So when blood collects carbon dioxide, it has to go into the capillary, via the pulmonary capillaries, to drop its carbon dioxide off and pick up new oxygen.

[00:08:27] Well, it can't do that if the blood is all coagulated together and these factors of coagulation are actually activated when you have a condition, a contributing factor, that could be a vaccination that introduces GMO DNA, RNA from animal or human, chemical poisoning from aluminum oxide.

[00:08:57] These all cause disturbances within [00:09:00] the environment and the environment is not just the blood, but it's also the interstitial fluid. So it becomes a very challenging situation. This is what pathological blood coagulation looks like. This is using phase contrast microscopy. You can see these fibrous material, these fibers are formed, they are clotting proteins that are formed when there's injury to the blood vessel wall.

[00:09:30]Or if there's injury to an organ or a tissue they'll form to form a clot so that you don't bleed to death internally. But if this is happening inside the blood vessel, which is happening in every case, every autopsy that's been done, there's clots in these COVID patients throughout the entire body.

[00:09:50] The question is what's causing the blood to go into what is called DIC, Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation or pathological blood coagulation. The [00:10:00] cause is chemical poisoning. The chemical poisoning is coming from the food we're eating. It's coming from the water we're drinking. It's coming from the air that we're breathing. And when you combine that with other contributing factors like electronic magnetic pulsating frequencies, you've actually created, in some of the concentrated cities, or the epicenters where these problems have been showing up in Milan, in Madrid, in Wuhan, China, in New York City, and Los Angeles, you can kind of put the pieces of the puzzle together.

[00:10:43] And so we're not fighting a virus. We're actually fighting a condition that is the body in defense, in an alarming situation, trying to protect itself from sudden death and from internal [00:11:00] bleeding. And, so it forms these clots because it can't go in to the lungs to drop off single file. It's stuck. If it's like this, it can't go into the capillary pools. You can't go. And so it forms a clot, forming an embolism, that then causes this dry cough.

[00:11:21] So when you look at the symptoms of COVID, which is a fever, what's the body doing? The fever is created as a symptom to remove metabolic dietary respiratory waste out through the pores of the skin. So it's creating a fever in order to remove poisons in the interstitial fluids, which are the fluids that surround the cell, and the poisons that are being dumped there from the body cells and from the blood to try to purify itself.

[00:11:51] It doesn't do it if that backs up. And what happens in the vascular system, clots form, and then the blood can't get in to [00:12:00] remove its own waste. And we go into hypercapnia, which is carbon dioxide poisoning.

[00:12:09] Now just recently, Dr. Galina Migalko and myself, we discovered by testing the largest organ of the body. It's the interstitium. Have you heard about the interstitium?

[00:12:20] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:12:20] Yes. I've heard you talk about it, yes.

[00:12:23] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:12:23] The interstitium is the largest organ of the human body. It contains a body of water that makes up 80% of the extra cellular fluids, which 20% is the blood. We're testing a hundred percent of the extra cellular fluids to understand what's going on.

[00:12:38] Guess what we found from those who are, who are washing their hands in antiseptic lotions, potions, and other things? We're finding ethanol, isopropylene, and ethanol alcohol poisoning in the interstitial fluids and in the blood. Which is causing de-compensated acidosis. [00:13:00] So what you have is you have, I got to wash my hands, but I'm washing my hands and at the same time, I'm poisoning myself. So ethanol alcohol, they use it here in California. It represents 10 to 15%. of the fuel that you put in your car. Nobody would wash their hands with petrol. Okay. And yet, no, one's reading the labels and all of these antiseptic cleansers are actually toxic to the body and also a contributing factor to lowering the pH of the interstitial fluids, which is causing cellular breakdown, genetic mutation. And if this spills over to the blood, then it's causing cellular breakdown and the Corona effect and the Corona effect. I don't know if you've seen what that looks like. Let's see if I can find it.

[00:14:00] [00:13:59] There it is. This is in the vascular system. There's the NABI. You can see that you can see the NABI. You can see the germs are born out of the cell. This is endogenously created. And then we start talking about exosomes as if they're the virus, and yet they're be released in this alarming situation to try to activate the clotting factors so you don't end up bleeding to death. And so the exosomes by association get blamed, and then we have another doctor saying, well, you know, the exosome is really the virus, and the exosome, and then you look at the picture of HIV and COVID, and they're identical.

[00:14:46] So, it becomes very, very confusing. And so now what you're doing is because there is no hard scientific evidence of the existence of a virus. There's just the effects of what may be [00:15:00] caused by a virus. We really don't get to the true causes and rather than looking at incidences, we look at cases.

[00:15:08] So we go out and test, we do an antibody test. We do an RTPCR test,a DNA test, and yet they don't directly identify anything. Other than you have antibodies against what? Maybe you drank too much alcohol the night before. Maybe you had an argument with your spouse. Maybe you washed your hands with ethanol alcohol. Maybe you were wearing the mask, which caused some oxygen deprivation. And so the antibodies come up because the cells are breaking down. But this is what blood looks like. I call it the Corona effect by that picture, that picture I took in 1989.

[00:15:54] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:15:54] Wow.

[00:15:56] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:15:56] Okay. But, so you know, it's something that's not unique. [00:16:00] It's just like, okay, well, who's going to prove the negative on this? I mean, how can you prove the existence of something that causes something that doesn't exist or is invisible, or has not been identified using this, the gold standard, the scientific method?

[00:16:18] So, when you look at blood and you see these effects going on, and then you realize that this is what healthy blood looks like. It's rounded, symmetrical, even in color, even in shape. And then you look at someone who has been exposed to these contributing factors of radiation and chemical poisoning from various sources; could have been a vaccination, it could be air pollution. It's a combination of things that's actually led to these activations of clotting factors causing hypoxia and pathological blood coagulation. And, Dr. [00:17:00] Galina Migalko and myself, we published a paper on this, just this month. It was the first part of this month, on the pathology of COVID on the pathology of SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, because there is no pathology, it's just a syndrome with an unknown etiology.

[00:17:21] But see, it ties right back to when you look at the autopsies of those who unfortunately have passed from this so-called infection. There is no infection. It's an "outfection". It's not coming from the outside world. The outside world can only contribute. It cannot cause any specific disease. And then when you're naming diseases, which are in reality symptoms, and you're saying, oh, a fever, a cough, fatigue, poor circulation to the extremities, lightheaded, dizziness. These are all symptoms of hypoxia and pathological blood coagulation that's caused by specific [00:18:00] chemicals or exposure to specific fields of radiation in combination or received the vaccine that contains these chemical poisonings and artifacts of animal and human matter.

[00:18:13] This is what creates this alarming situation. It's great for population control. If you do this en masse, but it doesn't save anybody. So there's been this huge pushback on hydroxychloroquine because hydroxychloroquine increases the alkalinity of the cell and then preserves the integrity of all of its mechanics.

[00:18:38] You know, if I had 20 people that were diagnosed with this phantom virus, whatever it is, HIV, Ebola, Zika, SARS, whatever, SARS is just the acronym for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome associated with COVID-2 and [00:19:00] COVID-19, it's just, they're just repackaging for marketing purposes.

[00:19:04] But the bottom line is, is if I had 20 people that were diagnosed with pathological blood coagulation - which I believe is caused by and what I'm not just believing, I'm demonstrating and publishing and giving the evidence, the efficacy of the pathology of this - 19 would die from fear. One would die from the causes of this. But when you look at the treatments, you know, when you're dealing with a ventilator, that's actually trying to put oxygen back into the lungs, when the blood can't even get there to pick it up.

[00:19:43]In any acid, for example, what you're looking at this middle picture. If you see it, you're looking at a green crystal .You're seeing citric and lactic acid crystals. In every case, every case of cancer, in every case of any [00:20:00] degenerative disease or infectious, you have high levels of lactic acid and citric acid poisoning.

[00:20:07] And we have the crystals. And they can be biochemically tested and analyzed. So, we can take and look at them, anatomically using, using electron microscopy, using phase contrast, brightfield microscopy, we can actually see these things and this is what's happening. So people people know what kidney stones are, but these are blood stones.

[00:20:34] And it's a defensive mechanism to literally chelate this waste, that's not being properly eliminated because the waste goes from the cell or from the blood to the interstitial fluids, which acts like a septic tank. And from there to the lymphatic system, to be relieved out of the four channels of elimination. For men, it's urination, perspiration, defecation, or respiration. For women, it's urination, perspiration, defecation, [00:21:00] respiration, and menstruation. It's why women live longer, they have five or elimination passages. Men have four.

[00:21:09] But if we get down to the cellular and molecular level, and we start looking at this, it's quite obvious that we're dealing with an outfection, not an infection. That all of this is created within.

[00:21:24] And so what is the cause? The cause is simply an over acidification of the blood, then the interstitial fluids, due to an inverted way of living, due to an inverted way of eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, feeling, and believing.

[00:21:40] In other words, the cause is a reflection of what we're doing. It's our personal choices, where we live, you know, how much time we spend on the computer, on a cell phone, exposing ourselves to harmful radiation.

[00:22:00] [00:22:00] Regardless, there's 23,000 scientists out there that have associated and written multiple articles, including myself, about not just 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, 1G. And of course, cell phone radiation, wifi radiation, you know, the internet of things. I mean, we're going into a whole era that could lead to the extinction of the human race and I'm not exaggerating. We're just at the tip of the iceberg in seeing what the potential of this is.

[00:22:38] And, you know you're being affected if you get this hollow feeling in your head, if your hands are cold, your feet are cold. If you become lightheaded and dizzy when you walk into a field of energy. We feel that for anyone that's taken an international flight and I've been in a plane, surrounded an electromagnetic field of pollution at over [00:23:00] 150 milligals.

[00:23:02] Even up to 300 milligals, a magnetic field that's literally destroying our bodies. And so that's why we walk off the plane tired. It doesn't matter if you're in first class or you're in coach. Everybody walks off the plane feeling like they just went through something very challenging. And that's because of radiation poisoning.

[00:23:24] And now we're talking about electric cars, they're putting out over 150 to 200 milligals, and people are saying, are they healthy? They don't put out visible pollution, they put out electrical magnetic pollution, which is actually more harmful than the carbon monoxide that we're all concerned about. I mean, something is seriously wrong. And, what is the outcome of this? All you have to do is follow the money, and who are the bad actors that are, that are involved in all of this and what is their [00:24:00] outcome? Follow the money.

[00:24:03] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:24:03] As far as the coronavirus, you know, fake pandemic goes, I mean, what's your take on the the money trail and who's orchestrating this? I mean, we see Bill Gates as the sort of front man of it, but what's your perspective on it?

[00:24:17] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:24:17] Well, you have a group of bad actors and we all know who they are. They're very powerful people. They're in high positions and they have their etiology of what society should be like, and it's out of their own mouth. They've already spoken. They've already stated mandatory vaccinations for all. They've already stated that there's too many people living on the planet. They've already said that the planet needs to be reduced in its surplus population because it's not sustainable. Well, who gets to decide that? Who gets to decide [00:25:00] whether I have a vaccine or not?

[00:25:02] I thought, wait a minute, this is my body. This is my life. This is my choice. If I don't want to choose well, geez, who decided that without any scientific evidence that I have to stand away from people that I love and care about, or even friends or neighbors, I have to distance myself by six feet? And where's the scientific research behind that?. It's coming from the same bad actors. Who's putting a mask on it and what does it represent? The last time I had a mask on was at a masquerade because that's what's going on. This is a mass masquerade. It's serious. Because what are we trying to defend ourselves from? Some infectious condition or some germ that has not been scientifically identified or isolated or cultured? Why are we wearing the mask? What's the intention?

[00:25:57] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:25:57] The way you see it. Robert, we are [00:26:00] either creating disease or we are creating health pretty much. That's what I've gathered from you. And it's based on our personal day to day choices.

[00:26:07] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:26:07] Yeah, we are the authors of our health and fitness. I mean, if you want to understand sickness and disease, you don't study sickness and disease, you study people that are healthy. That's what I've done all my life. As an amateur and professional athlete, I was always looking for the edge. How do I perform at a higher level in order to compete at that particular level and win? Because it was about winning, when you're dealing with sport.

[00:26:36] So I took personal responsibility. If I wasn't performing, you know, I, he needed to look at my skillset and improve on that, or look at things that I could do. So I was taking nutritional supplements in the sixties, and I was drinking alkaline water and putting salt in it in the sixties. Thinking, this is what the edge is.

[00:26:57] And so the edge has changed [00:27:00] dramatically. For Lance Armstrong, his was blood doping, take the blood out, you know, put the blood back in when I have to climb up a mountain. So I have more red blood cells to carry more oxygen and remove more carbon dioxide and move my hemoglobin from 15 up to 17 or 18. Exponentially, having more red blood cells was something that you can do, having worked with the Olympic team, having worked with professional athletes.

[00:27:32] Why does Tom Brady perform the way he performs at the age of 42? Is he smoking? Is he drinking? No. Is he eating foods that are laced with glyphosate? Is he aware of the alkaline lifestyle and diet and managing the pH of the internal fluids of the body? Absolutely. Because that's where true immunity begins. It comes with accepting the fact [00:28:00] taking personal responsibility for your life choices.

[00:28:03] Everyone knows that if you smoke, you get lung cancer. Do you associate drinking alcohol with liver cancer or pancreatic cancer or the increase of breast cancer in women? We know these things. We also know that sugar is a contributing factor to sickness and disease. So we have to look at our own life and take personal responsibility, what we're eating, what we're drinking, and what we're breathing as well as what we're thinking, because 80% of heart attacks are caused by thought attacks.

[00:28:38]So we're in our heads and we're looping this, and guess what, when you're thinking about something over and over and over again, and you can't rest, you don't get adequate sleep. You can't remove the acids from your brain through the glymphatic system, then you realize that acid's going to build up. And where does it build up?

[00:28:56] It builds up in the compartments of the interstitial fluids of the [00:29:00] interstitium. And if it's not eliminated, it goes into the breast tissue. It goes into the fatty tissues, the brain, the breast, it goes away from the organs to sustain life. So breast cancer is not a genetic.

[00:29:13] 95% of all sickness of disease is caused by what you eat, what you drink, what you think and what you breathe. 95%. The other 5% is genetic, which is triggered by the epigenetic. So now we're back to what you eat, what you drink, what you think and what you breathe, because genetics is sensitive to its environment.

[00:29:35] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:29:35] Yeah.

[00:29:36] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:29:36] Isn't that what happens to our food? Why do you put food in the refrigerator?

[00:29:42] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:29:42] Make it last longer?

[00:29:44] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:29:44] Why do you put alkalinity into your body?

[00:29:47] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:29:47] The same exact reason.

[00:29:48] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:29:48] Same exact reason. So, when you understand that those who are performing at the highest level in sport, those who are healthy, and living a long, [00:30:00] healthy life with no sickness and disease, taking no medications. Which is not, which is not the plandemic approach, you know, to making people eternally, or at least in their life subject to having to take hypertension, medications or diabetic medications when disease is 100% treatable and curable, if we just take personal responsibility for our lifestyle and dietary choices.

[00:30:30] And so this, once this happens, and people can get angry at this, saying, "No, no, no, this is genetic. No, no, this is not my fault." No, no, that's an excuse.

[00:30:41] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:30:41] Yeah. It's a cop out.

[00:30:42] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:30:42] That's an excuse. So, once you're ready to look at your life and look at what healthy people are doing to stay healthy, that are exercising and every day that are, that are stretching, that are doing breathing exercises, [00:31:00] that are engaged in healthy activities, that are eating the right kind of foods, that are staying away from, inorganic foods, eating organic, staying away from insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, living outside of the cities because they don't want to be in the radiation and the chemical soup.

[00:31:21] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:31:21] Yep. It seems to me that, I mean, certainly from the perspective of the social engineers, the concept of the virus, this invading entity in this warfare model of health, it's such a great way for people to abrogate their personal responsibility.

[00:31:35] Right. You know, we can just blame it on this, this thing that's out of our control. And then we don't have to worry about what we drink, what we think and all the rest of it. So it's a big shift in mindset and the medical system doesn't want us to make it.

[00:31:50] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:31:50] No, because it's not good for business. It's not good for business. And I knew this on a personal level, when one of my books, Sick And Tired, [00:32:00] was used as a textbook at the Morehouse College. The largest African American college in the United States, in Atlanta, Georgia Morehouse at the School of Medicine was teaching a course, and my textbook was the course material.

[00:32:16] That course lasted one year. The reason it was ended because it didn't fold into the narrative of what the pharmaceutical companies want, who actually are the major donors to the university. And so it was discontinued because of loss of funding from those who were funding the education and the curriculum that's being taught at the School of Medicine. And so a lot of these ideas aren't getting in.

[00:32:45] I experienced that with President Obama when I was asked to come into the White House and share alternative aspects for Obamacare to incorporate alternative [00:33:00] as a choice to conventional. And that was written in and taken out.

[00:33:07] And it was taken out by those bad actors and players who control the medical industry, and it's worldwide. And it's throughout every university. Every university. I experienced that at Stanford. I experienced that at USC, when we were doing a study with one of the top scientists at USC, Dr. Andy Gale, and we had funded a two year study on the cure for cancer, of which we proved.

[00:33:36] And it was presented and it was rejected, not because of the merits of what we found - that there is a cure for cancer - but it was rejected because the cost of treatment was only $800 per treatment versus today's treatment, which is running around $15,000 to $20,000 for treatment. It was not economically viable [00:34:00] to announce a cure for cancer when there was so much to lose.

[00:34:07] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:34:07] Absolutely. Multi billions of dollars in that industry.

[00:34:10] We are talking terrain theory and pleomorphism. If we can dive into that, Robert I'd love to, I think it's so foundational. People need to grasp this and it's slowly trickling out, but I think we can speed it up a bit.

[00:34:22] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:34:22] Yeah. Well, the last words on the deathbed of Louis Pasteur was a deathbed confession, where he actually confessed that he was wrong. That Antoine Bechamp was right. That the germ is nothing. The terrain is everything.

[00:34:37] And, what that really represents is the metaphor, which I've written in my book called The PH Miracle, which was published in 2000, 2001, and the revised edition, which is 80% new information in 2010. Which has sold over 10 million books worldwide in 29 different languages. This [00:35:00] book presents a very simple metaphor. It starts out with this question, if the fish is sick, what would you do? I'll ask you this question. What would you do?

[00:35:10] Would you treat the fish or would you change the water?

[00:35:14] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:35:14] I'm personally, I'm a water changing kind of guy.

[00:35:16] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:35:16] Okay. So, Good. Good answer. And, the second question is what would your doctor do?

[00:35:23] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:35:23] He would definitely try to vaccinate him.

[00:35:25] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:35:25] Okay. So the treatment would be towards the fish. So the fish, would you agree, especially those that are living in the South Pacific, where the coral reefs are being destroyed by what? Chemical poisoning. From what? Air pollution. From what? Carbon monoxide. Okay, so here again, you see the skeletal system of the oceans being broken down. It's an environmental problem. Every marine biologist knows this, if there's a drop in the pH of the ocean goes from 8.3 to 8.2, there's serious devastation [00:36:00] because every drop is the power exponentially to the power of 10. So it's totally significant. And the reason why we see marine life being destroyed. And now we're seeing, of course, the result of that with whales or dolphins beached, and people are scratching their head. How could this happen? When we're just literally pouring pollution in the ocean.

[00:36:27] So, the terrain theory versus the germ is that germs don't cause disease. Pasteur said, "Yes, germs do, they infect our body and they cause disease." So we're, we're still in that modality. And I'm trying to break this or dismantled this theory because it's totally incorrect. Germs are the symptoms of cellular breakdown that are a result of a polluted environment.

[00:36:55] So the answer is correct. If you change the water, or if you maintain the [00:37:00] integrity of the swimming pool of the ocean, of your back yard swimming pool, if you have someone caring for that, cleanliness is the key. Managing, maintaining the biochemistry, the delicate pH balance of those fluids is key. The fish are only as healthy as the water they swim in.

[00:37:17] The human cells, which are swimming in interstitial fluid are only as healthy as those fluids. And the Corona effect is a condition of those fluids, not from an infection, but they're expressing on the membranes, the deterioration and the DNA, the DNA degeneration is related to that environment.

[00:37:43] So disease is coming from the inside out due to a polluted environment. And so the way to the future doesn't involve the petrochemical companies. It doesn't involve them because it's not about killing [00:38:00] a germ. It's not by taking an antibiotic and killing that germ. It's about changing the environment.

[00:38:06] So either A - you prevent the production of cellular breakdown and what is called pleomorphism or the generation of germs, which are born out of the cell. As in 1994, I discovered the birth of anthrax out of a red blood cell. It's literally these rod forms are being born or mycoplasma being born out of membranes.

[00:38:29] Now we're talking about exosomes, which are coming out of the cell in the form of a protective nature, to activate the clotting factors, so we don't bleed internally. This is a result of pollution, and the solution to the pollution is to alkalize and energize our body and manage and maintain the delicate pH balance of the internal fluids, open up the channels of elimination.

[00:38:56] And this information in the last 40 years I have [00:39:00] 3000 published articles, and some of them are in peer reviewed scientific journals. You can go to the blog, you can see the last hundred and fifty articles that I've written and published on the Corona Effect. I call it an effect because it's what's happening to the membranes, not because of an infection, but because of a polluted environment.

[00:39:22] So, pleomorphism is in dichotomoy to the Pasteurian theory, which is monomorphism or one-form-ism, "there's a specific germ that causes specific disease, even though it has not been scientifically validated." There are no specific germs, there's only specific disease symptomologies which give rise to symptomology as the body's trying to force eliminate through inducing a fever, the flu, or moving acids out through the orifices - that's diarrhea or a cold, runny nose, what have you. This is the body trying to purify itself. This is [00:40:00] not caused by a virus. This is a scientific illusion.

[00:40:05] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:40:05] I couldn't agree, more everything I've read, and I'm nowhere near as expert as you are, points in the same direction to the same conclusion. So as far as people in the day to day, what is it, you know, as we wrap up here, I've got to, I've got to wrap up, but what are a few tips that you can give people to continue to stay alkaline as opposed to acidified?

[00:40:26] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:40:26] Well, the best thing you can do is neutralize the hydrochloric acid in your stomach by drinking alkaline water at a pH of 10. Because hydrochloric acid is the waste product of the stomach producing sodium bicarbonate to maintain the blood and the interstitial pH. As well as to alkalize the food, which needs to be at a pH of 8.4 in a liquid state, to be able to biologically transform that into an embryonic stem cell, so it can produce new blood. Then that new blood then becomes the new body cells.

[00:40:53] Coming back to what Mohammad said, don't you get it that you were created, out of one drop of blood? [00:41:00] The quality of that blood can be preserved by maintaining the integrity. You do that with the number one alkaline salt that the body is constantly - specifically, the stomach - is producing. It's called sodium bicarbonate. But the byproduct of the stomach producing that, is a waste product, much like, but fire produces smoke. Sodium bicarbonate production produces a toxin called hydrochloric acid and it doesn't digest anything, it falls into the gastric pits away from the food. The food is alkalized by the stomach to prepare it, so it can be biologically transported.

[00:41:34] There are websites out there that sell this, like pHmiracleproducts.com that are selling alkalizing products, to understand how to build blood, how to, to maintain the integrity of the internal fluids. But you don't do that by taking probiotics. You don't do that by taking enzymes. You do this by alkalizing, an alkalyzing approach.

[00:41:55] Then, you have to look and read and you have to understand, and this [00:42:00] information is out there. I want you to be empowered by this information, and I want to put an end to worldwide suffering and pain.

[00:42:08] It breaks my heart to see people suffering, just because they lack the knowledge that has been being kept away away from the true virus, which is the media.

[00:42:19] This information should be viral. Everyone should know that something is inexpensive, non patentable, and as simple as taking sodium bicarbonate in water in an alkaline environment to try to restore alkalinity is something that anyone or everyone can do.

[00:42:38] This is coming back to our own personal sovereignty over our own bodies. And how we treat these bodies.

[00:42:46] Brendan D. Murphy: [00:42:46] Yeah. Yep. Now it's our chance to get out of collectivism and come back home and take responsibility as individuals. Dr. Robert Young, this has been fantastic. Thank you so much for your 40 years of dedicated, educational work and therapeutic work as well as a [00:43:00] doctor. I applaud it.

[00:43:01] So, there's plenty of scope for us to continue chatting, but in the meantime, have yourself an amazing day and rest of the week, and I look forward to chatting to you again in future.

[00:43:10] Dr. Robert O. Young: [00:43:10] All the best to you and all the best of health. And God bless you.

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