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Much has been said about “DNA activation” in New Age circles – but what does it all boil down to? Is there any substance behind the feel-good “high-vibe” rhetoric? What if there was a DNA activation modality grounded in leading-edge biology and physics that did justice to the spiritual ideal? In this episode of Truthiverse your intrepid host Brendan D. Murphy demystifies the DNA activation meme and cuts away the fluff to open the door to a new realm of what’s possible.

You'll Learn

  • What NDEs, UFO encounters and shamanism have in common
  • An evolutionary perspective on sound-healing
  • Why DNA activation is not just another healing modality
  • About a powerful, repeatable, and targeted method of altering your genetic expression
  • About the 3 primary eras of Western medicine and where we’re at on the leading edge
  • The next development beyond epi-genetics
  • The method Brendan used to upgrade his health and life

…and much, much more.

This exploration clarifies the concept and pragmatism of sound-based DNA activation, and how it takes us beyond reductionist healing modalities – and the outdated materialistic-genetic paradigm – into an evolutionary paradigm with wide open vistas of possibility for what human life could be.

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Truthiverse Episode 8 - DNA Activation

[00:00:48] [00:01:00] Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to Truthiverse. I am your host, Brendan D Murphy, and we are on Healthylife.net Radio. This week, we are talking about going beyond healing and evolving your life with DNA activation.

[00:01:36] Now some of what we're going to cover in this episode is going to include personal growth made easy, tapping into our potential. I'm going to talk about sound healing a little bit. We're going to talk about what DNA activation is and how it works. I'm going to share with you what the fragmentary body is, a little bit esoteric and why it matters.

[00:01:57] We'll touch on living an authentic life. We'll [00:02:00] talk about what being "spiritual" looks like. What holds us back, what keeps us down, keeps us playing small. I'm going to also introduce you to the three Eras of Medicine. And we'll get a quick mention in there of light encoded filaments, and hopefully haveatime to discuss ascension versus inscension.

[00:02:20] So, personal growth. I think we'd all like it to be a little bit easier. God knows that there are plenty of tools out there that are supposed to make personal growth easy, personal development, easy. And you know, I'm going to share one with you in particular this week, where I've had experience over the last about nine years with it now, and have found it very powerful and very potent in my own life and very potent in the lives of many of my clients.

[00:02:51] And I've found it very interesting to witness the shifts in people as they go through this process with me. So anyway, let's [00:03:00] give it a bit of context.

[00:03:01] Now we're talking about DNA activation. I'll explain what it is in a moment, but let's introduce the different Eras of Medicine. So we've, we're now in the, what we are calling Era Three of medicine, which is known as Meta-Genetics.

[00:03:16] And if we go back to Era Two, we find ourselves in the Epigenetic paradigm, which is not at all out of date. And Era One, of course, still exists. That is the basic foundational genetic paradigm, but we've been moving through this sort of chronological timeline in our journey of Western civilization.

[00:03:36] And this is predominantly a Western sort of take on things as you'll see. And in Era One, which is Genetics, we had this, this view of, you know, the body, it was body focused. It was materialistic. It was reductionistic. It was focused on physical power.

[00:03:53] It was an impersonal kind of paradigm based on the idea that, you know, we can't really do [00:04:00] anything much with our genetic expression.

[00:04:01] You're just stuck with what you get and, you know, sometimes things randomly go wrong and there's not much you can do about it. And so we left it, we left our genetic expression up to our subconscious mind, if you like. We weren't intentionally guiding things as such for the most part, it was basically an animalistic kind of paradigm focused strictly on the domain of matter.

[00:04:24] So, matter as the only supposed reality, and this paradigm was focused on coding DNA. That is the DNA that codes for the physical body to build the physical structure. This was a nature over nurture kind of paradigm. And as I said, or alluded to, it was a paradigm of genetic fatalism.

[00:04:48] And what happened gradually was through the 1940s and 50s, we started developing the foundations of epigenetics, which is moving now into recognizing the

[00:05:00] power of the mind in our physiology. And we started to acknowledge that thinking and particularly positive thinking has an impact on our health. And we started to harness that.

[00:05:13] And so now instead of a body-based paradigm and a subconscious mind or unconscious kind of a paradigm. now we're moving into the head and the brain and starting to utilize some intentionality and will. It was still a local paradigm as opposed to a non-local quantum paradigm. It was still a... we'd moved from an impersonal sort of viewpoint into a personal viewpoint - that his, acknowledging that you and I have the ability to change, at least to some extent, the physiology that we inhabit.

[00:05:44] Brendan D. Murphy: And, this was, rather than being animalistic, it was an individualist look at things. Now we've moved from the domain of of matter, you know, so-called sort of bricks and mortar. Mattee, the idea of atoms is these little billiard balls that bounce around colliding with each other [00:06:00] randomly.

[00:06:00] Now we're moving into the idea of utilizing light. And this is the realm of space-time. Here, we're now moving into proteins and focusing on cell membranes and understanding that cell membranes have an interaction with the environment, the external environment, and that we essentially are taking in information into ourselves from our external environment. So we're moving into the nurture paradigm here in Epigenetics.

[00:06:26] There's been some really good books written about it and about the ways, all the different things that can cause our physiology, our biology, our genetics to actually express differently and shift and change. You know, anything from changing from light to darkness, waking up in the morning, going to sleep, eating certain foods, pretty much everything we do creates a shift in our genetic expression epigenetically in some way, shape or form positive thoughts versus negative thoughts, you know?

[00:06:59] So [00:07:00] this was, now this was a paradigm in Era Two, where we're going from genetic fatalism, where we think we can't do anything about it, into understanding that we actually have a degree of self determinism, this was genetic self determinism.

[00:07:14] And then what started to happen and build on this epigenetic model was that we started to move into Era Three of medicine, which is where we are now, which is Meta-Genetics. So this is now the realm of so-called spirit, as opposed to mind, which was Era Two. And now we're moving into acknowledging the value and the power of positive feeling.

[00:07:36] So, not merely positive thinking, which we got in era to now our understanding positive feeling is a very powerful thing, and a very powerful force for building health, in the way that we would like to. And so this became a more heart-centric model. And it became non-local.

[00:07:59] So this [00:08:00] is the quantum model. This is from Era Two. We went from personal into Era Three, which was transpersonal, quantum non-locality, exploiting the non-locality inherent in the quantum field in which we are all immersed in which all information exists everywhere simultaneously, essentially in super position.

[00:08:20] And, now we're dealing with the so-called higher self, the superconscious mind, and rather than being individualistic, as we were in Era Two, we move into a unitarian kind of a perspective and paradigm and inside of this meta-genetic paradigm, we can acknowledge that things like distant healing, remote prayer, seencan actually have a positive impact on our biology.

[00:08:46] And we've actually seen that there have been many experiments done in the realm, in the scientific realm on this, with robust results. And it doesn't matter which deity you pray to, you will still get a result you can [00:09:00] create affects regardless of who your God, or what your God happens to be.

[00:09:07] And I detailed some of that in my first book, The Grand Illusion, so if you haven't checked that out and you're interested in this stuff, you probably want to do that, check it out. There's a lot of fascinating research in that.

[00:09:15] And so now we've moved from proteins and cell membranes into focusing more in Era Three, focusing more on potential DNA and non-coding DNA, so-called introns.

[00:09:27] So, coding DNA is known as exxons and noncoding introns. So that's where we are now in the meta-genetic paradigm. And this is essentially the view of intelligent design. This is a model essentially for want of a better term, we can call it intelligent design. And not because we're religious, but simply because we acknowledge that's the only way anything, it actually makes sense if you end up thinking things through to their logical conclusions. And so, this paradigm. This model here, Era Three [00:10:00] is based on consciousness as the substrate or foundation of reality itself.

[00:10:06] So that's a little bit of an overview of where we're going with this discussion. And in talking, particularly in talking about this so-called DNA activation, which we'll explain.

[00:10:18] What holds us back in life frequently is our addiction to what we know, our addiction to the familiar. And for the most part, we do this because we've simply were not aware or we're not uncomfortable enough to make a change.

[00:10:44] Humans are very good at staying where they are. We'd like to be comfortable, even if our comfort zone is actually really uncomfortable and it's quite traumatic or tormenting, we will tend to stick with it, as opposed to going and trying something else, trying something new and unfamiliar. [00:11:00] Because we like what we know. And we don't like what we don't know.

[00:11:03] And experiments have been done on this, on rats. Now rats that were kept enclosed in a cage where they were subjected to random electric shocks. They obviously they were, you know, stressed out and traumatized to some extent. And when they were given the opportunity to move into another area where they were not subjected to these random electric shocks.

[00:11:32] So it's, it's important. I think to understand that the shocks they were receiving were not timed periodically. They weren't regular, they were random, they were unpredictable.

[00:11:44] And when they were given the chance to go into another area where they were not going to be shocked, they found that they found the absence of the torment to be so distressing, so stressful that they would actually retreat [00:12:00] back into the area where they were getting shocked. It was like they just became so adapted and accustomed to receiving that particular kind of torment that the unknown and the unpredictable was actually even worse for them. And, humans are a lot like that.

[00:12:15] We tend to stick with what we know. We find the unknown very uncomfortable and often, you know, we, we avoid it to our own detriment and very, very frequently. So it's worth recognizing that, that habit, if you notice that in yourself, you can do something about it.

[00:12:32] And we have an addiction to our biochemistry. We have, and this has been elucidated quite well by Joe Dispenza, you know, he's talked about the way that our brain will generate a cocktail of chemicals, neurotransmitters, and what have you, peptides that get sent out into the body, into the bloodstream and connect up with the rest of the cells and our cells become adapted to this. They become adjusted and accustomed to it.

[00:12:57] And so your sort of day to day status quo [00:13:00] is something that you become essentially chemically addicted to. Chemically addicted to your own thoughts, your own feelings. Your pattern of being is actually, it becomes sort of a feedback loop and your cells want more of those, more of that chemistry. And so when you disrupt it, you feel very uncomfortable.

[00:13:18] And this is what happens when people go into, they try to make a change in their life and they feel very uncomfortable. And they're in this new space, a liminal space, and it's sort of like the rats going into the new cage where they're not getting shocked. Now they're in a liminal space. It's the unknown.

[00:13:31] They don't know what's coming next. And even though they're not getting electrical shocks they're actually finding it quite distressing. Humans are very much like this, so we get used to our chemistry and then when we try to, you know, for example, an alcoholic tries to quit drinking and a smoker and tries to quit smoking, you know, any kind of, if you've got a caffeine addiction, maybe you can, you can relate to this... we try to break the pattern and... It even applies, for example, to new business opportunities. You know, I operate in the entrepreneurial space [00:14:00] online and I've seen over the last three years, I've seen the way that humans come up with the most ingenious ways of sabotaging themselves and sabotaging a new opportunity.

[00:14:10] And you'll hear some interesting phrases like the all time classic, for example, "Oh, it just doesn't feel right." And usually what someone is saying to you when they make that statement is that their biochemistry has been altered because they've gone into a new space. They're thinking different thoughts, they're feeling different feelings, they're doing different behaviors and they're trying this new thing.

[00:14:33] And it's the liminal, the unknown, the unpredictable. It's different from what, from what their biology was established and used to. And they're not handling it very well. Their cells are going ballistic and screaming at them, "Hey, what have you done? Where's our, where's our normal biochemistry. Where's our normal peptide here. What are you doing?"

[00:14:53] And so people go, Oh, it just doesn't feel right. I'm getting out of here. And that has to do with something called the Emotional Cycle of Change, [00:15:00] which we'll talk about in another episode. I think it's very, very useful to understand that what's happening when you try something new in your life is actually your biology will resist you and you need to be aware of that when you go into it and you need to be able to work with that and work through it.

[00:15:16] Okay, we have a bit of an idea now it's civilization that anything worth doing is hard. And you know, that is often the case, but it doesn't have to always be the case. It doesn't have to be the case 100 percent of the time. I actually believe that personal growth and evolution can be easy. It can even be effortless certain times with the right approach.

[00:15:41] And that's one of the beautiful things about the DNA activation stuff, which I'll talk about. So just to clarify what I mean by personal growth and evolution is basically ,as humans, we are designed to change and develop and to adapt and to become better versions of ourselves.

[00:15:58] So the way I look at it is if you're not [00:16:00] growing, you're basically contracting or stagnating. So we're here to expand and grow and develop our consciousness, to access our potential and live that out, and manifest the full grandeur of what we are; who and what we are as multi-dimensional, omni beings.

[00:16:18] So imagine, you know, imagine what that might look like if you were to have anywhere near your full potential. I don't even know if that's...the term full potential might actually be meaningless. We may have such unlimited potential, but if you even got 50% of it, you know, your life would look radically different.

[00:16:34] And so that's one of the things of interest to me is helping people to do exactly that and, you know, get unstuck, feel like you're part of the universe and woven into it and therefore supported by it and make your life easier, make it unfold more synchronistically, more effortless, upgrade your consciousness as you upgrade your health, this kind of thing.

[00:16:55] And so we're going to look at this idea of "Mind At Large" and the [00:17:00] evolutionary direction that the collective consciousness and individual consciousnesses that make it up, make up the collective, is actually traveling in. So we have what we have as a formula here, which is basically the individual goes through an altered reality and a state of an altered state of consciousness, or they have an extraordinary experience that is outside of their established sort of bounds of familiarity.

[00:17:26] Now what happens after that is then we have to go through a period of integration and synthesis and make sense of that. We bring it into our identity, and it becomes part of us. Ultimately, the end result of that process is that we become a different person. We become a new person, if you like, a new human. And so we want to be doing this in a way that serves us.

[00:17:47] So we're going to talk about something called the fragmentary body. And I was, I mentioned earlier, something that, you know, this idea that we are really good at holding ourselves back and limiting ourselves. And one of the factors that plays into that [00:18:00] and feeds that and supports that dynamic is this thing called the Fragmentary Body, which I'm going to return to in a moment, I wanted to plant that seed.

[00:18:10] So we're going to deal with the Fragmentary Body using sound and intention. And this is to do with epigenetics and also meta-genetics, where we are exploiting the noncoding DNA, the very malleable non-coding DNA, or jumping genes in our biology, in our genome, to remodel ourselves and upgrade our health and consciousness.

[00:18:36] So we can actually use sound and intention to speak, to communicate with our genes. We can turn certain genes on, certain genes off, and it's about becoming an embodied human. That's why we utilize these modalities.

[00:18:52] I mean, there are a lot of different modalities to support personal development and growth out there and just countless, [00:19:00] countless, but there are very few that I feel like I can justify paying attention to or investing energy into.

[00:19:06] So I'm going to share one with you that has been the case where I have done

that and invested time and energy into it and seen some really interesting things.

[00:19:20] One of the keys to living our potential is activating or accessing the prefrontal lobe. This is the executive suite of the brain. This is the most highly evolved part of the brain. It's the most interconnected part of the brain. It has more connections to all the other parts of the brain than any other part of the brain does, if that makes sense.

[00:19:43] So this is where someone lives from if they are living a life of intentionality, they're living consciously with intent, they are lighting up their prefrontal lobe. This is the part of our brain that really makes us human and separates us from the [00:20:00] animal kingdom.

[00:20:01] And you know, this is where we get our sense of human from our creative thinking, our advanced thought processes and conceptual ideas and frameworks. It comes out of the prefrontal lobe.

[00:20:16] So I'm going to share with you a little bit more about the background of how I came into contact with the DNA activation scene and you know, how that came about, what it meant for me in my own life. Some of the effects I saw by doing this work on myself and you know, what it consists of as well.

[00:20:36] In [00:23:00] [00:22:00] [00:21:00] my case, this happened around the year 2010. At the time I was deep in the process of writing my first book, The Grand Illusion. I was very much immersed in it. I was living the life of a hermit reading, writing, reading, writing, basically anywhere 8 to 12 hours a day. And then most, most days I was also squeezing in a couple of hours on the guitar as well. [00:24:00] That was basically my life for about five years nonstop. And so, in the course of doing that, I found a book called Conscious Healing was actually very, very compelling.

[00:24:13] It was one of the more important books that I've come across. And the author was a guy in the U S called Sol Luckman, and he had developed a method for, you know, so-called DNA activation. Now his journey actually began as the result of a very severe, almost life threatening abreaction to a couple of vaccinations he got because he was going to go traveling and he got them on recommendation, doctor's recommendation, what have you, and had a very severe reaction. Became allergic to just about everything, ended up with chronic fatigue, had to sleep for 20 hours a day, couldn't eat basic vegetables, became allergic to almost everything.

[00:24:55] And he went to every specialist, every doctor, you know, he felt awful. He was in horrible condition [00:25:00] and just couldn't get out of it, couldn't find a way to heal the damage. And he tried all of the alternative people, you know, everything you could possibly think of under the sun and no one could really help him until he actually got a little bit of help through Qi Gong, which he found was useful if a building is energy levels back up.

[00:25:20] But he noticed that if he'd miss a day or two of practice, his energy would start to go downhill again, he'd start to crash. And so he realized that whatever the Qi Gong was doing, it was a good thing and it was supportive, but it wasn't getting into the roots where the damage was done. It wasn't undoing the foundational damage.

[00:25:38] So anyway, long story short, he, went through this 10 year journey of trying to find a solution. And the upshot of it was that he woke up with these codes, these sequences of vowels, of letters, that constituted, as I said, a code that he realized needed to be chanted and vocalized in a kind of [00:26:00] quasi-shamanic way.

[00:26:01] And he ultimately ended up pairing it with what we're calling the Solfeggio scale, Solfeggio tones, which is probably not historically quite accurate, but you know, that's how they're popularly known now. And he found that by doing this method, this chant with this particular sequence of vowels that showed up in his consciousness fully formed, that it triggered a very powerful, profound healing process.

[00:26:28] And not just the healing process that undid the damage, but that actually left him, brought him up to a higher octave of personal evolution if you like. And so I became friends with Sol. I've been friends with him ever since, and, you know, an advocate of his work and a supporter, and also a practitioner of this method, which he called the Regenetics Method.

[00:26:49] And so it was in September, 2011. I actually did the very first activation on myself. It's called Potentiation. And I saw immediate benefits. I noticed that my shoulders, which I'd had problems [00:27:00] with chronically for 12 years, chronic pain, discomfort for 12 years up to that point, you know, I couldn't lie on my side properly to sleep all that kind of stuff, immediate benefits there. They immediately started to, release the pain and they started to sort of almost, become more stable and solid in the joints.

[00:27:19] So that was the first time that I was on to something very powerful. And there were other things that flowed on as well, other benefits, which, you know, it's a journey that takes place over a period of months. And the whole timeline is actually a 27 month timeline, but there's only four activations that are spread through that timeline.

[00:27:38] So as I said, I saw immediate benefits and it really got my attention. I knew straight away that I have to share this with people and get it out. So, what I've done is I've taken the Regenetics Method in it and made it a foundation of what I have created and called Evolve Yourself, which is how I work with people with the DNA activation method.

[00:28:00] [00:28:00] And as I said earlier, it's been very interesting. So what none of us really are looking for is another thing that we need to add to our to do list. You know, we're all very busy. We don't really want to work any harder than we need to. Understandably, we don't need another distraction. We don't need another obligation or another burden. And what the genius and the brilliance of this method is, the core of it is that it's not like another practice that you've seen before. It's actually more akin to an initiatory event, an initiation experience because it has a transformational quality to it.

[00:28:37] Like, for example, a near death experience, or contact with a UFO, or beings inside of a UFO. And these are transformative experiences that leave people fundamentally altered and shifted. And actually, as it happens frequently, leave them with very interesting healing experiences.

[00:28:57] So it's a singularity, it's a one off [00:29:00] and it's not something we do every day. It's not something that takes time and energy every day. So it has an intelligence of its own. And we're working with the body's own natural systems and natural energies.

[00:29:09] And what this does is it changes our, if you like, our patterning on all of our levels. So physical level, the emotional level, mental level, spiritual level, and so on.

[00:29:25] So what we're really trying to do here in a sense, from a bigger picture perspective, is we as humans, we're trying to transcend our survival circuits.

[00:29:32] We're trying to live...we want to move into that prefrontal lobe of the brain and get it out of the lower brain centers, our animal circuits, if you like, and reprogram ourselves so that we can achieve a sort of neurocognitive liberation. This is also part of the process of becoming embodied adults, spiritualized embodied, conscious, aware adults.

[00:29:58] And so, [00:30:00] as I was saying earlier, we have highly malleable biology. 99% of our DNA turns out to be this junk DNA so-called junk DNA. And it's actually just non-coding DNA. So it's not building the physical proteins to create the physical structure of the body. About 50% of that junk is mobile; mobile genetic elements also known in layman's terms as jumping genes.

[00:30:24] And so these jumping genes can move around your DNA and rewrite and activate or deactivate certain codes.

[00:30:33] There's also a non-coding portion known as satellite DNA. And these are repeating sequences, which, by expanding, replicating, they increase the capacity of the DNA to carry information. And William Brown, who is a microbiologist believes that it is this part of the DNA that actually communicates with the so-called morphic field or what we could just say is the quantum field.

[00:33:51] [00:33:00] [00:32:00] [00:31:00] And I like this quote from Holly Dunsworth's book, Human Origins 101, where she says that, "The human genome has more non-coding DNA than any other animal known to date. At [00:34:00] least half of the non-coding sequence is made up of recognizable, repeated sequences. These repeats may provide some genomic wiggle room. That is long stretches of non-coding DNA provide a playground for evolution. It may be a huge selective advantage to have all that raw material available to mutate and either modify existing traits and behaviors or express new ones [altogether] ."

[00:34:23] So we are talking about potentially collectively becoming something that's more human than human. More human than we've known so far.

[00:34:32] And another microbiologist by the name of Colm Kelleher, who also has an interest in the paranormal, has done some interesting research into this domain. And he says the, "Transposons, [the jumping genes] are known to be engines of evolution, and they are the most plausible mechanism for initiating a rapid and large scale change in physical structure, even the emergence of a new species."

[00:34:54] So it would be what's called a "simultaneous transposition burst." He [00:35:00] also says that, "Similar mechanisms might be involved in a Kundalini experience."

[00:35:03] And we'll touch on Kundalini as well, because that's highly relevant to the idea of DNA activation, particularly with the form that I'm working with.

[00:35:16] Now, basically we are electrical beings. We are more electrical than chemical. And one of the things that this activation process does, the Regenetics Method is, it works with the reservoir of electrical charge that is stored at the base or near the base of the spine. Now, to the ancient Hindus, this was known as Kundalini.

[00:35:44] What Kundalini is, is just electrical charge. It's your bio-electricity. That's all it is. But Dan Winter, who takes quite a technical approach to this also says that, he describes it as, "Extreme charge density up the spine liquid [00:36:00] pump, which has a powerful microwave component."

[00:36:03] So it's a very interesting phenomenon that we've got there running through our spine, or supposedly running through our spine.

[00:36:10] Now, one of the problems we have is that our bio-electricity is not actually circulating the way that it should as fully as it should, as completely as it should. And, Kelleher tells us that dramatic physical change could be described as the emergence of a new species in a single generation from humanity.

[00:36:30] So, we're dealing with something that's potentially very profound. And this connects in with, as I mentioned earlier, near death experiences, shamanism and contact experiences as well. And there's a really interesting quote from Jacques Vallee, where he says - and he's done massive research into the contact phenomenon, at a very high level - and he says that the symbolic display seen by [00:37:00] abductees is identical to the type of initiation, ritual, or astral voyage that is embedded in the occult traditions of every culture. The structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals. And the UFO beings of today belong to the same class of manifestation as the occult entities that were described in centuries past.

[00:37:20] So this is not really a new phenomenon, but it has always been a very psychologically powerful one and a very transformative one. The point of any initiation experience is of course transformation. That's the whole point of it. It's to bring the human being to a higher order of integration and functionality.

[00:37:41] And, not just personal integration, but also within their, their culture or tribe. And Dr. Kenneth Ring tells us that extraordinary encounters, such as the ones we've been talking about appear to be the gateway to a radical biologically-based transformation of the human personality and [00:38:00] that most of the defining features of near death experiences and UFO experiences can be coordinated to a model of shamanic initiation.

[00:38:09] So, no matter how an abduction experience for example plays out, and I won't say this is the case for a hundred percent, because I know there are plenty of traumatic ones out there and very bizarre ones. But a lot of them are indeed mappable to the shamanic kind of model. They are transformative experiences, even if they are traumatic at the time.

[00:38:30] Very often, what happens is gradually people come to, they reconcile themselves with it, they can come to an understanding and they are forever altered.

[00:38:41] And so we're going to touch on this Fragmentary Body idea again, because this is again connecting with our evolutionary path and our personal journey, challenges in life, and why we often find making change so difficult and growth and evolution so challenging. And, the Fragmentary Body is described in occult [00:39:00] literature in different ways, as Sol detailed in Conscious Healing.

[00:39:05] And what it is, is basically a distortion, an energy vacuum or drain, in around where people would normally locate the second chakra, the sacral chakra above the base chakra.

[00:39:19] So this is a problem because it's so low in the system. So close to the basic foundations that it's preventing the proper circulation of our bioenergy up into the remainder of the system, up into our highest centers of consciousness. And as many of you probably already know that each chakra, each vortex represents a seat of consciousness, a particular kind of consciousness.

[00:39:45] So this is our collective wound. It seems like almost everybody has this, as far as I can tell. Some of the symptoms you might recognize in your own life, symptoms of the Fragmentary Body. So, things like living inauthentically, not being real, inherited [00:40:00] ancestral trauma, I think is connected into this. Feeling disempowered, living in a victim consciousness definitely is connected. Survival mode is usually connected too here because it is by definition, keeping your bioenergy or Kundalini circulating or stuck down in the lower centers of consciousness.

[00:40:17] So our survival centers: reproductive center being the second sacral chakra, the base chakra being basic physical survival.

[00:40:25] So, that's unfortunately the level that many, many humans are currently functioning at, and we're nowhere near accessing the rest of ourselves, our massive capacity, our massive potential.

[00:40:37] Inferiority complexes are also connected and you can connect this into the Fragmentary Body.

[00:40:45] Martyrdom. You've got the supermom syndrome, stuck thoughts, limiting beliefs, many, many things you could potentially trace back to and associate with the Fragmentary Body.

[00:40:55] And it has been actually discovered or rediscovered, identified by different people [00:41:00] in different disciplines. One of them is my friend Eileen, who works with sound. She works with tuning forks, she's highly intuitive. And, she found this distortion herself using the tuning forks and identified it as the Slavery Yoke. And with good reason, obviously it is a phenomenon or dynamic that does not support a conscious, intelligent, liberated kind of behavior. Hence the term, Slavery Yoke.

[00:44:23] [00:44:00] [00:43:00] [00:42:00] She describes this thing as being like a disc that is sort of between the second and third vorticies, the second and third chakras. And it acts as a blockage which prevents the energy from circulating our biological charge circulating further up, higher up in the system and doing its job. And so she says, "The result is either guilt and shame-driven overdoing or frustrated non-doing, or a pattern of going back and forth between the two."

[00:44:50] And I'm sure that many people out there can relate to that, that feeling of just being stuck, that feeling of Groundhog Day, knowing that you're limiting yourself,

[00:45:00] sabotaging yourself and kind of wondering what to do about it.

[00:45:03] And, interestingly, I gave a talk about this at the Nexus Conference in 2016 and afterwards a woman came out to me and she said, you know, I've been a Reiki practitioner for years and every single person that I see who I've worked with on that table, who I've put on the table, the massage table, every single one of them has had this distortion that you're talking about, this so-called Fragmentary Body or the Slavery Yoke. This energy dynamic that supports slave-like thinking and slave-like behavior. And God knows there is no shortage of that right now.

[00:45:41] Barbara Brennan has done some pretty interesting work in this arena working with sound as a clairvoyant, she's a highly developed clairvoyant and she has seen the effects that the human voice can have on chakras when she tones, tones into them.

[00:45:55] And she tells us that when you tone the correct sound into a chakra [00:46:00] that's deformed, it will take the shape that it's supposed to have. So if you think back to cymatics, for example, which I do talk about in Book One, The Grand Illusion, cymatics is the science of sound vibration and the way that sound vibrations affect matter particles suspended in solutions, liquids.

[00:46:17] And when she hits the right frequency, the chakra will stand up and spin correctly. So, if you're not aware of our chakras, are these vortices that can actually become deformed.

[00:46:28] They can become - and it sounds strange to the uninitiated, but, they can become - kind of droopy or saggy. They can become distorted, and kind of start falling apart. And if you input the right kind of sound vibration into them, you can actually resurrect them, or restrore them.

[00:46:46] And then she says,she adds it only takes a few seconds once you've corrected it on the etheric level to then become the correct color on the second level of the field, which is for her, it's the emotional body.

[00:47:01] [00:47:00] Now, going back into the realm of epigenetics, which Bruce Lipton has popularized and done a great job of spreading awareness around, you know, he's telling us that on our cells, on the cell surface, the walls, there are receptor antennas that can read vibrational energy fields, such as sound and light and radio frequencies.

[00:47:21] And the antennas on these receptors vibrate kind of like tuning forks. So, if a vibration in the environment resonates with a receptors antenna, it will alter the proteins charge causing the receptor to change shape.

[00:47:35] So that's a little bit of how, you know, epigenetically, we are using sound, for example, in this instance, to alter biology, but the great thing about, Era Three modalities is that they operate non-locally. So you don't need to be in the same room as someone - which, I've found over the years some people really struggle to get their heads around that. You don't actually have to hear anything or see anything in order for that intention and that [00:48:00] information to non-locally impact you and affect you in a positive way.

[00:48:06] And, one of the things I've noticed over the years about these kinds of extraordinary experiences or initiatory experiences shamanic-type initiations, near death experiences is that they tend to result in a, kind of a very similar matrix of after-effects. You know, whether it's an ET contact, a UFO journey or shamanic initiation, or what have you, they tend to leave people more spiritual. often I notice people who do this activation work with me, they find themselves becoming more authentically themselves, and letting go of what is not real for them, what is not serving them.

[00:48:55] And, also across the board, a lot of the time we notice that people who have had these [00:49:00] experiences have healing abilities activated or they have received a profound healing of some sort like, Mellen-Thomas Benedict who had a near death experience. And at the time he had it, he had a brain tumor, an inoperable brain tumor. And when he next took scans of his skull after the event, after the NDE, that tumor was simply gone and it just vanished.

[00:49:27] And that kind of thing is not actually that rare. It's one of the hallmarks of the near death experience. So, you know, other things like people, people become more health conscious, more creative. They might feel a sense of purpose or a mission in life. They live more intentionally, which signals they're living out of their frontal lobe. The ability to download information from the field intuitively, that kind of stuff.

[00:49:54] So, yeah, as I say, I've noticed these parallels between NDEs and extraordinary [00:50:00] experiences. And also DNA activation over the years. And some of the things that we've seen include clearer thinking, you know, people become more accepting of themselves, they become more interested in their health and wellbeing, they might develop more of a social conscience, decreased fear of death, lack of concern, or worry about what people think of them, they might become more spiritual and meditate more, all this kind of stuff.

[00:50:25] And it's, there's a great quote from new Yujiro Ikemi, who is a Japanese scientist who tells us that, "All levels of organization are linked to one another in a hierarchical relationship so that a change in one level necessitate and her necessitates change in others."

[00:50:42] So, as I was saying earlier, when, when I was sharing Barbara Brennan's perspective on the sound affecting chakras, these energy vortices in our systems, you know, she said that when you change one and correct one at the etheric level, it automatically creates an impact on the emotional level. [00:51:00] And that's because we are in this, as human beings, we are these organized systems, integrated systems where you affect one level and it automatically creates a flow on effect in all the other levels. The change is reflected in some way, shape or form in the other part of us.

[00:51:19] And that's a little bit to do without holographic nature and the holographic nature of our energy systems.

[00:51:29] Some of the experiences that people have working with the DNA activation stuff sometimes mirrors events that NDE'ers have had, or UFO contactees have had as well, including, you know, pulsation, pulsating in their hands, buzzing in the hands or feet, a vibration felt through the body or particular body parts, I've had people tell me they actually recognize the sound that we were using in the activation, which is interesting. It's like this ancient memory that gets activated.

[00:51:59] It [00:54:00] [00:53:00] [00:52:00] is a very fascinating and deep subject. One of the things we've talked about is this idea of a Fragmentary Body, a distortion in our energy system that we have had for a long time, who knows how long, [00:55:00] and it seems to be a species-wide thing.

[00:55:01] And with this, this particular system we've been talking about, the Regenetics Method, one of the interesting things is that, five months following our first activation, that distortion is actually resolved. It is what we call sealed. And apparently it is the result of another vortex, which is hovering above the head, which is not meant to be a part of the system.

[00:55:24] And obviously we have many chakras. We have many more than just seven or eight, but Sol and his partner identified one that was not supposed to be there above the head.

[00:55:32] And they found through massive amounts of kinesiological testing with different clients that it seems to descend after this activation, it triggers a descent of this vortice of the head, the vortex above the head comes down and actually fuses with the second sacral chakra.

[00:55:50] And they called that sealing, which is basically returning us to a sort of natural, our natural harmonic, [00:56:00] energetic state, where we have eight primary chakra centers and no more drain, no more consciousness drain down there in our sacral region preventing our growth, and expansion and evolution.

[00:56:12] And now our consciousness is free to expand and move up into higher levels of awareness, higher parts of our bioenergy systems. And we can start unleashing ourselves and growing and evolving, and starting to live intentionally and creating lives that we actually we'd like to live and contributing to the world.

[00:56:30] And so we see people becoming more authentic. They grow. They feel empowered. I've seen multiple people comment they feel a called to go back to the land, grow their own food, you know, simple things, humble things, reconnect with the earth. Cause that's where we came from. That's what we are at least physically, physiologically.

[00:56:48] And so, we're activating not just the physical DNA, but also our multidimensional DNA. And I think we'll leave it there. And we'll, I think we'll return to that

[00:57:00] and maybe re-dig into it in a future episode and discuss the idea of multidimensional DNA, these light encoded filaments that Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadian contacts are telling us that we are activating here now. That our task is to consciously command the activation of our DNA and the light encoded filaments, these higher harmonics of our physical strands of DNA, are coming back online and being reconnected as we wake up. And this is actually the process of Ascension.

[00:57:30] It's actually Insenscion, coming back into ourselves. And with that ladies and gents, I'll leave it there. Thank you for being here with me for this discussion of DNA activation, and you can learn more at EvolveYourself.live, which is my free masterclass on the subject. In the meantime, I've been Brendan D. Murphy.

[00:57:48] This is Truthiverse on HealthyLife.net Radio. And I will see you next episode. Thanks. Take care. [00:58:00]

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