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Proof covid-19 was planned: Cracks started to appear in the official (U.N. and W.H.O.) narrative early on with many medical professionals and whistleblowers speaking out – whether it was about PCR tests, serology, pointless face masks, lockdowns, etc.

Those cracks and leaks soon grew into raging torrents of evidence that the world has been conned about “covid”, and that the institutions entrusted with protecting public health have instead been actively working to undermine it.

This episode of Truthiverse proves to anyone with at least 2 functional brain cells that the “pandemic” is really a plan-demic which has been in the works for years.

Take a tour through the overwhelming evidence that our “leaders” are just liars and crooks, engineering a (lucrative) global technocratic surveillance state that would make Big Brother blush – with covid as the pretext.

You'll Learn

  • Why thousands of doctors around the world are calling the “covid-19 pandemic” a scam
  • Which group of “ultra-Elite” met in 1954 (and every year since) to discuss how to reduce world population…
  • …and how that relates to covid-2020
  • Some of the top reasons the most powerful people in the world would want to stage a fake pandemic (or many of them!)
  • Why you don’t need a real infectious disease to convince millions there’s a “pandemic”
  • The hard evidence proving people in “high places” knew about covid-19 YEARS before it’s supposed “discovery” in the last weeks of 2019
  • How a rapper knew in 2013 there would be a “coronavirus pandemic” in 2020

Talk about the emperor having no clothes! This is one of the most clear-cut and embarrassing takedowns of the convid-1984 scam on record.

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Thanks in advance for supporting the nascent emergence of deep human self-awareness – and the peace, truth, and beauty this will bring our world.

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About the Truthiverse Podcast

Join Freedom Hacker, Truth Addict, and acclaimed author of ‘The Grand Illusion’ books as he cuts through the B.S. to get to the truth – whatever it may be.

Brendan and his guests uncover the mysteries of spirituality, geopolitics, health, medicine, freedom, personal development, exopolitics, the paranormal, and more.

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YOUR HOST: Brendan D. Murphy

Author of critically acclaimed “masterpiece” The Grand Illusion, and co-founder of Trooth network (the Fedbook alternative for truth-seekers and truth-speakers) – where free speech lives.

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Brendan D. Murphy

Brendan D. Murphy

Brendan D. Murphy is the Freedom Hacker and Truth Addict. A spiritual-intellectual and non-conformist, he is the author of highly acclaimed "The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality" - Books 1 & 2, and co-founder of Trooth.network - where free speech lives (a censorship-free Fedbook alternative). "Freedom begins with truth."