Brendan D. Murphy is the Truth Addict. A spiritual-intellectual and non-conformist, he is the Australian author of The Grand Illusion books.

I’m Brendan D Murphy Truth Addict

Am I the baddest sage on the internet?

I will bring you the sustenance of hardcore truthseekers, spiritual folk, and politically informed activists and let you be the judge.

Be warned: This website is a 100% non-PC and guru-free zone.

It is also not sponsored by any branch of government, Big Pharma, or the Corporatocracy in general, and the views expressed herein are, therefore, generally much more honest and useful.

What you can expect to uncover here:

Provocative research, mind-expanding perspective (with a bit of loving “f*ck you” attitude), occasional rants, and evolutionary tools for your growth.

If you were looking for the leading-edge of consciousness you just found it.

What gets my juices flowing, you ask?

How about:
  • Consciousness, spirituality, and metaphysics
  • Self-evolution and personal development (“human potential”)
  • Conspiracy facts and the Deep State
  • Exopolitics, exobiology, and ufology
  • Medicine, Big Pharma, and the war on natural health
  • Suppressed history
  • The mechanisms of power and control on earth

The most powerful way for us to begin changing the world around us is by changing the world within us.

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How to Evolve Yourself Without Meditation, Hard Work, or Spending Thousands

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the book

The Grand Illusion

The Grand Illusion (TGI) – Book 1 is the first major instalment of my TGI series—and it packs a spiritual wallop.

If there is a single book that can prove that consciousness is at the root of all creation, surely this is it.

TGI strips away the “scientific” veneer of credibility of the Church of Materialism and eviscerates its core dogmas.

Witness as TGI heals the schism between science and spirituality and provides an intelligent new direction for civilisation to move in…

…with humans as mature beings with real self-knowledge.

This work demonstrates that we are far more than the powerless little “meat computers” materialistic atheism assumes—and lays a foundation for a new scientifically-based “spiritual” paradigm for the 21st century and beyond.


  • the surprising links between occultism and modern science
  • what it looks like when mind “paranormally” interacts with our tangible world
  • the occultists who saw the “strings” of quantum string theory before physicists did…
  • the hidden truth about “time” (it’s not merely an illusion)
  • why the brain is a receiver of consciousness, not the generator
  • what makes our universe totally interconnected and holographic…

…and much, much more.

Are you ready to meet the rest of yourself?

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Evolve Yourself

It’s okay, we’re all a little bit messed up – it’s just part of the human experience. But if you’re keen to evolve your “messed up” self/life, then you want to take a  sneak peek into how I’ve been doing it.

Let me help you access the next evolution of you – Version 2.0.

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If I wrote about it then you must need to know about it. I don’t screw around with fluff. There’s more to life than love, light, and rainbow tights. Let’s get into it!

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What They’re Saying

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work, your writing, sharing your passions and opinions, your dedication and commitment to a better and healthier future for humanity.

I first came across an excerpt of your writing about 3 years ago before your book was published…that fascinating excerpt change my life…I was utterly awash with a sense of happiness and peace and joy and excitement.

It was just one of the most amazing moments of my life – up there with giving birth to my children…

You were definitely the beginning spark of a world I am so glad to be finally immersing myself into.

Vanessa P.

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