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Evolve Yourself is for open-minded seekers of self-empowerment determined to access the best personal and spiritual development tools available.

Evolve Yourself into Human 2.0 – here’s how……

Sound and vibration have been used for thousands of years for ritualistic and ceremonial purposes.

Shamans induce altered states of consciousness with drums and rattles.

Modern medicine uses sound waves to break apart gall stones.

Good music can move us to tears or the heights of joy.

But what happens when we use the tones from a very particular (and recently re-discovered) musical scale and apply them to a set of UNIQUE informational codes that—when chanted aloud—“speak” to our very DNA……?

We take sound healing and “DNA activation” to a whole OTHER level.

If you’re seeking multi-levelled healing and personal transformation, this is a very powerful energetic support and trigger for shifts (and a gentle, controlled kundalini enhancement that won’t blow your head off).

I perform these ceremonies remotely – once every quarter (usually on the solstices and equinoxes) – with a live Zoom connection, so you can co-facilitate the process in real-time with me, with a maximum of sensory involvement.

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Evolve Yourself is for open-minded seekers of self-empowerment determined to access the best personal and spiritual development tools available.

Some of the outcomes you might expect from undertaking the Evolve Yourself program include:

Cleared energy blocks

Activated kundalini

Increased presence

Enhanced energy levels

Unfolded potential

Physical healing

Calming the monkey mind

Emotional integration and healing

What Participants Are Saying!

Why Stay Stuck?

Don’t continue doing life like you’re stuck in the mud.
Don’t watch as others blossom and grow and leave you in their dust.
Why stick with what you know isn’t working?
If we keep doing the same thing we keep getting the same results.
Say “no” to stuck-ness and limitation.
Pull the plug on Groundhog Day.

Why now?

You’ve waited this long – and you’ve made it this far.
You’re smart enough to know that delaying your further unfoldment doesn’t make sense, nor serve you in your life’s purpose.
Time waits for no wo/man, as they say.
You have a chance to be a powerful causal agent in your life now.
I invite you to take it.

Why me?

I have been performing these activation ceremonies for at least 7 years now.
With well over 10,000 hours of research and experience in the realms of consciousness, spirituality, personal development, healing, and the nature of reality, I am uniquely placed to offer you such a potent conscious unfoldment experience.

Why not someone else?

I’ve been in the trenches for a while now…
…and I’ve seen the many pretenders and purveyors of fluff and BS.
There are hypnotic rabbit holes, pitfalls and freaky booby traps everywhere – and it takes years of experience as a student of life to develop the hawk eyes to see (and avoid) them.
Personally, if I wanted to participate in spiritual work with someone, I’d want to know they’ve done their homework and been through some life experience.
The last thing you need is an overnight shaman who’s been uber-spiritual for about 3 weeks (“I did a workshop on the weekend and now I’m a shaman – yay!”) or an ungrounded member of the “Love, Light, and Rainbow Tights” brigade.
Let’s get real. Let’s use what works.
Let me save you some time and hassles.

Evolve Yourself – Activation Ceremony 1


8th December 2019, 11am AEST (12pm AEDT)


$215 USD


Live via Zoom on December 8th. Link will be emailed to you prior to event date and upon receipt of educational service fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this in a nut shell?

An incredibly easy way to trigger accelerated personal growth/evolution.

This is the easiest and possibly safest form of DNA and kundalini activation you’ll ever find. Clean, undistorted, gentle, effective.

This method is unique and very potent. While it could be conceived as a “healing” method, it goes beyond the therapeutic model and adopts a transformational and evolutionary outlook.

We are not trying to “fix” anything you perceive as being “broken,” but activating higher levels of integration, functionality, and self-awareness. This is powerful.

We are laying the foundation for you to become version 2.0 of yourself; more whole, more present, more integrated, more empowered.

Sometimes evolving and growing looks a lot like “healing”…

What is Potentiation?

This is the formal name given to the first DNA activation ceremony.
Potentiation uses particular combinations of vowel-based sounds (chanted) combined with thought (light) codes that impact our non-coding/”junk” DNA—”initiating a domino effect of repatterning that resets the bioenergy blueprint to harmonic functioning.” (PhoenixRegenetics.org)

Potentiation safely and permanently stimulates DNA by activating an innate “reset potential” within our genome (particularly the mobile/non-coding parts), without altering our fundamental genetics.

The resultant shifts surface in the weeks and months following as the bioenergy blueprint repatterns.
Some shifts are felt dramatically, others flow more into a subtle upswing.

The only tone/frequency used during Potentiation is 528 hertz, or “Mi.” This is one of the Solfeggio tones recently rediscovered by Dr Joe Puleo. The second activation incorporates two further tones; the third utilizes six tones.

What do I do during the session?

Being fully present with your intentionality is the foundation. There is basically no work for you to do beyond receiving and being willing to integrate the energies and shifts you experience. While I am the facilitator, YOU are the initiator of the experience by seeking me out, and co-facilitating it with me. Being significantly oriented in service-to-others is a good indicator you are suited for this work.

Is this a form of psychotherapy?

No, this is not a form of psychotherapy. We will not be talking much directly, if at all. Nonlocality and entanglement are the key here. We are all connected within the unified field. If this does not make sense to you, please read The Grand Illusion – Book 1 to gain a much more thorough perspective and grounding.

What happens after the session is over?

The session is the trigger point. Once our remote session is completed I will not be “working on you” at all, or “doing” anything mysterious “to you” (besides sending follow up emails to support your journey). After the activation, it’s all on you as a responsible adult to. Please be clear on this.

The unfoldment of the entire process following the ceremony takes just over nine months (42 weeks) to complete: roughly, a human gestation cycle. Nine is the number of completion, among other things.

How many activations are there and how many times do we do them?

There are 3 core activations. Each activation is done ONCE and once only. There is no need for repetition.

What information do you need prior to the session?

Very little. Simply your date of birth and full name.

How long is a session?

The actual activation process using the chant takes 30 minutes. If it falls on a solstice or equinox then we will meet half an hour before commencing the ceremony, so all up in that case, it’s 60 minutes.

It seems expensive - why?

The donation/investment is fairly “cheap” in light of observed outcomes (IMHO). (How do you place a dollar value on across-the-board consciousness/life upgrades?) There is also a fair amount of work in setting organizing these ceremonies along with the follow up and so on.

Shouldn't you offer spiritual work like this to the world for free?

Do you work for free? I invested much time and effort to get to the point of being able to offer this service. See the previous Q&A.

Is there a certification for this kind of activation?

Yes, I am a certified facilitator of the Regenetics Method activations, and perform these ceremonies in my capacity as a reverend with the Universal Life Church. The additional follow up guidance and suggestions are not part of the RM but offered based on my own experience of what is helpful and conducive to deepened unfoldment.

How much is the investment to include children?

All children under 12 are free. You can include them all for no cost.

Does the recipient, say, a child, need to know they are receiving Potentiation?

No, they do not need to be consciously aware of participating. That can be decided by their guardian. If it is in the child’s highest good to receive this work then, via our nonlocal connection (in the unified field), it will be received accordingly.

How long do I have to wait before the SECOND ceremony/activation can be done?

A minimum of 5 months. After 5 months we can perform the next ceremony. Following that, after 4 more months have elapsed the third activation can be performed (so, a minimum of 9 months following the first).

Is this something like the global activation Solara supposedly did in the 1990s?

No, that was evidently intended as a planetary activation. The planet is absolutely fine and does not need humans to “rescue” or “evolve” it on our terms. Our concern should be with evolving and integrating our-SELVES, since we are obviously the most wounded and dangerous creature on the planet.

Does this have anything to do with psychedelics or aliens?

*Does this have anything to do with psychedelics or aliens?
No, this is a very “clean,” and undistorted process involving no mind-altering substances at all (aside from what you might generate in your own brain while in a meditative state). As an added bonus there is no belief system to imbibe here, no geometry to concern yourself with, and no unnecessary “spiritual” pretense, props, or messianic sillyness.

Also, because these informational codes were derived entirely organically (and without psychedelic influence, such as LSD), they are not impacted by any distortions that might accompany those externally triggered altered states of consciousness (LSD/acid, for instance, is synthetically produced in a lab, not in our brain organically). Hence, “clean.”

Can I detox while in the timeline?

You can, but be aware that this process typically induces a detoxification process all of its own accord, and therefore it is good to be mindful of this and not pile on additional “cleansing” processes when you sense it has already kicked in spontaneously.

Is there any danger to this process?

None discernible. If you have emotional content rise to the surface post-activation, that is natural and to be expected. Work through it with gentleness. Part of growing is reintegrating those old, formerly buried emotional charges emerging from the body.

Will this help my ascension process?

Without getting too deep into it, I view the “ascension” meme as a legacy program that is, at best, a form of pseudo-spiritual escapist gymnastics and a distraction from our REAL work: IN-scension. We are not here in our bodies merely to float off in an ungrounded spiritual haze of New Cage transcendent feel-good fluff.

INscension is what liberates us. If we do not turn our attention within, we waste most of our growth opportunities (and therefore betray our responsibility to our own souls). None of our spiritual learnings amount to much if we do not EMBODY them. That is the real spiritual work laid before us.

We have eternity to float about disembodied in Nirvanic bliss. For greater understanding, read Grounded Spirituality by Jeff Brown.

Will I get the full benefit of the sound ceremonies through my computer?

This modality is Era III / metagenetic, meaning it works remotely with NO contact whatsoever. In short, the live webinar is not necessary for the activation/upgrade to “take,” it works either way. It’s a nice experiential aspect for people should they be interested.

You refer to a biophotonic ceremony, so is this light or sound?

“Biophotonic” refers to the auric field, specifically the light aspect/s. Technically the ceremony incorporates audible sound codes and silent mentally intoned “light” codes, so both sound and light are holistically utilised.

Does Evolve Yourself include one ceremony and then written content? I don’t want to overload my already over-active brain - it’s the healing processes I’m interested in.

The most important thing to do is read the prep info in the “Before the Ceremony” part of the back end/portal, well before the ceremony. You can come back to the other material later if you like (unless you’ve already read all my stuff in which case you’d be up to date!). To be clear, the ceremony is the centrepiece of Evolve Yourself. Emails will explain in detail what you need to do after you book in.

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